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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Marriage and Sexual Ethics

The Kelly Library collects resources to support the Faculty of Theology and the St. Michael's College Christianity and Culture Program

This page lists documentaries from a number of different perspectives, both Catholic and non-Catholic. See also the list of documentaries on Pro-Life Issues


Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque

HQ57.5 .N6 A278 2005 DVD
90 minutes
A case study of abstinence education coming into one public school system in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the firestorm of controversy that ensued.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

BX1795 .H84 H32 1990 VHS
20 minutes
A Catholic approach to human reproductive technology presented by Dr. John Haas at the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.

Created and Redeemed

BT741.2 .J643 W46 2004 DVD
480 minutes
Drawing on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, Christopher West shares God's original plan for marriage and sexuality and how an understanding of this plan gives profound meaning to all our lives - married, single, and consecrated celibates. A shorter version, Introduction to Theology of the Body (see below) is also available.

First Comes Love

BX2351 .F577 2006 DVD
13 30-minute episodes
Dr. Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina explore the Catholic understanding of marriage and family life as inspired, conceived and sustained by God.

For the Sake of the Kingdom

BV4390 .G7 1992 VHS
4 (28 minute) programs
Father Benedict Groeschel and other presenters discuss priestly celibacy: its religious, personal, and psychological signifance, its challenges, and the attacks made on it in the mass media.

Gift of Celibacy

BV4390 .G548 2008 DVD
120 minutes
Father Andrew Apostoli explains how celibacy, far from the typically modern conception, is a great gift, a sign of spousal love for God, and a reality which brings profound joy and freedom.

Homosexuality 101

HQ76 .H66 2006 DVD
50 minutes
An Exodus International production explaining the roots of homosexuality, development and factors that contribute, and how Christians should respond.

Holy Matrimony

BX378 .M2 H64 1993 DVD
39 minutes
An explanation of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony according to Eastern Orthodox doctrine and tradition.

I Do Exist

BV4596 .G38 I36 2005 DVD
48 minutes
A documentary which delves into the lives of five former homosexuals and concludes that change in sexual orientation is really possible.

In Good Conscience

BX1795 .H66 I5 2006 DVD
82 minutes
A documentary about Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, an organisation which advocates for change in the Catholic teaching about homosexuality and homosexual practice.

Into the Heart

Into the Heart

BX1795 .B63 W47 2009 DVD
16 (30 minute) programs
Christopher West explores Pope John Paul II's revolutionary Theology of the Body.

Introduction to Theology of the Body

BT741.2 .W47 2005 DVD
4 (38 minute) episodes
Drawing on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, Christopher West shares God's original plan for marriage and sexuality and how an understanding of this plan gives profound meaning to all our lives - married, single, and consecrated celibates. A longer version, Created and Redeemed (see above) is also available.

Man and Woman: A Divine Invention

BT701.3 .M363 2008 DVD
120 minutes
Father Benedict Groeschel and Dr. Alice von Hildebrand take an in-depth look at what it means to be a man or woman according to God's plan.

Marriage Works in Christ

BX2250 .D436 2005 DVD
8 30-minute episodes
Father James Dean speaks candidly with Greg and Julie Alexander, a young married couple who promote the bl.phpngs of a Christ-centered marriage in their ministry as marriage coaches.

One Nation Under God

BV4437.5 .O54 2004z
83 minutes
Two former leaders of an ex-gay ministry critique therapies and techniques used by some Christian organizations to change the sexual orientation of homosexuals.

Portraits of Courage

BX1795 .H66 P6 2001z DVD
54 minutes
Members of Courage, a group for Catholics with homosexual tendencies, discuss how they have come to live their lives in conformity with the Church's moral teaching.

Premarital Counseling for Orthodox Couples

BV4012.27 .C66 1985 DVD
70 minutes
Two 35-minute episodes exploring marriage from an Eastern Orthodox point of view.

A Profile in Courage

BX1795 .H66 P764 2009 DVD
50 minutes
A documentary about Father John F. Harvey, a priest who in 1980 became the founding director of the Catholic ministry, Courage, which ministers to people with same-sex attractions and their loved ones.

Sacrament of Matrimony: Past, Present, Future

BX2250 .C447 2004 DVD
35 minutes
Dr. Kathleen Chesto leads the viewer through the development and history of the sacrament of marriage starting with Old Testament times to post-Vatican II.

Truth & Tolerance: Finding Godly Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion /

HQ76 .T788 2007 DVD
40 minutes
Two documentary segments: the first provides testimonies from young men and women who struggled as teens with unwanted same-sex attractions; the second called "Biblical Perspectives" explores God's design for sexuality as expressed in scripture.

Tying the Knot: The Union that's Dividing America

HQ1034 .U5 T9 2005 DVD
83 minutes
A gay-positive documentary about the debate over same-sex marriage in the United States.

Woubi Chéri

HQ76.3 .C852 W69 1998 DVD
62 minutes
A documentary about gay men and transvestites in Cte d'Ivoire.