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John M. Kelly Library

Documentaries: Spirituality

The Kelly Library collects resources to support the Faculty of Theology and the St. Michael's College Christianity and Culture Program

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Act of Trust

BX1912 .A4 1994 VHS
25 minutes
A tape produced by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops about vocations to the priesthood.

All That I Am

BV639 .W7 A48 1994 VHS
60 minutes
A dramatic production examining women's roles and self-identity in the context of Christianity.



BX4705 .S612 A54 200z DVD
Approx. 90 minutes.
Bishop Fulton Sheen reflects on angels and their important role in our world.

Angels of God

Angels of God

BT965.2 .A643 2007 DVD
14 (30 minute) programs
Father John Horgan considers the important role angels have to play in our spritual formation.

Beatitudes, Our Bl.phpngs

BT382 .C447 2006 DVD
42 minutes.
Kathleen Chesto considers the beatitudes in the light of Christ's words, suggesting that each of us is gifted in a particular way in order to bring bl.phpng to the greater community.

Be Still, and Know That I Am God

BV5091 .C7 B4 2006 DVD
93 minutes
Interviews with several Protestant pastors and educators about the importance of silence and reflective prayer as a way to receive God's guidance in everyday life.

Belonging: The Search for Acceptance

HM741 .B44 2002 VHS
52 minutes
This film, inspired by the work of Jean Vanier, celebrates the dignity and diversity of humanity, and identifies that which unites us - our aloneness and our longing to belong.

El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago

BX2321 .S3 C3 2006 DVD
120 minutes
A documentary about the pilgrimage route to the shrine of Saint James the Great in Compostela. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Catholic Essentials

BX2350.3 .S43 2007 DVD
11 30 minute programs
Father Angelus Shaughnessy leads “a Franciscan living room retreat”.

The Catholic Priest Today

BX1912 .C3367 2008 DVD
29 minutes
Documents the lives of three priests and discusses what priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church entails.

Catholicism on Campus: Ex Corde in Action

KBU3054 .C38 2009 DVD
5 hours
Monsignor Stuart Swetland, guest scholars, and a group of students explore Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Constitution on Catholic universities, Ex corde ecclesiae.

Contemplation: Union with God

BV5091 .C7 D83 1995 DVD
13 (28 minute) programs
Father Thomas Dubay discusses the meaning and experience of contemplative prayer.


Conversion: Following the Call of Christ

BV4932 .B37 2006 DVD
120 minutes
Father Robert Barron shows the dynamics of conversion as they are displayed in six different Biblical stories.

Crisis in Culture

BX1752 .R876 1996 VHS
13 28 minute programs
Father George Rutler hosts a television series examining the interplay of virtue and sin in contemporary culture.

Deep Conversion

Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer

BX2350.3 .D9 2007 DVD
13 (30 minute) programs
Father Thomas Dubay hosts a television series on the topic of spiritual conversion, in which we are drawn towards a deeper level of communion with God.

Knight for Truth

Dietrich von Hildebrand, a Knight for Truth

BX2350.3 .D54 2008 DVD
19 (30 minute) programs
Alice von Hildebrand and Thomas Howard discuss the book Transformation in Christ, the greatest work of 20th century philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Discovering the Real Spiritual Life of Children

BV4571.2 .D5 2000 VHS
62 minutes
Two addresses from the 1999 National American Montessori Conference. Sofia Cavalletti identifies three characteristics -- joy, dignity and essentiality -- as necessary to meet the child's inner need for relationship and for a spiritual home.
Silvana Montanaro addresses the child's development and in particular the child's ability to appreciate his or her place in the evolution of the universe and as a part of God's plan of salvation.

Eucharistic Principles of the Spiritual Life

BX2169 .V64 2007 DVD
6 (30 minute) programs
Father Emmerich Vogt leads a step-by-step program for those who want to deepent their prayer life and personal sanctity.

