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Documentaries: The Contemporary World

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After Innocence

RA1057.55 .A38 2006 DVD
95 minutes; released 2005.
The dramatic and compelling story of seven men imprisoned for decades who were exonerated after DNA evidence proved their innocence.

Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11

HV6432.7 .A384 2005 DVD
35 minutes (plus bonus footage 90 minutes; released 2003.
Produced by the Guerilla News Network, this film challenges the U.S. government's official account of the events of September 11th, 2001. It features interviews of nine people answering eleven of the most pr.phpng questions that emanate from the terrible and unexplained events of that day.

All Who Matter: A Talk by Noam Chomsky

HF1418.5 .C56 2000 DVD
68 minutes
In this lecture, Chomsky discusses economic globalization and its impact on people in the U.S. and around the world.

Alternative Media in a Time of War: A Talk by David Barsamian

P96 .A44 A484 2003 DVD
47 minutes; released 2003.
David Barsamian, producer and host of Alternative Radio, as well as author of numerous books, discusses the growing resistance to a declaration of endless war finding expr.phpon and an increasing audience in alternative media. Filmed at Z Media Institute, June 2003.

America: Freedom to Fascism

JC585 .A44 2006 DVD
105 minutes
Aaron Russo's examination of the creation of federal income tax in the United States and its part in the erosion of civil liberties.

America's Leading Dissenter: Noam Chomsky

P85 .C47 N62 2004 DVD
52 minutes
Bill Moyers talks with Noam Chomsky about the meaning of protest today and the decline of political democracy.

Asking Tough Questions: The War on Terrorism

HV6432.7 .A85 2002 VHS
54 minutes
A VisionTV panel discusses the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.


PN 1997 .B339 1994 DVD
96 minutes; released 1992.
A nature film shot on six continents in 24 countries, Baraka has no conventional plot. Instead, it uses sheer cinematic power to capture the planet's glories and violent calamities. Directed by Ron Fricke.

The Beales of Grey Gardens

CT275 .B435 G550 2006 DVD
91 minutes
On the thirtieth anniversary of their cl.phpc Grey Gardens, the Brothers Maysles have put together this follow-up from hours of newly discovered footage featuring the reclusive yet affable mother and daughter team of Edith and Edith Beale.

Between You and Me: A Memoir

PN4874 .W255 A3 2005 DVD
90 minutes
A supplement to Mike Wallace's second volume of memoirs, this DVD contains footage of the interviews transcribed in the memoir.

Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

DS119.76 .B56 2007 DVD
74 minutes; released 2007.
Digging at the truth beneath the hype and headlines of the Arab-Israeli conflict, this film features interviews with top officials from former Israeli Prime Ministers, Mideast scholars, Hamas leaders, soldiers, terrorists, and the families caught in the middle of the fighting. Directed by Isidore Rosmarin.

Bowling for Columbine

HV7436 .B6 2003 DVD
119 minutes; released 2002.
The United States is notorious for its gun problem; many are killed by firearms there. With his signature angry humor, and interviews with such people as Charlton Heston and Marilyn Manson, filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the roots of this bloodshed. Written, produced and directed by Michael Moore.

The Bridge

RC569 .B754 2007 DVD
94 minutes; released 2006.
In this documentary about suicide, shocking images of successful and attempted suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge are accompanied by interviews with family members, witnesses, and surviving attempters.

Brooklyn Connection: How to Build a Guerrilla Army

E184 .A3 B76 2005 DVD
53 minutes
The story of why and how an Albanian immigrant to America starts up a guerrilla army by transporting weapons from the United States to Kosovo. Based on Stacy Sullivan's book Be Not Afraid, For You Have Sons in America.

Capitalism: A Love Story

HB501 .C23 2010 DVD
127 minutes; released 2009.
In this documentary on American capitalist culture, Michael Moore investigates the effect of corporate greed on American lives and concludes that while few benefit many more suffer, experiencing job loss, home foreclosures, and poverty. Written, produced, and directed by Michael Moore.

The Catholic Church Under Fire

BX1912.9 .C38 2003 DVD
23 minutes
This ABC News program looks at sexual misconduct among Catholic clergymen and how the Church is addr.phpng the problem.

Checkpoint = Machssomim

JC599 .G27 C45 2004 DVD
80 minutes; released 2003.
This award-winning film documents the impact of the enforced boundaries know as "checkpoints" on the Israeli border, the border guards drafted to monitor them, and the Palestinians who pass through them every day. In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles. Directed by Yoav Shamir.

China: A Century of Revolution

DS774 .C45 2007 DVD
360 minutes
A three-part series on China in the twentieth century, looking at the birth of the new republic, the Mao years, and the recent transformation to an expanding free-market economy.

