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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Social Justice

The Kelly Library collects resources to support the Faculty of Theology and the St. Michael's College Christianity and Culture Program

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Apostle of Peace

BX2353 .P433 2008 DVD
30 minutes
A celebration of the life and legacy of Sr. Karen Klimczak, SSJ, who ministered to former convicts at a half-way house in Buffalo.

Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

DS119.76 .B56 2007 DVD
74 minutes; released 2007.
Digging at the truth beneath the hype and headlines of the Arab-Israeli conflict, this film features interviews with top officials from former Israeli Prime Ministers, Mideast scholars, Hamas leaders, soldiers, terrorists, and the families caught in the middle of the fighting. Directed by Isidore Rosmarin.

Capitalism: A Love Story

HB501 .C23 2010 DVD
127 minutes; released 2009.
In this documentary on American capitalist culture, Michael Moore investigates the effect of corporate greed on American lives and concludes that while few benefit many more suffer, experiencing job loss, home foreclosures, and poverty. Written, produced, and directed by Michael Moore.

Come and See

BV2843 .P3 H43 1995z DVD
12 minutes
A documentary about the lay people who work with the Scarboro M.phpons.

Coming to Say Goodbye: Stories of AIDS in Africa

RA644 .A25 C65 2004z DVD
30 minutes
The story of church workers, medical prof.phponals, social workers, and educators who work with people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Tanzania.

Committed to Change

HN37 .C3 C226 2005z DVD
14 minutes
An overview of the work of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace both in Canada and overseas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

A Community in M.phpon

BV2853 .P47 C66 1992 DVD
25 minutes
A documentary about the work of the Scarboro M.phpons in Chiclayo, Peru.


BV2853 .P47 C7 2000z DVD
18 minutes
A documentary about Armella Sonntag, a laywoman working with the Scarboro M.phpons in Chiclayo, Peru.

The Diary of Immaculée

DT450.435 .D53 2006 DVD
38 minutes
The true story of Immaculée Ilibagiza, a Rwandan woman who survived the massacre of her family in 1994.

Dorothy Day, Blessed are the Poor

BX4705 .D283 D62 1992 DVD
27 minutes
A documentary about the foundress of the Catholic Worker Movement. Part of the Catholic Life in America series.

Faces of Scarboro M.phpon

BV2853 .B6 F33 1989z DVD
25 minutes
Father Ron MacDonnell talks about the problems faced by Brazilians, the role of the Church, and his life as a priest working amonth the people of the Amazon.

The Field Afar

BV2300 .C35 F54 2000z DVD
15 (22 minute) episodes
A television series which takes viewers on a journey through three continents to show what it is like to be a missioner overseas.

Fool for Christ: The Story of Dorothy Day

BX4705 .D283 F66 2007 DVD
52 minutes
Sarah Melici's one woman play about the life of Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.

Gerry Hefferman, A Man Remembered

BV2848 .D6 I5 1990z DVD
6 minutes
The story of Gerry Hefferman, a lay missioner who lived in Peru helping people build their own homes.

Health and Life for Ngobe

BV2843 .P3 H43 1995z DVD
12 minutes
The story of the Ngobe indigenous community in Panama, their health program, and their ongoing struggle to retain their lands.

Hope for the Journey

BV2853 .B6 H6 1991z DVD
24 minutes
A documentary about Bishop George Marskell, a Scarboro missioner who lived for almost forty years with the Caboclos people of the Amazon in Brazil.

In a Place Called Ocoa

BV2848 .D6 I5 1990z DVD
12 minutes
Father Lou Quinn and the Canadian Hospitallers of St. Joseph work together with the people of San Jose de Ocoa in the Dominican Republic to transform their community.

In the Footsteps of Jesus

BX1753 .I5 2003 VHS
28 minutes
A compelling overview of contemporary Catholic social teaching.

The Invisible Chapel

The Invisible Chapel

JV6920 .I585 2007 DVD
31 minutes
The story of a Catholic chapel for mostly undocumented immigrants in a San Diego neighbourhood.

The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon

JV6920 .I5853 2006 DVD
73 minutes
John Carlos Frey exposes the harsh realities of life for the two thousand Mexican immigrants who live in the secluded canyons of San Diego, California, and work as day labourers in the landscape, construction, agricultural, and tourism industries.

The Last Word

HV8699 .U6 T42 2008 DVD
90 minutes
The story of a 17-year old man who was arrested for the rape and murder of an elderly nun, and then executed in spite of clear evidence of his innocence.

Lives for Sale: A Documentary on Immigration & Human Trafficking

HQ281 .L58 2006 DVD
58 minutes
A documentary examining why immigrants are willing to risk everything - even virtual slavery - for the American dream.

