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Documentaries: Canadian Studies

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Almost Real: Connecting in a Wired World

HM851 .A46 2006 DVD
47 minutes; released 2002.
This documentary looks at individuals for whom the Internet is more than simply a means of acquiring information but rather a way of life.

Angryphone: The Struggle for Canada in Quebec

FC2950.5 .A647 2008 DVD
75 minutes; released 2008.
Features interviews with members of Quebec's English-speaking minority.

Between: Living in the Hyphen

FC104 .B489 2005 DVD
42 minutes
A look at a group of Canadians whose mixed ethnic backgrounds defy simple categorization.

Black October

FC2925.9 .B5 2000
120 minutes; released 2000.
A documentary about the use of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1970.

The Bomb Under the World

GF661 .B66 2008 DVD
51 minutes; released 1994.
A look at what may happen if Western-style consumerism catches on in India.

Build Bethlehem Everywhere: A Statement on Catholic Education

LC504 .C3522 2007 DVD
Released 2001.
Features nine Canadian leaders in Catholic education reading from this bestselling book.

The Burning Would

HE311 .C22M2 1970 VHS
14 minutes
A video about pollution and traffic problems, disc.phpng the pros and cons of expressways such as the Spadina Expressway in solving traffic problems. Exemplifies the philosophy of Marshall McLuhan on an ecological subject.

A Call to Action

HV110 .T6 D47 2004 DVD
12 minutes; released 2004.
A documentary on the goals and activies of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). In French with English subtitles.

Canada: A People's History

FC51 .C345 2000 DVD
9 DVDs, 120 minutes each
Chronicles Canada's history from the beginning to the mid-twentieth century.
Volume 1: When the World Began (15,000 BC- 1800 AD) and Adventures and Mystics (1540-1670)
Volume 2: Claiming the Wilderness (1670-1755) and Battle for a Continent (1754-1775)
Volume 3: A Question of Loyalties (1775-1815)
Volume 4: The Pathfinders (1670-1850) and Rebellion & Reform (1815-1850)
Volume 5: The Great Enterprise (1850-1867) and From Sea to Sea (1867-1873)
Volume 6: Special Edition providing further background to Volumes 4 and 5
Volume 7: Taking the West (1873-1896) and The Great Transformation (1896-1915)
Volume 8: Ordeal by Fire (1915-1929) and Hard Times (1929-1940)
Volume 9: Special Edition providing further background to Volumes 7 and 8

Canada's Team of the Century

GV847.7 .C35 2002 DVD
19 hours on 4 discs
Complete coverage of the 1972 World Cup hockey series between Canada and the USSR.

The Champions

FC626 .T7 C436 1986 DVD
201 minutes on 2 discs; released 1986.
Donald Brittain's award-winning three-part documentary examines the careers of the late Ren Lvesque and Pierre Elliott Trudeau. In English with French subtitles.

City of Ruins

FC2346.4 .C58 2003 DVD
45 minutes
A documentary about the Halifax explosion in 1917.

Clone Inc.

QH442.2 .C54 2006 DVD
52 minutes; released 2000.
A critical study of human cloning and its advocates.

Dead in the Water

HD1691 .D4279 2006 DVD
52 minutes; released 2006.
A sobering look at the number of companies attempting to hoard and profit by the world's water supply.

Democracy la Maude

PN4914 .O9 D64 2006 DVD
61 minutes; released 1998.
The story of Maude Victoria Barlow, activist and head of the Council of Canadians.


D 756.5 .D5 D53 1993 DVD
180 minutes; released 2000.
Dieppe dramatizes the high-level political machinations that led to the decision to mount the attack of Dieppe. For nearly 3000 Canadian soldiers, the war ended in the battle of August 19, 1942. A CBC production.

For Man Must Work or the End of Work

HD6331 .F67 2006 DVD
52 minutes; released 2000.
Concentrating on Canada, France and Mexico, this documentary examines how technology and the emerging knowledge sector are changing conditions for many working people.

Freedom Had a Price

FC106 .U5 F744 1994 DVD
55 minutes; released 1994.
Through archival footage, photographs and testimony, this documentary tells the story of the 170,000 Ukranians who came to Canada before WWI in search of freedom but found themselves confined to internment camps.

Glenn Gould, Extasis

ML417 .G68 G6 2003 DVD
75 minutes
Everything you need to know to understand Glenn Gould, both the musician and the man. This program examines the drive and p.phpon behind his musicianship, and the depths of feeling that he draws on while performing his music.

Glenn Gould, Life & Times

ML417 .G68 G63 2003 DVD
60 minutes
A revealing biography of cl.phpcal piano legend Glenn Gould. The program features interviews, performances, and recording s.phpons, as well as casual shots of his personal life.

Glenn Gould, The R.phpan Journey

ML417 .G68 G6 2003 DVD
75 minutes
Glenn Gould's 1957 visit to R.phpa, featuring his lecture and recital at the Leningrad Conservatory.

Growing Up Canadian

HQ799 .C2 G76 2006 DVD
6 discs; 282 minutes.
Six 45-minute documentaries looking at the experience of Canadian childhood through family life, play, schooling, work, health and the media.