Exploring God's Purpose for Your Life

BV4447 .E97 2004 DVD
40 minutes
This video aims to help young people make sense of their frazzled lives by encouraging them to listen to God's guidance.

Faith Clips

Faith Clips

BX1754.3 .B37 2007 DVD
114 minutes
Fifty theological and spiritual questions about the Catholic Faith answered by Father Robert Barron.

Faith Works Across the USA

BX1406.3 .F35 2005 DVD
60 minutes
A look at "typical" days in the lives of several Catholics, including an Alaskan priest who pilots his own plane to remote parishes, a New Orleans restaurateur who serves up vital job skills to inner city youth, and a religious sister who travels the back roads of Appalachia to provide health care to the poor.

Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life

BX2350.3 .S6582 2008 DVD
18 (30 minute) programs
Father Robert Spitzer examines how a person can develop a stronger interior life filled with the awareness of the love of God.

Freedom and Authority

Freedom and Authority

BX2350.3 .F744 2006 DVD
4 discs; approx. 390 minutes
Father Thomas Dubay discusses how the ideas of authority and freedom, which many assume to be in conflict, in fact fit together beautifully.

Getting God's Help


BX2525 .T7 G42 2002 DVD
60 minutes
A documentary about a Trappist monastery in Kentucky.

Getting God's Help

Getting God's Help

BT133 .G488 2006 DVD
3 discs; approx. 300 minutes
Reflecting on his own battles with mortality, Father Benedict Groeschel discusses God's deep love for us and how in our most trying circumstances the Holy Spirit brings comfort.

God or the Girl

BX1912 .G63 2006 DVD
5 (45 minute) programs
A television series about four young men who are considering a vocation to the priesthood.

Good Friday Special

Good Friday Special

BX4705 .S612 G66 2000z DVD
50 minutes
Bishop Fulton Sheen delivers a Good Friday sermon on the meaning of Christ's p.phpon and death.

Guilt and Suffering in Christianity: Elaine Pagels

BT710 .E53 2004 DVD
56 minutes; released 1988.
Elaine Pagels speaks about how the early Christians faced the realities of suffering and guilt, and how their answers still affect us today. In the story of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, she explores what the Garden of Eden reveals about our attitudes toward sexuality, politics, suffering and guilt, and the roles of men and women in Western society. First broadcast on A World of Ideas with Bill Moyers.

Heaven: Cl.phpc Talks by Mother Angelica

BT 846.3 .A54 2005 DVD
4 (60 minute) programs
The foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network discusses heaven and how to get there.

His Irish Wit and Wisdom

His Irish Wit and Wisdom

BX4705 .S612 H57 2000z DVD
90 minutes
Three programs from Bishop Sheen's cl.phpc television series with meditations on the "Psychology of the Irish" and "The Divine Sense of Humor."

His Last Words

His Last Words

BX4705 .S612 H57 2005z DVD
49 minutes
Bishop Fulton Sheen's final Good Friday sermon, "Spectators On and About the Cross", delivered in 1979 at St. Agnes Church, New York.

It Rocks: A World Youth Day Experience

BX2347.8 .Y7 I876 2006 DVD
28 minutes
Four young Canadians travel to Köln, Germany for World Youth Day 2005.

Jesus, You Know

BX1517.2 .J47 2005 DVD
87 minutes; released 2003.
Captures six Catholics of different ages, backgrounds, and genders in a series of conf.phponal dialogues made in empty churches with both Jesus and an omnipresent movie camera. In German with optional English subtitles.

Learn From That Cross

BV2837 .C7L43 2002 DVD
32 minutes; released 2002.
On a trip to Colombia for the ordination of a young Basilian, Deiren Masterson, writer, producer, found the bigger story of hope and peace in this community. It was in Barrio, one of the harshest areas outside of Medell'n, Colombia, that small pieces of timber were crafted into crosses by the hands of the poor.

