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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Christianity - General


The Alpha Course

BV1488 .A45 2009 DVD (full length version; each talk 35-35 minutes)
BV1488 .A452 2009 DVD (express version; each talk 20-25 minutes)
Fifteen talks by Nicky Gumbel, dealing with essential questions of life such as: Who is Jesus? How can I be sure of my faith? How does God guide us? How can I resist evil? What does the Holy Spirit do? and How can I make the most of my life?.

Angels vs. Demons, Fact or Fiction?

PS3552 .R685434 A822 2009 DVD
44 minutes
A Discovery Channel examination of the theological and historical claims made in Dan Brown's controversial novel Angels vs. Demons.

Apostolic Fathers: Handing on the Faith

BR1706.3 .A663 2007 DVD
90 minutes
Best-selling Catholic author Stephen Ray takes the viewer to Israel, Turkey, France and Italy in his search for early church leaders like Ignaitus of Antioch, Clement of Rome, Polycarp of Smyrna, Irenaeus of Lyons, and Justin Martyr. Part of The Footprints of God series.

Becoming Catholic

BX1752 .K73 2007 DVD
13 (30 minute) episodes
Father Edward Krause sets forth the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.

Behind the Veil: Nuns

BX4210 .B34 1984 VHS
130 minutes
A National Film Board of Canada production which looks at the roles of women religious in history and today.

Beloved : The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

BX4337.5 .N37 2009 DVD
57 minutes
A Salt and Light Television production about the Nashville Dominicans.

Build Bethlehem Everywhere: A Statement on Catholic Education

LC504 .C3522 2007 DVD
Released 2001.
Features nine Canadian leaders in Catholic education reading from this bestselling book.

California M.phpons

F862 .C3 1998 VHS
46 minutes
Founded in the late 1700's by Father Junipero Serra, the California M.phpons are featured in this episode of the Landmarks of Faith series.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

BX1959.5 .C34 1994 VHS
6 videocassettes, 30 minutes each
A six part television series in which Cardinal Christoph Schonborn explores the history and content of the Catechism.

Catechisms and Controversies

BX1959.5 .C384 2006 DVD
approx. 390 minutes
Monsignor Michael Wrenn examines the "Catechism of the Catholic Church", whose publication in 1992 did believers a great service by making more acc.phpble the basic doctrines of the Catholic Church. Mrgr. Wrenn also considers opponents of the document and their motives.

Teaching Company

The Catholic Church: A History

BX945.3 .C66 2009 DVD
36 (30 minute) lectures
Course description.

The Catholic Church Through the Ages

BX945.3 .C384 2006 DVD
approx. 420 minutes.
Father Charles Connors takes an in-depth look at the history of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Faith and Vatican II

The Catholic Faith and Vatican II

BX830 1962 .R562 2008 DVD
15 (30 minute) programs
Cardinal Justin Rigali shares his views about the legacy of the Second Vatican Council.

The Catholic Vision of History

BR115 .H5 C38 1994 VHS
3 videocassettes, containing 6 programs
A series of lectures given at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia. The lectures include "Why History? The Church's view" (T. O'Donnell), "The Catholic view of history" (W.H. Carroll), "Multiculturalism in Christopher Dawson's view of history" (J.J. Mulloy), "Lord Acton, Samuel Eliot Morison" (J. Carrig), "John Henry Newman as historian" (G. Rutler).

Christ in the City

BX1752 .R874 2007 DVD (Season I)
BX1752 .R8742 2007 DVD (Season II)
BX1752 .R8743 2007 DVD (Season III)
BX1752 .R8744 2008 DVD (Season IV)
each episode 30 minutes
Father George Rutler discusses varied themes relative to finding Christ in everyday life, even in the midst of the strife and stress of urban living.

Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years

BR145.3 .C47 2001 DVD
approx. 400 minutes
An A&E documentary on the history of Christianity to the present day.

The Church in the New Millennium: From the Writings of Joannes Paulus PP. II

BX1378.5 .C487 2006 DVD
90 minutes
Father Thomas Norris reflects on the contemporary relevance of "Encyclical on the New Millennium", an apostolic letter delivered by John Paul the Great at the close of the Great Jubilee in 2000.

Come Home! To the Catholic Church

BX1752 .C664 2006 DVD
257 minutes
In these four lectures, Father John Corapi discusses why Catholics leave the Church and why they should return.

Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn from Each Other

BX4818.3 .C6 2007 DVD
108 minutes
The pastors of a Catholic church and an Evangelical Protestant church in Troy, Michigan, disuss their similarities and differences.

Constantine's Sword

BR127 .C65 2008 DVD
95 minutes
James Carroll examines how persecution and violence in the name of God have formed a part of the Church's history.

Crash Course in Catholicism

BX1751.3 .C737 2006 DVD
390 minutes
This series introduces the average lay person to the basic beliefs and practices of Catholicism.

Deliver Us from Evil

BX1912.9 .D4525 2007 DVD
103 minutes
A documentary about Oliver O'Grady, a former Catholic priest convicted of sexually assaulting children.

Doctors of the Church

BX4669 .M25 2008 DVD
13 (30 minute) programs
Father Charles Connor introduces the 33 saints whose writings have been recognised by the Church for their profound understanding of the faith.

Early Christianity: The Experience of the Divine

BR160 .J64 2002 DVD
24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

Epic: A Journey Through Church History

BX945.3 .W45 2009 DVD
20 (30 minute) lectures
Steve Weidenkopf introduces the major people, places and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church.

The Faithful Revolution: Vatican II

BX830 1962 .F29 1997 VHS
5 videocassettes, 57 minutes each
A documentary series about the Second Vatican Council.

Focus on Theology: An Adult Faith-Formation Disc.phpon Program

BX930 .F65 1999 VHS
6 videocassettes
To be used as an integrated disc.phpon program with the book
with same title; designed for adults who have a desire to learn or renew their understanding of the Catholic faith tradition.

Friends of God

BR115 .P7 F754 2007 DVD
56 minutes
Alexandra Pelosi takes a roadtrip meeting a cross-section of evangelical Americans.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians

BT301.2 .F76 2004 DVD
240 minutes
PBS Frontline traces the life of Jesus and the roots of Christianity into the third century.

From Jesus to Constantine: A History of Early Christianity

BR160 .E37 2004 DVD
24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

God and Politics

BR115 .P7 G62 2004 DVD
60 minutes; 60 minutes; 90 minutes
A three-part series hosted by Bill Moyers. The Kingdom Divided looks at Christianity, and particularly liberation theology, in Central America. The Battle for the Bible examines beliefs about the Bible among Southern Baptists. On Earth as it is in Heaven explores Christian Reconstructionism, a movement that urges believers to become politically active in order to create a world where the Bible is the basis for all government, law, and economic systems

The God Who Wasn't There

The God Who Wasn't There

BL2747 .G55 2005 DVD
62 minutes
This provocative film by a former fundamentalist Christian attempts to prove that Jesus Christ never existed.

The Good Code: The Natural Law

K447 .T45 G663 2006 DVD
approx. 390 minutes.
Using Thomas Aquinas's proofs of God's existence, Dr. Charles Rice shows how humans can, apart from any reference to God or religion, discern right from wrong. But these evidential laws of right and wrong, says Dr. Rice, fit remarkably well with Christianity, which leads Dr. Rice into his disc.phpon on faith and reason and ultimately to the Church, whose teachings alone can show mankind the path to salvation.

Gospel According to Jesus

BT 306 .M552 2004 DVD
117 minutes; released 1995.
Numerous people, including Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, Tim Robbins, the Rev. Calvin Butts, read and analyze Jesus's "living gospel." Based on scholar Stephen Mitchell's popular book.

Great World Religions: Christianity

BR121.3 .J64 2003 DVD
12 (30 minute) lectures
Course description.

Hand of God

BX1912.9 .H36 2007 DVD
90 minutes
A documentary about Paul Cultrera who was sexually molested as a child by a Catholic priest.

Teaching Company

The History of Christian Theology

BT21.2 .C37 2008 DVD
36 (30 minute) lectures
Course description.

The History of Christianity in the Reformation Era

BR309 .G74 2001 DVD
36 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

The History of Orthodox Christianity

BX290 .H578 1994 DVD
86 minutes
A history of the Orthodox Church, with detailed information on her traditions and sacramental life.

Holy Cows: Mooo

BV3625 .U3 H62005z DVD
15 minutes; released 2005.
In the fertile grounds of Uganda there is a little diocese called Lugazi. This short documentary is a testament to one Toronto priest's vision to get hundreds of cows for Uganda. But more than that, it is a tribute to the children in schools and parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto, who helped make this vision a reality.