The Choice 2004

JK526 2004 .C46 2004 DVD
A PBS Frontline episode which explores how United States presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry have been shaped by their family backgrounds and history.

Communialism and Religious Fundamentalism

BL238 .R455 2004 DVD
55 minutes; released 2004.
Talks by Pervez Hoodboy, Tanika Sarkar and Amarjeet Kaur address fundamentalism and religious intolerance, and focus on ways fundamentalist thinking has affected millions of people's lives through repr.phpon, massacres, and genocide. This Z Video production was filmed at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India in January 2004.

Conquering America: Bharati Mukherjee

PR9499.3 .B53 2004 DVD
30 minutes
Bill Moyers talks with Bharati Mukherjee about the building resentment and tensions about immigrants to the United States.

The Conservative Tradition

JC573 .A44 2009 DVD
6 discs; 36 (30 minute) lectures
Course description.

Control Room

HE8700.9 .Q22 C66 2004 DVD
86 minutes; released 2004.
This film provides a rare window into the international perception of the Iraq War, courtesy of Al Jazeera, the Arab world's most popular news outlet, which continues to show the world everything about the Iraq War that the Bush administration does not want the public to see. Directed by Jehane Noujaim.

The Corporate Theft of Water: A Talk by Maude Barlow

HD1691 .B372 2004 DVD
Maude Barlow, chair of the Council of Canadians, describes in detail how corporations, with the collusion of governments, have stolen water from communities, mostly in third world countries, and sold it back to citizens at outrageous prices.

The Corporation

HD 2731 .C67 2005 DVD
145 minutes; released 2005.
Since the late 18th century American legal decision that the business corporation organizational model is legally a person, it has become a dominant economic, political and social force around the globe. This film takes an in-depth psychological examination of this organization model and suggests what people with courage, intelligence and determination can do to stop it.

A Crude Awakening

TN870 .C783 2007 DVD
This documentary features interviews with some of the world's top energy experts, who confirm that our oil-dependency must change in light of dwindling resources.

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber

HV6431 .C858 2006 DVD
96 minutes
Former CIA spy Robert Baer examines the history of suicide bombing from its origins in the Iran-Iraq war, through the truck bombers in southern Lebanon, to its contemporary use throughout the Middle East.

Darfur Diaries: Message from Home

DT159.6 .D27 D374 2006 DVD
55 minutes; released 2005.
This documentary looks at the genocide taking place today in the Darfur region.

Dark Days

PN1997 .D37 2001 DVD
84 minutes; released 2000.
Documentary about a community of homeless people living in a train tunnel beneath Manhattan. Depicts a way of life that is unimaginable to most of those who walk the streets above. For some of those who have gone underground, it has been home for as long as 25 years.

The Dark Side

JF1525 .I6 D37 2006 DVD
90 minutes; released 2006.
Investigates Dick Cheney's critical role in orchestrating the Iraq War and his power struggle with former CIA Director George Tenet.

In Debt We Trust

HG3756 .U54 I634 2007 DVD
98 minutes
This documentary by journalist Danny Schechter looks at America's mounting debt crisis and its implications for the interconnected global economy.

Democracy and the Nature of Power: Sheldon Wolin

JK271 .W645 2006 DVD
30 minutes
Bill Moyers talks with Sheldon Wolin about the concept of democracy and the search for a collective identity.

Desperate Hours

D804.6 .D47 2001
64 minutes; released 2001.
This documentary tells the little-known Holocaust stories of small groups of Turkish Muslims, Jews and Christians who worked together to save Jewish lives during the Second World War. Directed by Victoria Barrett.

Distorted Morality

HV6432 .D577 2002 DVD
115 minutes; released 2002.
Noam Chomsky speaks at Harvard University about the United States' definition of terrorism and foreign policy in regard to nations and groups considered to be guilty of terrorism.

The Dreams of Sparrows

DS79.76 .D64 2005 DVD
75 minutes
Hayder Mousa Daffar's examination of life in Baghdad after the United States invasion of Iraq.

East Timor and U.S. Foreign Policy

DS646.57 .E278 2001 DVD
89 minutes; released 2001.
This video provides an historical overview of East Timor by Cynthia Peters, an update on the refugee camps in West Timor by Winston Rondo, and a look at U.S. policy and what activists can do to change the situation by Noam Chomsky. This Z Video production was filmed on June 2, 2001, at a teach-in sponsored by the East Timor Action Network.

The End of Suburbia

HT 352 .U6 G74 2004 DVD
78 minutes; released 2004.
A frightening documentary about the coming "end of oil" and the effect that a future of steadily increasing energy prices will have on the world in general and the suburbs in particular.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the World

HD9502 .U54 E57632 2005 DVD
110 minutes; released 2005.
The inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America's seventh largest company walked away with over one billion dollars, while investors and employees lost everything.