Lenten M.phpon: A Parish for the Future

BX 1424 .W668 L46 2005 DVD
52 minutes; released 2005.
Bishop Paul-André Durocher preaches on the theme of "Justice, Peace and Joy".

Madonna House: The People of the Towel & Water

BX 2347.72 .M336 2002 DVD
47 minutes
An introduction to the Madonna House Apostolate - a community of lay people and priests founded by Catherine DeHueck Doherty in Combermere, Ontario.

Major Religious Orders

The Major Religious Orders of Men

BX2461.3 .M35 2009 DVD
13 (30 minute) programs
Father Charles Connor hosts a series examining the historical development of the major religious orders of men in the Catholic Church: Benedictine, Carmelite, Franciscan, Dominican, Jesuit, Sulpician, Vincentian, Redemptorist, and P.phponist.

Man and Woman: Divine Invention

BT701.3 .M363 2008 DVD
13 (30 minute) programs
Father Benedict Groeschel and Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand take an in-depth look at what it means to be a man or woman according to God's plan.

A Man for All Seasons

BX4705 .S612 M36 1999z DVD
12 (30 minute) programs
Bishop Fulton's Life is Worth Living television series from the 1950s and 60s, with each episode's theme corresponding to a major holiday of the season.

Meeting with Christ

Meeting with Christ

BX 2200 .G76 1996 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 13 programs, approximately 28 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel discusses the different ways people know and encounter Christ: through the sacraments, Scripture, and service to others.

Monasteries: A Stressed-out American's Search for Solitude

BX2505 .M65 1998 VHS
45 minutes
Seasoned traveler and author Jim Murphy visits seven Christian monasteries around the United States.

The Most Important Ingredient in Any Family

HQ734 .G77 1998 VHS
30 minutes
A speech by Father Benedict Groeschel at the 1998 Franciscan University of Steubenville Catholic Men's Conference.

Mudhouse Sabbath

BV2623 .W56 A3 2009 DVD
65 minutes
Lauren Winner's course of seven ways of Christian formation inspired by the Jewishness of Jesus.

Music Video

ML3921.4 .C38 M875 1986 DVD
28 minutes
A presentation by the group King's Ransom performing praise music at a national youth conference.

Teaching Company

Mystical Tradition: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

BL625 .J646 2008 DVD
36 (30 minute) lectures
Course description.

On the Road to God

BX2350.2 .G759 1986 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 8 programs, approximately 25 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel discusses the more common psycho-spiritual problems encountered by people.

Our Hearts Are Restless

BV210.2 .G76 1989 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 8 programs, 30 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, speaks about the restlessness of the human heart and its desire for intimacy with God.


PN1998 .R4 P36 1986 DVD
28 minutes
Pantomimist and educator David Hartle acts out stories on family life, God's forgiveness, and spiritual freedom.

Personally Speaking

BX1406.3 .P47 2005 DVD
BX1406.3 .P48 2006 DVD
60 minutes each
Monsignor Jim Lisante interviews entertainers, athletes, artists and other prominent leaders about how faith and family intersect with celebrity and careers.

The Power of Forgiveness

BF637 .F67 P68 2007 DVD
78 minutes
Elie Wiesel, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Moore, and Marianne Williamson explore how forgiveness can transform one's life.

Praise of the Desert

BX3431 .P73 2009 DVD
30 minutes
A documentary about the simple but powerful spirituality described by Saint Eucher on the island of Saint-Honorat.

Prayer, A Way of Life

BV210.2 .G77 1991 VHS
4 (15 minute) programs
Father Benedict Groeschel discusses four.phpects of prayer: listening to God, praying with scripture, prayer and worship, and prayer in times of distress.


PN1972 .P866 1986 DVD
28 minutes
Assuming the personna of Patches the Clown, Sister Adelaide Ortegel uses mime, music, and marionettes to tell the story of creation.

The Reign of God

BV4916 .G76 1988 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 8 programs, approximately 30 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel discusses the need to reform and repent today.