Madonna House: The People of the Towel & Water

BX2347.72 .M336 2002 DVD
47 minutes
An introduction to the Madonna House Apostolate - a community of lay people and priests founded by Catherine DeHueck Doherty in Combermere, Ontario.

M.phpon to the UN

BX1795 .P43 M57 2007 DVD
30 minutes
This documentary follows four college students as they explore the Holy See M.phpon to the United Nations which fosters the civilization of love, founded on the universal values of peace, solidarity, justice, and liberty.

My Americas

E184 .S75 M9 2004z DVD
13 (24 minute) episodes
A journey to eight Latin American countries, enabling the viewer to discover the deeply held bultural, historical, and spiritual traditions of these nations.

Myths for Profit: Canada's Role in Industries of War and Peace

JZ6377 .C3 M984 2009 DVD
59 minutes
A documentary critiquing the claims made by the Canadian military that Canada is a peacekeeping nation, that Canadas military purpose is defence, and that Canada's aid is helping people around the world.

North South Calling: Foreman of Ocoa

BV2848 .D7 Q5 2007z DVD
24 minutes
A documentary about Father Lou Quinn, a member of the Scarboro M.phpons, working in the Dominican Republic.

On the Line

HV6477 .O5 2009 DVD
52 minutes
An inside look at the people behind one of the largest nonviolent movements in America today: the movement to close the School of the Americas/WHINSEC, a U.S. Army school that trains Latin American soldiers.

On the Road with Mary

E169.12 .O684 2005 DVD
79 minutes
Monique LeBlanc goes on a road-trip across the United States from a miserable neighbourhood in Detroit ravaged by crack and violence to the militarized border with Mexico, exposing the unbearable other side of the American Dream. She encounters exceptional human beings who have taken it upon themselves to help society's down-and-outs.

One Border, One Body

One Border, One Body: Immigration & the Eucharist

BX2215.3 .O53 2008 DVD
30 minutes
Each year a group of Catholics comes together for a con-celebration of the Eucharist simultaneously on both sides of the United States - Mexico border.

Padre Pablo

Padre Pablo: Fighter for Justice

BV2832.2 .S7 P3 2005 DVD
53 minutes
A documentary about Father John Harvey Steele, a Scarboro missioner who founded the Inter-American Co-opeative Institute in Panama, where leaders of grassroots organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean strengthen their skills.

Preserving Africa's Culture of Life

HQ767.5 .A475 2006 DVD
A Human Life International production which examines how traditional family values have been attacked in Africa.

Project Amazon

R722.3 .P76 2009 DVD
3.5 hours
Twenty young Americans - doctors, nurses, medical students - travel to the banks of the Amazon River, where they minister to the medical needs of the Caboclos people.


BX4705 .R669 R64 2000 DVD
105 minutes; released 1989.
A feature-length movie about Oscar Romero, the archbishop of San Salvador who was ass.phpnated in 1980. Starring Raul Julia.

Roses in December

BV2610 .R67 2007 DVD
55 minutes; released 1982.
The story of Jean Donovan, an American lay missioner working in El Salvador who was brutally murdered with three religious sisters by members of the government's security force.

School of the Americas: School of Ass.phpns

U428 .U18 R5 1994 DVD
18 minutes; released 1994.
An exposé of the United States Army School of the Americas which provides training to Latin American military personnel who have frequently gone on to commit human rights abuses in their own countries.

School of Experience

HM781 .S34 1990z DVD
25 minutes
A documentary about the Inter-American Co-opeative Institute in Panama, where leaders of grassroots organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean strengthen their skills.

A Shared Dream: 75th Anniversary

BV2300 .S3 S43 1993z DVD
25 minutes
A documentary celebrating the 75 years spent by the Scarboro M.phpons evangelizing in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Shared Land, Shared Water

BV2848 .D6 I5 1990z DVD
6 minutes
Peasant farmers in Ocoa cooperate by sharing their land with one another to finance irrigation for all.

Sister Helen

Sister Helen

HV4999.4 .N5 S57 2004 DVD
88 minutes; released 2001.
In 1986, Helen Travis became a Benedictine Sister after she lost her husband and both her sons to substance abuse. Two years later she opened a halfway house for recovering male addicts. This documentary explores the love/hate relationship between this strict nun and the men who rely on her to help them overcome addiction.

Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change

Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change

E185.61 .S57 2007 DVD
Approx. 60 minutes
This PBS documentary reunites, almost 40 years later, the many nuns from around the world who participated in the 1965 votings rights protests in Selma, Alabama.

Sowers of Peace and Joy

BX819.3 .O68 S6 2002 VHS
27 minutes
A documentary about some of the educational, social, and cultural centres established around the world by members of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

Strangers No Longer

BX2347.8 .I46 S87 2006 DVD
22 minutes
A reflection on immigration to the United States. Directed by Father Bill Groody.