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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Italian Studies

The Kelly Library collects resources to support the University of Toronto Department of Italian Studies

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.phpsi: Home of St. Francis

BX4700 .F6 A875 2004 DVD
50 minutes.
A tour of the major sites in .phpsi which played a significant role in the life of Saint Francis.


Comizi d'Amore = Love Meetings

PN1997 .C6455 2003 DVD
90 minutes ; released 1964.
In this documentary, director Pier Paolo Pasolini asks Italians about sex, love, prostitution, homosexuality, and maritial and non-marital liaisons. Starring Pasolini as the interviewer and Lello Bersani as the narrator.
Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini.
In Italian with English subtitles.

La cosa

La Cosa

PN1997 .C6735 2008 DVD
86 minutes.
Three documentaries by Nanni Moretti presenting his public, his craft and his films.
La cosa (1990) (59 min.) -- The last customer (2003) (23 min.) -- Diario di uno spettatore (2007) (4 min.)
In Italian.

Dante Alighieri

PQ4335 .D32 1996 DVD
24 minutes.
A documentary about the medieval Italian writer, focusing on the religious.phpects of his work. Part of the Pioneers of the Spirit series.

Dante's Divine Comedy

PQ4390 .C67 2001 DVD
4 discs ; 24 (30 minute) lectures.

Course description.

Dante's Inferno

PQ4315.21 .D36 2004 DVD
88 minutes.
Radical, new visual techniques are used to bring the first eight cantos of Dante's Inferno to the screen. Starring Sir John Gielgud.

The Divine Comedy: Visions of Violence and Beauty

PQ4391 .B688 D58 2004 DVD
60 minutes.
A documentary about the 92 illustrations produced by Sandro Botticelli to accompany an edition of Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.


The Extras

PN1998.3 .W48 E987 2005 DVD
PN1998.3 .W48 E987 2005 guide SMC
78 minutes ; released 2001.
DVD and a booklet contain extras and bonus features of the films in the collection. Features include: an interview with Lina Wertmller and original theatrical trailers to the movies. The booklet includes an essay on Lina Wertmller's cinema.
Directed by Lina Wertmüller.
In Italian with optional subtitles in English.

Fellini: I'm a Born Liar

PN 1998.3 .F45 S6 2003 DVD
105 minutes ; released 2002.
Portrait of Fellini with contribution by Italo Calvino, Donald Sutherland and others.
In English.

Florence: The Power of the Past

DG737.26 .P694 2008 DVD
90 minutes.
Journalist Bill Moyers travels to Florence to explore how the city's rich Reniassance legacy affects the way people think and feel today. Features the frescoes of Massaccio and Masolino, the sculpture of Donatello, Ghiberti and Michaelangelo, and the architecture of Brunelleschi.


PQ4315.2 .I54 2004 DVD
51 minutes.
This program tracks Dante's journey through the underworld while providing background on the poet, life in the Middle Ages, and the Inferno's influence on the arts and pop culture.

Inside the Vatican

DG794 .I57 2002 DVD
90 minutes.
A documentary about Vatican City narrated by Martin Sheen.


Intervista = Interview

PN1998.3 .F45 F43 2005 DVD
116 minutes ; released 1987.
A Japanese film crew interviews Fellini about his career as he films the memories of his life as a young journalist walking into his beloved studio Cinecitta for the first time.
Directed by Federico Fellini.
In Italian with optional English subtitles.

The Italian Americans

E184 .I8 I83 2005 DVD pt. 1
164 minutes ; TV release 2004.
The personal stories of prominent Italian Americans from all walks of life are featured in this exploration of what it means to be Italian in America. The stories are told with vintage film footage, family photos, and personal interviews. Consists of 2 parts: The Italian Americans and The Italian Americans II: A Beautiful Song. Narrated by Jack Luceno, Julius La Rosa and Stanley Tucci.

The Italian P.phpon for Life

E184 .I8 I83 2005 DVD pt. 2
78 minutes ; TV release 2004.
Companion to The Italian Americans, this episode explores Italian artistry in the performing arts, culinary arts and within Italian craftsmanship.

The Italian Renaissance

DG445 .B378 2005 DVD
6 discs ; 36 (30 minute) lectures.

Course description.

Teaching Company

The Italians before Italy

DG417 .B32 2007 DVD
4 discs ; 24 (30 minute) lectures.

Course description.

Luigi Pirandello: In Search of an Author

PQ4835 .A48 Z58 2004 DVD
59 minutes ; released 1987.
This programme re-creates one day in London as the 19th-Century Italian author Luigi Pirandello watches his plays and, away from the footlights, confronts the paradoxical nature of his life. Narrated by Julian Mitchell. From the series Ten great writers of the modern world.

Machiavelli in Context

JC143 .M4 2006 DVD
4 discs ; 24 (30 minute) lectures.

Course description.

The Medici

DG737.42 .M43 2003 DVD
220 minutes.
A documentary about the Florentine family who helped ignite the Renaissance in Italy.
In English.


The Miraculous Canals of Venice

DG676 .M57 2006 DVD
50 minutes.
Join Ancient Mysteries for an in-depth look at the intricate and versatile system of Venice's celebrated canals.
Produced by Martin Gillam.
In English.


Il Mondo Perduto = le Monde Perdu

PN1998.3 .D418 A623 2008 DVD
101 minutes.
10 short documentaries made between 1954 and 1958 capturing the fast dying world of traditional Italy.
Directed by Vittorio De Seta.
In Italian with French subtitles.


My Voyage to Italy

PN1995.65 .I8 M98 2003z DVD
246 minutes ; released 2003.
Martin Scorsese directs and narrates this look at the careers of great Italian filmmakers such as De Sica, Fellini, Visconti, and Antonioni.
In Italian with English subtitles.

The Vatican Revealed

DG796 .V38 2005 DVD
100 minutes.
A comprehensive history of the origins of the Vatican - from the Roman "Old St. Peter's" to the papacy's temporary move to Avignon to today's tourist mecca - through interviews with historians, reconstructions of crucial events, and on-site artifacts.


Venice Revealed

DG674.2 .V465 2010 DVD
164 minutes.
City as architecture -- City as art -- City as music -- City as theatre.
Directed by Alastair Layzell.
In English.


Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die

PN1998.3 .P37 W5413 2006 DVD
58 minutes ; released 1981.
Explores the controversial life of film director-poet-aesthetician Pier Paolo Pasolini who was murdered in 1975, supposedly by a homosexual contact.
Directed by Philo Bregstein.
In Italian with English subtitles.