Environmental Justice and Living Democracy

GE180 .E59 2002 DVD
40 minutes; released 2002.
Robert Bullard discusses environmental racism and the environmental justice movement's role in redefining environmentalism, while Vandana Shiva criticizes the inequality and bankrupt policies of the IMF and WTO. This Z Video production was filmed at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, January 31-February 5, 2002.

Fahrenheit 9/11

HV 6432.7 .F374 2004 DVD
122 minutes; released 2004.
Were you aware that America has had a deal to protect the Saudi royal family in exchange for easy access to Saudi oil since F.D.R.? Michael Moore was, and in this documentary he investigates many other interesting facts about America's foreign policy and the reasons for, and consequences of, the September 11, 2001 attack on America.

Fed Up!

TP248.65 .F66F43 2002 DVD
58 minutes; released 2002.
Using archival footage and interviews, this video presents an overview of the American food production system and explores the unintentional effects of pesticides, the resistance of biotechnology companies to food labeling and the links between government officials and major biotechnology and chemical companies.

First Person Singular: Elie Wiesel, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

PQ2683 .I23 Z46 2002 DVD
120 minutes; released 2002.
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and author of the Holocaust memoir Night, talks about his life, work and concerns for the future of humankind. He discusses his experiences as a journalist in Paris and Jerusalem, his authorship of more than 40 novels, plays and essays, and the events of September 11, 2001. Narrated by William Hurt. Directed by Robert Gardner.

Four Chaplains: Sacrifice at Sea

D810 .C36 U55 2004 DVD
54 minutes; released 2004.
In 1943, a Catholic priest, Jewish rabbi, and two Protestant ministers were aboard the U.S.A.T. Dorchester when it was hit by a German torpedo. The four chaplains gave up their life preservers to save others, and spent their last moments praying together as the ship sank beneath the waves.

The Fourth World War

U21.2 .F68 2004 DVD
75 minutes
This documentary weaves together the images and voices of war around the world - from the front lines of struggles in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North' from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New York and Iraq..

Free Speech for Sale

JC591 .F73 2004 DVD
57 minutes
Bill Moyers and key legal and public interest advocates examine how industries with money use their access to the media to overwhelm public debate.

The Future of Food

TP248.65 .F66 F888 2004 DVD
2 discs; 88 minutes; released 2004.
This documentary looks at the various forces behind the rise of genetically-engineered foods, as well as exploring alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture.

Ghosts of Rwanda

DT450.435 .G56 2004 DVD
120 minutes; released 2004.
A PBS documentary about the massacre of over 800,000 Rwandans in 1994. Narrated by Will Lyman. Directed by Greg Barker.

The Gleaners and I

HD1549 .G54 2002 DVD
60 minutes; released 2002.
Starting with a painting of women gathering wheat left over from a harvest, film-maker Agnes Varda explores the lives of modern-day gleaners--people who insist on finding a use for things that others throw away. The journey takes her from the French countryside to the streets of Paris.

The Great Deception

HV6432.7 .Z95 2002 VHS
39 minutes
Media critic Barrie Zwicker challenges the official explanation for the September 11th attack, and considers the implications of America's "war on terrorism".

Grey Gardens

CT275 .B435G549 2001 DVD
94 minutes; released 1976.
A documentary portrait of the relationship between Edith Bouvier Beale and her grown daughter Little Edie (cousins of Jackie O.), once an.phpiring actress in New York who left her career to care for her aging mother in their East Hampton home, and never left again.

Grizzly Man

QL737 .C27 G75 2005 DVD
104 minutes; released 2005.
Using interviews and archival footage, acclaimed director Werner Herzog explores the life and death of amateur grizzly bear expert and wildlife preservationist Timothy Treadwell, who lived unarmed among grizzlies for 13 summers.

Guns, Germs, and Steel

HM 206 .D482 2005 DVD
165 minutes; released 2004.
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller by Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel explores 13,000 years of connections between geography, technology and global human development.

Harlan County, USA

HD5325 .M615 H3 2006 DVD
104 minutes; released 1976.
Barbara Kopple's landmark documentary about the 1973 Kentucky coal miners' strike which lasted over a year.

Hearts and Minds

DS557.73 .H43 2002 DVD
112 minutes; released 1974.
Recounts the history and attitudes of the opposing sides of the Vietnam War using archival news footage as well as new footage and interviews. A key theme is how attitudes of American racism and self-righteousness militarism helped create and prolong this bloody conflict.

Hijacking Catastrophe

JZ1480 .H55 2006 DVD
76 minutes
An examination of the reasons used by the Bush Administration for the American intervention in Iraq.