St. Augustine: His Life & Spirituality

BR1720 .A9 S73 1996 DVD
90 minutes
Father Benedict Groeschel explores the work of Saint Augustine especially as a spiritual writer.

Searching for Community

HT65 .P4474 1995 VHS
45 minutes; released 1995.
Dr. M. Scott Peck presents the four stages of community building and introduces us to Carlisle Motors, a pioneering company in Clearwater Beach Florida that is intent on living out the principles of community in the business place.

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues

BV4626 .B37 2007 DVD
112 minutes
Father Robert Barron talks about the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues.

7 Key Principles for Success in Whole Community Cathechesis

BX1961 .S494 2004 DVD
47 minutes
Bill Huebsch presents an overview of the seven key principles he feels are foundational to whole community catechesis.

The Seven Virtues

BV4630 .G76 1995 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 8 programs, 30 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel's insights into virtue.

Sheen Gems: The Best of Fulton J. Sheen

Sheen Gems: The Best of Fulton J. Sheen

BX4705 .S612 S44 2003 DVD
110 minutes
A compilation of excerpts from Bishop Sheen's Emmy Award Winning television show Life is Worth Living.

Soul Searching

Soul Searching: A Movie About Teenagers and God

BL625.47 .S632 2007 DVD
79 minutes
Based on the book Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers by Christian Smith and Melinda Denton, this film reports on research conducted over a seven year period by the National Study of Youth and Religion.

Sowers of Peace and Joy

BX819.3 .O68 S6 2002 VHS
27 minutes
A documentary about some of the educational, social, and cultural centres established around the world by members of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

BX 2179 .L8 S63 2000 DVD
13 (28 minute) programs
Father Raymond Gawronski presents the 30 day retreat of Saint Ignatius Loyola, suggesting points of meditation and reflection.

Taizé: That Little Springtime

Taize: That Little Springtime

BV4408 .T25 20007z DVD
26 minutes
The story of Brother Roger and the community of monks he formed from Catholics and Protestants from across Europe and North America who live a communal life that is a sign of peace in the world today.

Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila: Personality and Prayer

BX4700 .T4 D9 1996 DVD
13 28 minute programs
Father Thomas Dubay hosts a television series about the life and spirituality of Saint Teresa of Avila.



BX2525 .A33 T73 2008 DVD
56 minutes; released 1997.
This documentary presents the reality of a monk's life as it is lived at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in South Carolina. Combines startling and beautiful images of the past to explore how a monk fits into our modern world.

Untold Bl.phpng

Untold Bl.phpng

BX2350.3 .B37 2005 DVD
126 minutes
Father Robert Barron discusses what it takes to be a saint.


The Virtues: Seven Habits of Champions

BV4630 .D35 2007 DVD
8 (30 minute) episodes
Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio offers a meditation on the four moral virtues - fortitude, prudence, justice, and temperance - and the three theological virtues - faith, hope, and charity.

The Virtues: The Powers from God

BV4630 .G76 1995 VHS
2 videocassettes, 240 minutes total
Father Benedict Groeschel discusses virtue in general and the seven supernatural virtues given by God.

What Do You Believe?

BL625.47 .W43 2004 DVD
49 minutes; released 2002.
Teens from different faith backgrounds discuss their beliefs.

What to Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense

BV4909 .G7 1995 VHS
2 videocassettes containing 7 programs, approximately 30 minutes each
Father Benedict Groeschel draws on his own pastoral experience to share his insights about why bad things happen to good people?

When Children Adore

When Children Adore

BX926.3 .W446 2005 DVD
90 minutes
Father Antoine Thomas leads a group of children in lively disc.phpons on the Mass, the Rosary, prayer, and Eucharistic adoration.

The World I Know

BJ1518 .W675 2007 DVD
100 minutes
Young Catholics take the viewer through various.phpects of a specific virtue.