In the Hour of Death

HQ1073 .H32 1990 VHS
15 minutes
The Catholic Church and death, presented by Dr. John Haas and the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls

Jesus & His First Followers: What Current Archaeology and Biblical Research are Telling Us

BT 303.2 .J478 2005 DVD
4 hours; released 2005.
Lectures by five eminent Bible scholars and archaeologists who reveal how recent discoveries are changing the way we view the world of Jesus and the earliest Christians.

The Jesus Experience

BR127 .J47 2002 DVD
8 (45 minute) programs
An eight-part series looking at how different world cultures have viewed Jesus Christ.

Journey of Light: The Search for God in the Holy Land

DS109.15 .J68 2005 DVD
47 minutes
A group of young Catholics visits the Holy Land.

The Knights of St. John

CR4723 .K65 2002 DVD
49 minutes
The 900 year history of the world's oldest order of chilvary, the Knights of Malta.

Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation

BR333.3 .C37 2004 DVD
24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

Martyrs to Christianity

BR1601.3 .M37 2006 DVD
48 minutes
The dramatic and moving stories of martyred Christians over nearly two thousand years. Part of the Pillars of Faith series.

The Mystery of Faith: An Introduction to Catholicism

BX1754 .M97 2005z DVD
10 (20 minute) programs
A series presented by Fr. Michael Himes. Topics include: the Trinity, the Incarnation, Tradition, Grace, Baptism, Eucharist, the Church, Reconciliation, Sacraments of Vocation, and Salvation.

The Mystery of the Trinity

BT111.3 .M978 2007 DVD
13 (28 minute) programs
Father Benedict Groeschel exhorts viewers to contemplate the Godhead.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

DS110 .B4 O458 2005
50 minutes
Father Mitch Pacwa visits the sites that featured importantly in the first Christmas.

Opus Dei: Decoding God's Work

BX819.3 .O68 O687 2006 DVD
50 minutes
An examination of Opus Dei, a personal prelature in the Catholic Church.

Origin of Christianity

BR129 .O75 2004 DVD
4 discs with 10 episodes; 520 mins.
Biblical scholars take part in an international symposium focusing on the New Testament. Topics include: whether Jesus had siblings, the apostle Paul, and the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. By Gerard Mordillat and Jerome Prieur.

The Priesthood of Jesus Christ

BX1912 .P75 2002 VHS
3 videocassettes containing 13 (30 minute) programs
Father Frederick Miller discusses the priesthood, from it's beginnings with Christ's ministry on earth, through the reflection of the Early Church Fathers.

Reasons to Believe

BX1751 .R437 2009 DVD
13 (30 minute) programs
Dr. Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina provide a clear-sighted contemporary apologetic for Catholicism.

Righteous Before God

BT764.2 .R53 2001 VHS
37 minutes
A documentary about the signing of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation.

River of Light

BR1022 .R584 2005 DVD
approx. 240 minutes.
This documentary looks at how the Iberian people, who for years lived under Roman and Visogothic rule, emerged as a unified nation with a significant role to play in God's plan to evangelize the New World.

Scenes from a Parish

BV639 .I4 S34 2009 DVD
85 minutes.
A documentary about a small-town parish in Massachusetts, founded by Irish immigrants and now serving a culturally-mixed working-class community.

The Shroud Unravelled

BT 587 .S4 S37 2004
CBC's Man Alive examines the "Shroud of Turin.". Aired in November 1988.

The Terror of History: Mystics, Heretics, and Witches in the Western Tradition

CB353 .R85 2002 DVD
24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

Treasures of Catholicism

BX1751.2 .H69 1998 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 13 (28 minute) programs
A thirteen part television series hosted by Thomas Howard.

The Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

BR165 .T75 2005 DVD
6 (30 minute) programs
A series of documentaries with dramatizations shot on the actual locations of early Church events.

Vatican II: A Civilization of Love

BX830 1962 .V234 1988 DVD
12 (27 minute) programs
A series of documentaries about the Second Vatican Council. programs include: Vatican II in history; Liturgy; Laity; Evangelization; Ecumenism; Religious freedom; Mary; The Word; After the council.

With God on Our Side

BR526 .W57 1996 VHS
6 videocassettes, 55 minutes each
Using documentary footage and current interviews, this series chronicles the involvement of conservative, primarily Protestant, Christians in political and social issues.