Hofmann's Potion

BF209 .L9 H64 2006 DVD
56 minutes; released 2002.
A look at the history of LSD.

Hollywood's Role in Shaping Values: David Puttnam

PN1995.9 .S6 H65 2005 DVD
50 minutes; released 1988.
Film producer David Puttnam talks to Bill Moyers about how movies reflect and influence U.S. society. First broadcast on the television show, A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers. Produced and directed by David Puttnam.

Hoop Dreams

GV884 .A1H667 2005 DVD
171 minutes; released 1994.
This documentary follows two inner-city basketball phenoms' lives through high school as they chase their dreams of playing in the NBA. An epic chronicle of hope and perseverance.

Horns and Halos

E903.3 H67 2004 DVD
2 discs; 79 minutes; released 2002.
A documentary about biographer J.H. Hatfield and small press publisher Sander Hicks's battle to get Hatfield's controversial bestseller on the life of George W. Bush, Fortunate Son, back on shelves before the 2000 presidential election.

Howard Zinn--You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train

E175.5 .Z56 H69 2004 DVD
78 minutes; released 2004.
Beginning with his early days as a shipyard labour organizer and bombardier in the Second World War, this documentary shows how Howard Zinn became an academic rebel and leader of civil disobedience at a time of institutionalized racism and war. Directed by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller.

Imperial Grand Strategy: The Conquest of Iraq and the Assault on Democracy

E 895 .C476 2005 DVD
220 minutes; released 2005.
Features one of the world's leading intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, contesting official versions of history and today's news in two powerful lectures and a 45-minute interview with Barry Pateman.

Imperial Grand Strategy: A Talk by Noam Chomsky

E895 .C476 2003 DVD
52 minutes; released 2003.
Chomsky addresses the Bush administration's official plans for oppr.phpon, world domination, and international conflict, and the inevitable resistance these plans will excite. This Z Video production was filmed at Z Media Institute, June 2003.

Imminent Crises

E 895 .C47 2005 DVD
101 minutes; released 2005.
Noam Chomsky covers the war in Iraq, the U.S. policy of obtaining strategic power and leverage over its key rivals, the hypocrisy of the U.S. "m.phpanic vision" of bringing "democracy" and "freedom" to every corner of the world while violating democratic principles, international law, and increasing the threat of terror. Filmed by Lydia Sargent and Aaron Selverston.

Independent Media Hopes and Challenges

P 96 .A44I534 2006 DVD
75 minutes
Speakers from various countries describe how the U.S. media .phpsts in carrying out foreign policy through propaganda and misinformation.

Into the Future

Z681.3 .D53 S26 1997 DVD
60 minutes
This documentary considers the implications digitially stored information will have on human knowledge, asking whether future generations will have access to the electronically recorded history of our time. A sequal to Slow Fires.

The Jesus Factor

BR115 .P7 J47 2004 DVD
60 minutes; relesed 2004.
A PBS Frontline episode which explores the religious views of United States president George W. Bush and how they impact his political decision-making.


BP605 .P46 J66 2007 DVD
90 minutes
An examination of the largest mass murder-suicide in history by the Peoples Temple followers of Jim Jones.

Karl Rove: The Architect

JK526 2004 .K375 2005 DVD
60 minutes; released 2005.
Frontline and the Washington Post join forces to trace the political history of the man who has been Bush's chief strategist from the beginning. Karl Rove is described as having been on the inside of every political and policy decision of the Bush administration. Narrated by Will Lyman. Directed by Michael Kirk.

The Katrina Crisis

QC945 .K387 2006 DVD
65 minutes; released 2006.
A panel disc.phpon about the human rights tragedy that followed Hurricane Katrina. Key issues covered include how Katrina encapsulated the specter of racism and the government response to it.

Kicking Away the Ladder: Corporate Economics vs. Democracy--A Talk by Noam Chomsky

HF1359 .C46 2006z DVD
85 minutes; released 2006.
In this talk, Chomsky focuses on the difficulty of working towards democracy. He details the history of the U.S., after WWII, becoming the most powerful state in history using military and economic policies that he argues were anything but democratic.


PN1997 .K57 2001 DVD
123 minutes; released 2000.
This film takes place in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, when Israel battled Egypt and Syria in Sinai and the Golan Heights. Shown from the perspective of two Israeli soldiers serving on a rescue crew, the film depicts a horrific day of death and destruction as the crew tries to pick up the pieces in the wake of slaughter. Directed by Amos Gitai.

Last Abortion Clinic

HQ 767.5 .U5 L36 DVD
60 minutes; released 2005.
A PBS Frontline video investigating the steady decline in the number of physicians and clinics performing abortions. Focuses on local political battles in states like M.phpssippi, where only a single clinic performs the controversial procedure.