Hockey: A People's History

GV846.5 .H635 2006 DVD
450-minute mini-series on 6 discs; released 2006.
With comments from such players as Wayne Gretzky, Hayley Wickenheiser and Ken Dryden, this series chronicles the story of a game and the soul of a nation. Born as a game of survival against the Canadian winter, hockey gave a new country its first heroes and champions. Narrated by Paul Gross and James Hyndman. Directed by Peter John Ingles.

Hockey: 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games

GV 848.2 O4 H6 2002 DVD
approx 3hrs.
CBC Televisions's broadcast of the Men's and Women's Hockey Finals at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

The Invisible Nation

E78 .Q3 I58 2007 DVD
93 minutes; released 2007.
A documentary on the tragic history of the Algonquin of Quebec.

John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields

PS8475 .C73 J64 2006 DVD
46 minutes; released 1998.
A documentary on the life of Dr. John McCrae, author of the poem "In Flanders Fields", which he composed in memory of friends lost to WWI.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Leonard Cohen

PS8505 .O44 Z8 2004 DVD
78 minutes; released 1965.
Made shortly before the release of his first album, this cl.phpc documentary looks at the life and muse of Leonard Cohen.

Let's All Hate Toronto

FC3097.3 .L487 2007 DVD
73 minutes; released 2007.
A comedic examination of the reasons why Canadians seem to hate Toronto. “Mister Toronto” embarks on a cross-Canada journey to promote a fake “Toronto Appreciation Day”.

Mordecai Richler

PS8535 .I38 Z76 VHS
55 minutes
A documentary about one of Canada's most accomplished and controversial novelists. Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss.

No Place Called Home

HC120 .P6 N663 2004 DVD
57 minutes
A couple and their six young children struggle with poverty in Canada.

Offstage Onstage: Inside the Stratford Festival

PN2306 .S8 O57 2006 DVD
83 minutes
Cameras go backstage during an entire season to capture the creative spirit at the hear of a treasured Canadian theatre company.

Oscar Peterson: Music in the Key of Oscar

ML417 .P48 085 2004 DVD
106 minutes; released 1995.
From his early days as Montreal's teenage Boogie-Woogie sensation to his international celebrity as a ground-breaking jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson: Music in the Key of Oscar charts four decades of one of Canada's best-known musicians, bringing both the man and his music to life.

Pier 21

JV7225 .P54 1999 VHS
60 minutes
A CBC documentary about immigrants to Canada and the building in Halifax Harbour where many were welcomed.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1919-2000

FC625 .P54 2000 VHS
104 minutes
CBC News coverage of the death and funeral of a leading Canadian politician.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Memoirs

FC625 .P53 1994 VHS
3 videos, 280 minutes total
Documentary on the life of Canada's 15th Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
Volume 1: The Making of a Leader (1919-1968).
Volume 2: The Art of Governing (1968-1972).
Volume 3: Establishing a Just Society (1972-1984).

Proudly Serving Canadians: Canadian Forces 2005 Year in Review

UA600 .P76 2006 DVD
80 minutes
Reviews the work of Canadian Defence Forces in Afghanistan, the Gulf of Arabia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Southern United States during 2005.

Souvenir of Canada

FC89 .C59522 2006 DVD
70 minutes; released 2005.
Novelist Douglas Coupland takes viewers on a journey through Canada as only he sees and knows it.

Talking Canadian

PE3210 .T35 2004 DVD
43 minutes; released 2004.
A CBC documentary on how Canadians speak.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

D680 .C2 T64 2000 VHS
88 minutes
A CBC Television News report about the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Tommy Douglas: The Fight of a Life-Time

FC3525.1 .D86 T64 1999 VHS
50 minutes
A documentary about the socialist politician who initiated universal medicare in Canada.

Trudeau: The Man, The Myth, The Movie

FC 626 .T78 T78 2002 DVD
192 minutes; released 2002.
Originally aired on CBC Television, Trudeau explores 15 years in the political and personal life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The film explores Trudeau's p.phponate commitment to individual rights as the cornerstone of democracy.

Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making

FC 626 .T78 T783 2002 DVD
180 minutes; released 2004.
A drama chronicling the coming of age of Canada's 15th Prime Minister. Importantly, the film shows how the conservatism of Quebec, and the autocratic premiership of Maurice Dupl.phps, shaped Trudeau into a man who helped begin the Quiet Revolution in Quebec.

Walk a Mile: The Immigrant Experience in Canada

FC608 .I4 W35 2006 DVD
4 discs; 27 minutes each; released 1999.
A four-part series on the challenges facing immigrants to Canada. Issues discussed: Identity, Language, Discrimination and Employment.

The Video McLuhan

P92.5 .M3 1996 VHS
6 videos, 250 minutes total
Using video footage from the 1940's to the 1970's, this series traces the thought of communications theorist Marshall McLuhan.

World Youth Day with the Pope in Canada

BX2347.8 .Y7 W679 2002 DVD
93 minutes
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documents Pope John Paul II's visit to Canada for World Youth Day, July 18-28, 2002.