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Offered by SMC & UofT

About Concurrent Education: Religious Education

In Fall 2013, in response to changes in policy by the provincial government, the University of Toronto decided to close admissions to the CTEP program. May 2014 was the deadline for the final round of admissions into this program at St Michael's. Entry into CTEP will discontinue thereafter. Nevertheless, through the Christianity and Culture program, St Michael's will maintain its long-standing commitment to preparing teachers for Catholic schools (something which was part of the program before, and indeed gave rise to, CTEP).

Unlike the consecutive program (an honours degree followed by a bachelor of education) the concurrent program integrates subject education and teacher training over the same length of time. Students study for two degrees simultaneously:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts/Science (Faculty of Arts and Science, UofT) with a major in the Christianity and Culture program at St Michael's College (the second major may be in any high school teaching subject of the student's choice). Here students benefit from small classes, teaching excellence, friendly faculty and a welcoming environment.
  • Bachelor of Education (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, UofT). OISE is one of the largest and most research-intensive faculties of education in North America and the top place in Canada to study education.

Students will combine their academic study with experiential learning and community service. Their program will include placements and internships alongside experienced teachers in Catholic schools, and courses which include opportunities to volunteer within a social service agency or non-governmental organization at home or abroad.

Within the BA/BSc, the Concurrent Education RE program is an eight-course major program.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science in the University of Toronto may apply to enrol in this program at the end of their first year. All students in the Faculty of Arts and Science are welcome in the program and its individual courses.



  • Catholicism
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Equity and Diversity in Education
  • Child and Adolescent Development in Education
  • Catholic Education in Ontario
  • Internship


Please note: not all courses are offered every year

Christianity and Society

  • World Religions
  • Christianity Encounters the Secular World
  • Christianity and Asia
  • Varieties of Christian Experience
  • Christianity in Latin America
  • Christianity in Africa
  • Varieties of Christian Community
  • Christianity, Law and Society
  • Marriage and the Family in the Catholic Tradition
  • Christianity and Politics
  • Catholicism and Education
  • Catholic Education in Ontario
  • The Catholic Church in Canada
  • The Catholic Church and Canadian Law
  • Intercordia
  • Interreligious Dialogue and Practice
  • Jews and Judaism in Christian Traditions
  • The Social Justice Seminar
  • Indian ChristianityHistoriographies of Religion

Christianity and the Intellectual Tradition

  • Major Christian Thinkers
  • Ritual and Worship
  • Scripture in Christian Tradition
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Why the Church
  • Christianity and Feminism
  • Christ in Christian Tradition
  • Methods in Biblical Studies (OT)
  • Methods in Biblical Studies (NT)
  • Religious Pluralism and the Church
  • Comparative Theology Seminar
  • Topics in Eastern Christian Studies

Christianity, Arts and Letters

  • Christian Imagination: Visual Arts
  • Christian Imagination: Literary Arts
  • Christianity and Music
  • Literature and the Christian Child
  • Christianity and Popular Culture
  • Music and Liturgy
  • The Christian Book
  • Sacred Space in the Christian Tradition
  • Topics in the Theology of Culture
  • Uses of the Bible in the Middle Ages
  • The Spiritual in Modern Art
  • Art and Spirituality in Eastern Christian Traditions

Christianity and Science

  • Thought Experiments in Theology and Science
  • Models of Relating Christianity and Science
  • Christianity and Science: Disputed Questions
  • Faith and Physics
  • Christianity and Science on Human Sexuality


  • Principles of Teaching
  • Inclusive Education
  • Psychological Foundations of Learning
  • Social Foundations of Teaching and Schooling
  • Mentored Inquiry and Teaching
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Religious Education
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessmentin Second Teaching Subject
  • Practicum and Placements

Student Organizations

SMC CTEP Student Association

The SMC CTEP Student Association is a club for all associated with the CTEP program. It sponsors a range of academic, social, service, and professional development events throughout the year.

The Rabanus Project

The Rabanus Project is a social club for students, faculty, staff and alumni associated with the Christianity and Culture program which sponsors a range of enjoyable events that encourage members to consider the place of Christianity in cultures past and present: lectures, discussion, films, and cultural outings.


Saeculum is an undergraduate journal for the study of Christianity and Culture edited, produced, and published by the students in the program.


Sister St John Entrance Awards and Sister St John In-course scholarships awarded to honour the memory of Sister St John O'Malley who served as a revered and respected Professor of Classics at St Michael's College for over forty years.

Christianity and the Arts Lecture

An annual public lecture, usually held in April, by a scholar or practitioner in the field of Christianity and literature, music, or visual arts.

Study Overseas with Intercordia

A service learning course for students in social justice and international development. Seminars in the winter term and service overseas with Intercordia Canada between May and July.

Furlong Lecture and Symposium

A forum for conversation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims within the increasingly diverse student body at St Michael's, across the University of Toronto and the wider community.