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John M. Kelly Library & Archives

Gifts & Donations

General Guidelines

The principal responsibility for receiving gift materials rests with the Head of Collection Development and Acquisitions. When deemed necessary, the acceptance of gifts of books, periodicals, microforms and other materials is done in consultation with the appropriate subject fund selector working with the Collection Development and Acquisitions Department. Donations of material are accepted with the understanding that the University becomes the sole owner and reserves the ultimate right to determine retention, location, level of cataloguing, access, and other considerations related to its use or disposition.

The Library reserves the right to accept or refuse prospective donations. Among the criteria used to determine acceptability are:

  • Whether the prospective donations fall within the scope of the Library's collection.
  • The quality and currency of content.
  • Whether they would unnecessarily duplicate material already held.
  • The physical condition and the format of the item. Items should normally be in good condition, and not require binding or repair. Before donations in non-book formats are accepted, consideration must be given to their requirements for housing, preservation, licensing, equipment and use.
  • The processing and maintenance costs to be incurred if donations are accepted.
  • Restrictions, if any, which prospective donors wish to place on the disposition and/or use of the material offered.
  • The language of the items. English is the preferred language except for material to support the teaching of foreign languages or where scholarly considerations indicate that a language other than English is to be preferred.

As a general rule, the Library prefers to select the material it needs while the prospective gift is

  • A list or bibliography of the collection may be requested or, in lieu of this, a visit by a member of the Collection Development and Acquisitions Department to see the collection may be requested. If this is not feasible, the Library will accept the collection as a whole but retain only what it needs.
  • Materials not retained by the Library will be disposed of and this may include sending the items to another Library, selling the items, or recycling the items. At the donor’s request, material which the Library does not wish to add to its collection and/or retain for sale in its booksale may be returned to the donor at the donor's expense.

In cases where the value of a prospective donation is substantial and its provenance unclear, the Library may request proof of ownership before accepting it.

Upon acceptance, gifts become the property of the John M. Kelly Library.

Upon request, the Library will identify gifts made to its collections (other than individual issues of journals) by means of an appropriate bookplate. Donors will have their choice of a select number of bookplate designs and inscriptions.

Packing, Pick-up, and Delivery

Once the Library has accepted a gift, donors are encouraged to deliver their collection to the Library. In some instances, however, the Library is willing to pick up donations, supply boxes and pack donations. Only in these instances will the University cover the costs involved (providing that it makes all arrangements for the packing and shipping of the donation).

The John M. Kelly Library, through its Collection Development and Acquisitions Department, encourages the donation of materials which will complement our Special Collections. All donation offers receive serious consideration by the Library. Over the years the generosity of donors has contributed significantly to our collections and today, at a time of university-wide fiscal restraint, this is particularly true. Book donations have enriched the University of St. Michael’s College and the wider community by enhancing the Library's collections which support the learning, teaching, and research goals of the University.