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SMC Commuter Dons

Welcome St Mike’s Commuters

Congratulations on completing high school! You'll soon discover that university life is filled with incredible opportunities as well as potential challenges. Over the next few years you'll have the opportunity to expand your mind, your experiences and your circle of friends. The St. Mike’s Commuter Dons are here to help you overcome challenges you may face and take advantage of opportunities you may not know about so that you can get the most out of your university experience.

What Commuter Dons do:

  • plan and organize fun events where you can meet other St. Mike’s students and become familiar with various SMC extracurriculars
  • hold regular lounge hours to meet up with you, hang out and help you deal with issues you're facing
  • collaborate with the Community Life Commission on SMCSU to help make the full St. Mike’s experience commuter-accessible

Stay tuned for more information!

Reasons to meet up with your Don:

  •  to discuss any personal, social or academic concerns
  • to find out how to get more involved in student groups, clubs or teams
  •  to talk about upcoming commuter events
  •  just to say hi

For more information, contact: