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Catholic Teaching Pathways

Interested in becoming a Catholic teacher?

Christianity and Culture and Catholic Teacher Training

After completing a degree with a major or specialist in Christianity and Culture, many students proceed to take a Bachelor of Education at one of the province’s Faculties of Education. This is known as the consecutive route.

Learn more about Christianity and Culture and Catholic education OECTA Equivalents.

Concurrent Education - CTEP: Religious Education

A new program that enables students to study simultaneously for a Bachelor of Arts degree (with a major in Christianity and Culture) and a Bachelor of Education. This is known as the concurrent route.

Learn more about the Concurrent Religious Education Program

Minor in Christianity and Education

A new program for students who wish to explore Christian education without a formal commitment to becoming teachers of Religious Education in Catholic Schools. This program is an ideal “extra” for someone aspiring to teach, e.g., French and English, or Chemistry and Biology, in a Catholic high school.

Learn more about the Minor in Christianity and Education program.

You do not have to be a St Michael’s College student to enrol in St. Michael’s College programs; the programs are open to all students in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto.

Graduate Studies in Theology At the Faculty of Theology

For information on graduate studies in theology at St Michael’s, see the Faculty of Theology.

Youth Ministry at St Mike’s Continuing Education

Learn more about Continuing Education courses leading to youth ministry qualifications, and other credit and non-credit options.

Many undergraduates at St Michael’s choose to pursue studies in education with the intent of teaching in Ontario’s Catholic schools. The University of St Michael's College now provides a number of pathways toward a career in education including Christianity and Culture and Catholic Teacher Training, Concurrent Education: Religious Education, Graduate Studies in Theology and Youth Ministry Studies with Continuing Education