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Undergraduate Study: SMC Programs

About Celtic Studies


Celtic Studies

The Celtic Studies program offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses on the languages, literature, history, music, folklore, art and archaeology of the peoples of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We examine Celtic identities in the modern as well as the ancient and medieval world, and explore the transmission of these traditions to Canada and the United States.

Our program attracts visiting professors from Ireland, organizes conferences with international scholars, and offers summer scholarships for students to study across the Atlantic. We provide intellectually stimulating courses in a personal, student-friendly learning environment.

Celtic Studies may be taken as a minor, major, or specialist program.

Celtic Studies is an undergraduate program only. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University of Toronto may enrol in the program at the end of their first year. All students in the Faculty of Arts and Science are welcome in the program and its individual courses.

Celtic Studies Courses Include:

Not all courses are offered every year | See Celtic Studies Program Requirements and Courses

  • Introduction to Irish Language
  • Celtic Cultures through the Ages
  • Introduction to Scottish Gaelic
  • Modern Welsh
  • Celtic Mythology
  • Intermediate Irish Language
  • Early Celtic History
  • The Celtic Nations in the Later Middle Ages
  • Modern Gaelic Literature
  • Literature of Three Nations: Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Mediaeval Celtic Narratives
  • Celtic Archaeology
  • Celtic Folklore
  • Traditional Music in Ireland and Scotland
  • History of Early Modern Ireland
  • Seamus Heaney and Irish Literary Tradition
  • Celtic Spirituality
  • The Blasket Island Writings
  • Early Celtic Cinema
  • Contemporary Celtic Cinema
  • The Continental Celts
  • The Celtic Book
  • The Contemporary Irish Novel
  • Irish Canadian Literature
  • The Scots in Cape Breton
  • Ireland Since the Famine
  • The Great Irish Famine in an International Context
  • The Irish and Scots in Canada
  • Irish Nationalism in North America
  • Middle Welsh Language and Literature
  • Old and Middle Irish


Irene J. McGovern And John Ward McGovern in-course scholarship

$5000 awarded to a St Michael's College student in second year or higher who is a specialist or major in Celtic Studies.

The Anna Mary Bridget Loftus Scholarships

Preference will be given to a student enrolled in the Celtic Studies program who demonstrates financial need and good academic standing.

Scholarships for Summer Study Abroad

Scholarships are available from St Michael's College for summer study abroad.

The Eileen Allen Scholarship

Provides assistance for students to attend the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies.

The Denis Leyne Famine Studies Prize

Awarded to the student who writes the best essay on the Irish Famine.

The St Andrew's Society of Toronto

Awarded for summer study in Scotland.

Student Activities

There are two student groups which encourage students to get involved in the Program by organizing cultural and social events: the University of Toronto Celtic Students Society and the Celtic Studies Course Union.


Garm Lu is a Celtic Arts journal edited, produced, and published by the students in the program. Contributions include articles, poetry, and artwork.

Annual Conference

Each year the program organizes a one-day conference on a Celtic topic with guest speakers.

Faculty & Staff


The Ireland Fund of Canada Artist-in-Residence Program: An Irish writer or artist based with the program who is available to consult with students and to give lectures and workshops.

Visiting Scholar

Celtic Studies Philip and Linda Armstrong Visiting Scholar: Each year one course is taught by a Visiting Professor from Ireland.

Celtic Studies Speakers Series

A series of evening lectures by distinguished scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. Open to the general public.

St. Andrew's Society of Toronto Annual Lecture

An annual lecture on a Scottish topic, sponsored by the St. Andrew's Society of Toronto