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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Media Studies

The Kelly Library collects resources to support the St Michael's College Book and Media Studies Program

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The Ad and the Ego

HF5822 .A4 2007 DVD
57 minutes; released 1997.
Splicing thousands of television commercials with thoughtful commentary, this film criticizes late 20th Century American society and consumer culture. Directed by Harold Boihem.

The Edward R. Murrow Collection

PN4784 .B75E39 2005 DVD
393 minutes (4 discs); released 1991.
Hosted by Mike Wallace, Walter Cronkite, and Dan Rather, this 4-pack set explores the life and groundbreaking work of Edward R. Murrow, America's most esteemed broadcast journalist.

Free Speech for Sale

JC591 .F73 2004 DVD
57 minutes
Bill Moyers and key legal and public interest advocates examine how industries with money use their access to the media to overwhelm public debate.

Independent Media Hopes and Challenges

P96 .A44I534 2006 DVD
75 minutes
Speakers from various countries describe how the U.S. media .phpsts in carrying out foreign policy through propaganda and misinformation.

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

P 85 C47 M362 2002 DVD
167 minutes; released 1995.
This documentary presents a detailed look at the political beliefs of Noam Chomsky. The directors also raise the meaty and contentious issue of mass-media influence in a democratic society. The centerpiece of the film is a long examination into the history of the New York Times' coverage of Indonesia's atrocity-ridden occupation of East Timor, reportage that was absolutely in lock step with the government's unwillingness to criticize an ally.

Manufacturing Consent in a Time of War: A Talk by Noam Chomsky

P95.82 .U6 C56 2002 DVD
76 minutes
Noam Chomsky discusses the war on terrorism, media disinformation, Mideast politics, and U.S. foreign policy.

The Media Makes the World

P96 .O24 2006 DVD
59 minutes; released 2006.
Panelists reveal the various schemes of the mainstream media, including bias, controlled coverage and lack of intelligent reporting.

Michael Parenti: Hidden Ideology of Mass Media

P95.8 .P374 2008z DVD
69 minutes; recorded in Burlington, Vermont, 1997.
Author, lecturer and professor Michael Parenti discusses the corporate domination of and conservative bias in the news.

The More you Watch, the Less you Know: A Talk by Danny Schechter

P90 .M637 2000 DVD
64 minutes; released 2000.
Danny Schechter recounts with humor and style the ins-and-outs of mainstream media organization, culture, and practice, and then discusses p.phpbilities for organizing from within mainstream media.

News War

PN4735 .N497 2007 DVD
2 discs; approx. 270 minutes.
This four-part PBS documentary looks at the evolution of American journalism from the mid-1970s to today, with special attention given to the role of a free press in a post-9/11 world.

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

PN4888 .P6O794 2004 DVD
103 minutes; released 2004.
Brings together an ex-"60-Minutes" producer, a United States congressman, as well as some of the country's leading intellectual voices on the media to examine the mix of business, politics and idealogy that is the modern mainstream media.

Outfoxed Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

PN4867.2 .O98 2004 DVD SMC
75 minutes
This documentary reveals the secrets of former Fox news producers, reporters, bookers and writers who expose what it's like to work for Fox News. Material includes interviews with former FNC employees and the inner-office memos they provided.

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Two Takes

PN1997 .S957 2006 DVD
174 minutes on 2 discs; released 1968 and 2003.
This fiction/documentary hybrid blurs the line between reality and fiction, yet remains a tightly focused movie about making movies. It includes both the 1968 original first take, along with Take 2 1/2, made in 2003. Starring Steve Buscemi and William Greaves. Directed by William Greaves.

This Divided State

PN1998.3 .M6674G744 2005 DVD
88 minutes; released 2005
When Michael Moore is invited to speak at a college it creates a firestorm not ususally seen in the heart of conservative Mormon country. Protests, anger, and a bribery attempt by a local businessman to stop Moore's appearance punctuate this documentary that cuts to the heart of the rift in the nation.

W.M.D. ~ Weapons of Mass Deception

P96 .I73 W53 2005 DVD
98 minutes; released 2005.
Danny Schechter, who has worked as a producer for a number of major broadcast media outlets, examines news coverage of the war in Iraq. Schechter explores how the U.S. military and George W. Bush's advisors "stage managed" the Iraq war in order to win a favorable opinion from the public and keep the media's eyes away from issues and situations they found problematic.

War and Truth

PN4823 .W37 2007 DVD
74 minutes; released 2005.
A look into the history of war correspondents from WWII to present, with a special emphasis on the war in Iraq.

What Makes Alternative Media Alternative?

P 95.8 .W52 2001 DVD
35 minutes
A talk by Michael Albert. Z Video Productions.