Latin American Challenges to U.S. Domination: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

HC125 .C366 2006 DVD
45 minutes; released 2006.
Chomsky looks at Latin America and the Caribbean, which have historically been areas the U.S. has dominated. In the last decade, Chomsky asserts, Latin America has been moving toward independance from the U.S. and is being to integrate and demand control of their own resources.

Life and Debt

PR9275 .A583 S622 2003 DVD
86 minutes; released 2001.
This incisive documentary looks at how IMF and World Bank lending practices are used to benefit wealthy nations while effectively barring underdeveloped countries such as Jamaica from competition in the global market.

The Linguists

P40.5 .L33 L5648 2009 DVD
65 minutes
David Harrison and Gregory Anderson document langues in Siberia, India, and Bolivia, which are on the verge of extinction.

Love Meetings = Comizi d'amore

PN1997 .C6455 2003 DVD
90 minutes; released 1964.
In this documentary, director Pier Paolo Pasolini asks Italians about sex, love, prostitution, homosexuality, and maritial and non-marital liaisons. Starring Pasolini as the interviewer and Lello Bersani as the narrator.

Man Who Knew

HV 6432 M352 2002 DVD
60 minutes; released 2002.
FBI Special Agent, John O'Neill, was the bureau's top counter-terrorism agent. He had been advocating a U.S. mission against Osama Bin Laden right up to the day O'Neill died at the World Trade Center. A PBS Frontline video.

Manufactured Landscapes

GF656 .M368 2007 DVD
90 minutes; released 2006.
This Genie award winner for Best Documentary follows large-scale photographer Edward Burtynsky to China as he captures the effects of the country's m.phpve industrial revolution.

Manufacturing Consent in a Time of War: A Talk by Noam Chomsky

P95.82 .U6 C56 2002 DVD
76 minutes
Noam Chomsky discusses the war on terrorism, media disinformation, Mideast politics, and U.S. foreign policy.

Martin Luther King: "I Have a Dream"

E185.97 .K5 A522 2005 DVD
60 minutes
Newsreel accounts of the 1963 March on Washington speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Media Makes the World: A Left Forum Panel

P96 .O24 2006 DVD
59 minutes; released 2006.
Panelists Nan Rubin, Carl Ginsburg, Gary Younge and Amy Goodman reveal the various schemes of the mainstream media, including bias, controlled coverage and lack of intelligent reporting.

The Merchants of Cool

HQ796 .M425 2001 DVD
60 minutes; released 2001.
A report on the creators and marketers of popular culture for teenagers.

Money and Culture: Jacob Needleman

HB835 .J33 2005 DVD
30 minutes; released 1990.
Author Jacob Needleman discusses the role of money in our society and its power to shape our culture and our souls. First broadcast on the television show, A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers.

The More you Watch, the Less you Know: A Talk by Danny Schechter

P90 .M637 2000 DVD
64 minutes; released 2000.
Danny Schechter recounts with humor and style the ins-and-outs of mainstream media organization, culture, and practice, and then discusses p.phpbilities for organizing from within mainstream media.

Mortal Choices and Public Policy: Ruth Macklin

HQ767.15 .M335 2004 DVD
52 minutes; released 1990.
Bill Moyers talks with Ruth Macklin, philosopher and professor of bioethics, who discusses the difficult decisions involved in medical care today and offers ethical insights into the emotional and morally difficult issues surrounding pregnancy. First broadcast on the television show, A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers.

My Country, My Country

DS79.76 .M939 2007 DVD
90 minutes; released 2006.
American filmmaker Laura Poitras follows Iraqi physician Dr. Riyadh - a Sunni political candidate and outspoken critic of the American occupation of Iraq - for an unforgettable journey into the heart of war-ravaged Iraq in the months leading up to the January 2005 elections.

The Mythology of Star Wars: with George Lucas and Bill Moyers

PN1997 .S73 M98 2004 DVD
57 minutes; released 1999.
Bill Moyers interviews George Lucas, who discusses his efforts to tell old myths in new ways, the role of faith in his own life, and the influence of his mentor, Joseph Campbell. Directed by Pamela Mason Wagner. To see the original 3 Star Wars films, click here.

News Wars

PN4735 .N497 2007 DVD
2 discs; approx. 270 minutes.
This four-part PBS documentary looks at the evolution of American journalism from the mid-1970s to today, with special attention given to the role of a free press in a post-9/11 world.

The New War on Terrorism: A Talk by Noam Chomsky

HV6431 .C46 2002 DVD
111 minutes
Sponsored by the Culture and Technology Forum at MIT, Chomsky's 2001 talk in The New War on Terrorism focuses on examples of US terror to argue for political dissent and change.

