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Offered by St Michael's College & University of Toronto

SMC One: Cornerstone

SMC One: Cornerstone

The Justice, Culture and Community course will help you explore the theory, development and application of social justice from historical, sociological, political, philosophical, theological, artistic and psychological perspectives. Integrate your university experience with work in the local community

You and your classmates will implement service-learning projects and placements with local Toronto agencies that align with one of our program's three academic streams: Constructing the Self and Community, Poverty and Politics, Mediums of Justice and Culture.

Whether you are serving in a homeless shelter or long-term care facility, doing advocacy work for a local NGO or planting vegetables in a community garden, SMC One will allow you to reflect on major questions of meaning and value in the intersecting contexts of academic study, socially engaged experience and personal growth.

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Stream Descriptions:

Mediums of Justice and Culture:
Students in this stream explore social justice issues relating to media including topics of censorship, cyber bullying, editorial and journalistic integrity, freedom of accessibility to information, libel, social networks, and “the right to know.” Students will reflect on the relationships between culture, art and media in the expression and exploration of identity and society.

Constructing the Self and Community:
Students in this stream explore the relationship between selfhood and community with particular attention given to the conflicting and interconnecting political and religious ideas of peace, justice and equity. Social justice issues to be explored include the historical, philosophical, literary and religious frameworks of societal thought in premodern and contemporary cultures.

Poverty and Politics:
Students in this stream reflect on diverse conceptions of poverty, identity and community in Christian and non-Christian traditions, past and present. They will also explore questions of political engagement in relation to efforts by religious persons and institutions to confront or transform social structures for a common good.

The Cornerstone program is sponsored by St Michael's College. The program and its courses are open to all students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.