New World Border

JV6483 .N489 2001 DVD
28 minutes
"New World Border documents the rise in human rights abuses along the US Mexico border since the implementation of border blockades, which have been erected in populated areas throughout the border region during the last decade." In English and Spanish with English subtitles.

911 Mysteries: Part I: Demolitions

HV6432.7 .A136 2007 DVD pt.1
90 minutes; released 2006.
Armed with basic physics principles, the film-makers explain how the World Trade Towers could not have collapsed as they did on their own.

No Direction Home

ML420 .D98 N6 2005 DVD
2 discs; 207 minutes. Released 2005.
Through interviews and rare concert performances Martin Scorsese documents Bob Dylan's rise from folk singer to legendary pop artist in 1966.

Occupied Minds

DS119.76 .0238 2005z DVD
58 minutes; released 2005.
A Palestinian-American and an Isreali travel together to Jerusalem and offer fresh insight on the Isreali-Palestinian conflict.

Oil and Nukes: The Political Economy of the Iran Crisis

E 183.6 .I55P655 2006 DVD
71 minutes; released 2006.
A disc.phpon on the growing dangers of war with Iran and the political and economic forces behind the rhetoric driving both sides.

On Elections and Movements: A Videoconference with Noam Chomsky

JF1001 .C468 2005 DVD
73 minutes; released 2004.
Noam Chomsky answers questions from an audience in Argentina about the meaning of U.S. elections, U.S. foreign policy in Latin America, and the significance of growing social movements such as the World Social Forum. This Z Video production was filmed December 10, 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On Native Soil

HV6432.7 .O5 2006 DVD
119 minutes; released 2006.
The story of September 11, 2001 - the events leading up to it, the tragic day itself, and the aftermath.

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

PN4888 .P6O794 2004 DVD
103 minutes; released 2004.
Brings together an ex-"60-Minutes" producer, a United States congressman, as well as some of the country's leading intellectual voices on the media to examine the mix of business, politics and idealogy that is the modern mainstream media.

Our Brand is Crisis

JF2112 .A4 O97 2006 DVD
87 minutes
Follows James Carville, Jeremy Rosner and a team of political consultants as they launch a media-savvy campaign for Bolivian presidential candidate Gonzalo Snchez de Lozada.

The Persuaders

HF5823 .P477 2004 DVD
90 minutes
Hosted by Douglas Rushkoff, this documentary examines the lucrative "persuasion industries" of advertising and public relations and shows how they have come to shape American life, politics and public opinion.

The Plea

KF9654 .P553 2004 DVD
90 minutes
Faced with the fact that nearly 95 per cent of all criminal cases are resolved through plea bargains rather than by juries, this documentary investigates the moral, judicial and constitutional implications of relying on plea bargains to expedite justice.

A Question of Conscience: The Murder of the Jesuit Priests in El Salvador

F1488.3 .Q93 1990 VHS
48 minutes
This documentary focuses on the November 16, 1989 murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador by uniformed soldiers, and its consequences. The film looks at the personal histories of the priests and their murderer, the history of El Salvador during their time, and the role and attitude of the church and the University in Salvadoran society.

Rwanda, Living Forgiveness

DT450.435 .R83633 2005 DVD
27 minutes
Victims and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwanda genocide speak about their experiences and about the process of reconciliation.

The Salesman

PN1997 .S257 2001 DVD
91 minutes; released 1969.
Follows the activities of four traveling salesmen from the Mid-American Bible Company as they cover their respective territories.

September 11

HV6432.7 .S478 2002 DVD
135 minutes; released 2002.
Eleven acclaimed film-makers from around the world each contribute an 11 minute short film in response to the 9/11 attacks. In English, French, Japanese, Arabic, Bosnian, Hebrew, Farsi with English and French subtitles.

Shadow Voices

RC464 .A1 S53 2005 DVD
58 minutes
Looks at how mental illness affects the lives of individuals and their families.

The Shape of Water

HQ1236 .S44 2006 DVD
70 minutes; released 2006.
This powerful documentary by first-time filmmaker Kum-Kum Bhavnani looks at women around the world who through their solidarity are working to effect change in their communities: from the women spearheading rainforest preservation in Brazil by working as rubbertappers, to the Indian women behind the world's largest trade union, and many more.

Sister Helen

HV4999.4 .N5 S57 2004 DVD
88 minutes; released 2001.
In 1986, Helen Travis became a Benedictine Sister after she lost her husband and both her sons to substance abuse. Two years later she opened a halfway house for recovering male addicts. This documentary explores the love/hate relationship between this strict nun and the men who rely on her to help them overcome addiction.

Slacker Uprising

JK1764 .S5445 2007 DVD
97 minutes; released 2007.
A documentary of Michael Moore's 2004 tour during which he visited 62 swing state cities in order to encourage young people to vote.

Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record

Z701 .S46 1987 DVD
60 minutes.
A sobering look at how the gradual deterioration of library materials will lead to the irrevocable loss of our cultural heritage.

A Soldiers Movement Against the Iraq War

DS79.76 .S65 2006 DVD
75 minutes; released 2006.
This Left Forum s.phpon includes moving testimony from soldiers about war in general and the Iraq war in particular, and reveals how their feelings about that war have changed.

Soldiers Speak Out

DS79.76 .S654 2006 DVD
28 minutes; released 2006.
A brief look at the growing anti-war and anti-occupation movement within the military and miltary families. Also features interviews with veterans and several short films.

Super Size Me

PN1997.2 S87 2004 DVD
100 minutes; released 2004.
Morgan Spurlock examines the American obesity epidemic by interviewing experts nationwide and subjecting himself to a "McDonald's ONLY" diet for 30 days straight.

Surviving Death: Stories of Grief

BF575 .G7 S878 2007 DVD
47 minutes; released 1998.
Seven people from various cultural backgrounds share how they are dealing with the death of someone close to them.

The Take

HC173 .T354 2004 DVD
87 minutes; released 2004.
This documentary explores how Argentina's 2001 economic collapse, in which a prosperous middle-class economy was destroyed during 10 years of IMF policies, affected the lives of ordinary workers. Written by Naomi Klein. Directed by Avi Lewis.

Ten Minutes to Midnight: The Emerging Police State

KF4850 .T466 2006 DVD
52 minutes; released 2006.
In this panel disc.phpon at the 2006 Left Forum in New York City, four attorneys specializing in rights and constitutional law discuss civil liberties violations since 9/11, as well as domestic spying, U.S. presidential power, and PATRIOT Act provisions. The panelists are Michael Steven Smith, Dalia Hashad, Michael Ratner, and Heidi Bogosian.


HV6431 .T557 2006 DVD
113 minutes
An examination of the use of terror attacks by Western governments.

This Divided State

PN1998.3 .M6674G744 2005 DVD
88 minutes; released 2005.
When Michael Moore is invited to speak a college it creates a firestorm not ususally seen in the heart of conservative Mormon country. Protests, anger, and a bribery attempt by a local businessman to stop Moore's appearance punctuate this documentary that cuts to the heart of the rift in the nation.

Thoughts on History: A Talk by Howard Zinn

D421 .T486 2005 DVD
79 minutes; released 2005.
Howard Zinn, the well-known author of numerous books including the cl.phpc, A People's History of the United States, discusses his life experiences in war and peaceful struggle and how it relates to teaching and writing history, and viewing the world.

The Tobacco Conspiracy

HV5733 .T63 2006 DVD
92 minutes; released 2005.
Exposes the unsavoury practices of the powerful tobacco industry.

Tokyo Olympiad

GV721.5 .T659 2002 DVD
170 minutes; released 1965.
An epic study of athletes struggling to excel against their own bodies and against each other. Ichikawa used 164 cameramen and over 100 cameras to show the humanity of the competitors. In Japanese with optional English subtitles.

Trade Secrets: The Hidden Costs of the FTAA

HF1745 .T7 2002 VHS
16 minutes; released 2002.
This video illustrates the real dangers of so-called "free trade." It's an invaluable resource for trade unions and community groups confronting the powerful new forces of globalization.

The Trials of Henry K.phpnger

E840.8 .K58 T74 2003
80 minutes; released 2002.
A documentary which investigates the involvement of United States Secretary of State in war crimes and other illegal activties in Cambodia and Chile.

The Triumph of the Will

DD 253.28 1934 T7 2001
120 minutes; filmed in 1934.
Leni Riefenstahl's documentation of the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg.

The Truth and Lies of 9-11

HV6432.7 .T78 2002 VHS
138 minutes
A November 28, 2001 speech by Mike Ruppert at Portland State University about the American response to terrorism.

Truth and Tolerance

HQ76 .T788 2007 DVD
25 minutes
Designed for youth groups and campus ministries, this documentary offers testimonials from young men and women struggling with same-sex attraction, as well as in-depth look into what the Bible says on homosexuality.

Truth, War and Consequences

DS79.76 .T78 2003 DVD
90 minutes
A PBS Frontline episode which traces the roots of the Iraqi war back to the days immediately after September 11, 2001.

Unborn in the USA

HQ767.5 .U6 U53 2007 DVD
105 minutes; released 2007.
An examination of the pro-life movement in the United States over the past 35 years, offering insight into both the religious and political ideologies of this social movement.

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties

JC599 .U5 U62 2004 DVD
68 minutes
Unconstitutional examines the series of apparently well-intended post-9/11 policies and legislation (such as the USA Patriot Act) which in fact threaten basic civil libterties.

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

DS79.76 .U52 2004 DVD
90 minutes; released 2004.
Takes the viewer behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon and foreign service experts speak out detailing the lies, misstatements and exaggerations that served as the reasons for fighting a "preemptive" war against Iraq that wasn't necessary.

Underground Zero

HV6432.7 .U53 2003 DVD
128 minutes; released 2001.
A collaborative film project comprised of a collection of short films by a variety of experimental and documentary filmmakers in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

The United States and the Middle East: 1914 to 9/11

DS63.2 .U5 Y37 2003 DVD
4 discs; 24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

Until When...

HV640.5 .A6 U58 2004 DVD
76 minutes; released 2004.
Set during the Second Intifada, this documentary follows four Palestinian families living in Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem.Audio-track in English and Arabic with subtitles.

The UP Series

BF 713 .U83 2004 DVD
6 discs
Seven documentary films which examine the lives of fourteen British children at seven year periods from 1964 to the present.

Up the Yangtze

DS793 .Y3 U7 2008 DVD
93 minutes; released 2007.
A documentary about the passengers of a luxury liner going up the Yangtze, a river in China whose waters will, on completion of the Three Gorges Dam project, submerge the villages along the riverbanks.

U.S. Occupation of Iraq and the Problem of Palestine & Afghanistan

DS79.764 U6 2004 DVD
Released 2004.
Introduction by Lydia Sargent. Talks by Joseph Gerson, Michael Warshawsky, Nabila Faani, Achin Vanaik, Hanna Riehmawi, Rani Masri on Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

Utopia and Terror in the 20th Century

JC328.6 .L58 2003 DVD
4 discs; 24 (30 minute) lectures
A Teaching Company course. Course description.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement

BP605 .B72 W336 2003 DVD
136 minutes; released 1997.
A documentary about the tragic April 1993 standoff between federal law enforcers and the Branch Davidian religious sect in which 80 people died.

Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price

HF5429.21 .U6 W356 2005 DVD
97 minutes; released 2005.
An exposé of the personnel practices of retail-giant Wal-mart and the consequent costs to American taxpayers.

War and Truth

PN4823 .W37 2007 DVD
74 minutes; released 2005.
A look into the history of war correspondents from WWII to present, with a special emphasis on the war in Iraq.

War, Terrorism and the Media: A Talk by Howard Zinn

HV6432 .Z56 2002 DVD
42 minutes
Howard Zinn argues that the 2002 war in Iraq is not so much a war on terror as a manifestation of ongoing US foreign policy.

What Should an Educated Person Know? John Searle

LB2361.5 .J64 2004 DVD
30 minutes; released 1988.
Should western cl.phpcs be taught as the foundation of all thought at the expense of contributions by women, minorities, and the third world? John Searle, philosopher and educator, argues education should accept significant works from other cultures, but only if they meet certain criteria. First broadcast on the television show, A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers.

When the Levees Broke

QC945 .W44 2006 DVD
4 hours on 3 discs; released 2005.
Spike Lee documents distinct perspectives on the pivotal events that preceeded and followed Hurricane Katrina's passage through New Orleans, a catastrophe during which the divide between race and class lines has never been more pronounced.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

TL220 .W46 2006 DVD
93 minutes; released 2006.
In the late 90s, GM briefly introduced a fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly electric car, the EV-1, which many believed had the potential to revolutionize the automotive world. This documentary explores the company's motives for junking the project.

Why We Fight

DS79.96 .W49 2006 DVD
99 minutes; released 2005.
Explores a half-century of U.S. foreign policy from World War II to the Iraq War, revealing how political and corporate interests have become alarmingly entangled in the business of war. What emerges is a portrait of a nation in transition.

With God on Our Side: George W. Bush and the Religious Right

E902 .W58 2004 DVD
101 minutes; released 2004.
This documentary attempts to explain U.S. President George W. Bush's evangelical agenda, first providing an historical context, and second focusing on Bush himself and his manipulation of "born again" imagery to attract votes. Directed by Calvin Skaggs and David Van Taylor.

The World According to Bush

E903.3 W927 2004 DVD
93 minutes; released 2004.
A film by William Karel, with the participation of France 2. This documentary explores the policies of the Bush administration - including the erosion of freedom entailed in the The Patriot Act, and of the Bush family - including it's ties to Saudi Arabian oil.

Writing about Revolution: A Talk by bell hooks

E185.97 .H77 A3 2002 DVD
53 minutes; released 2002.
Hooks talks about writing for alternative publishers and for the mainstream. She also reads from her work and discusses what it's like to write about race, gender, and class in a publishing world that encourages mediocrity. This Z Video production was filmed March, 2002.