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Movies: Book and Media Studies

84 Charing Cross Road

PS3515 .A4853 Z54 2002 DVD
100 minutes
A New York writer with a p.phpon for literature writes to a London bookstore in search of rare cl.phpcs. A good-natured, reserved Englishman answers her request, beginning a relationship that spans two continents and two decades.



PN1997.2 A37 2003 DVD
114 minutes; released 2003.
Hired to adapt a novel for the movies and frustrated by the experience, a screenwriter begins to write a screenplay about himself trying to write a screenplay, all the while hounded by his twin brother, an action movie screenwriter. Starring Nicolas Cage. Directed by Spike Jonze.

Black Mask

Black Mask

PN1997 .B433 1999 DVD
102 minutes; released 1996.
Tsui Chik, a librarian and former member of a superhuman commando unit known as Squad 701, must leave his quiet life when his old unit terrorizes Hong Kong.


PN 1997 .B739 1999 DVD pt.1-3 SMC
142 minutes (3 discs); released 1985.
When a daydreaming bureaucrat in the Ministry of Information becomes involved with an underground superhero and a beautiful mysterious woman, he falls victim to his escapist fantasies. This 3 part DVD set includes the Theatrical release, the longer director's cut, The Production Notebook, and the Love Conquers All version. Starring Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro and Michael Palin. Directed by Terry Gilliam.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

PN1997 .C5115 2001 DVD
119 minutes; released 1941.
A powerful newspaper publisher dies, and a reporter tries to piece together the meaning of his life.


PN1997 .E685 2006 DVD SMC
82 minutes
Deep within the woods and canyons of California, four teens find an ancient book containing the secrets of a strange world that coexists with their own.

Fahrenheit 451

PZ2102 .R33 F32 2003 DVD
113 minutes; released 1966.
In a future world, literature is banned and the job of firemen is to burn books. Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury. Audio-track in English, with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles.


PN1997 .F3 2000 DVD
125 minutes; released 1940.
This Disney flick gets its fame from its seamless blending of cl.phpcal music and animation. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" features Mickey Mouse as an apprentice magician who oversteps his limits with his master's books. Large hippos dancing ballet are just part of the many moody and melodic scenes in this film.

The Handmaid's Tale

PS8501 .T8 H36 2001 DVD
109 minutes; released 1990.
A female librarian fights against the tyranny of a totalitarian regime. Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. Audio-track in English, with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

PR 6051 .D3352 H52 2005 DVD
109 minutes; released 2005.
The movie adaptation of Douglas Adams's cl.phpc sci-fi comedy. Seconds before Earth is destroyed to make way for a hyperspace express route, Arthur Dent is whisked into space by his best friend who reveals the electronic book called "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Directed by Garth Jennings.

It's a Wonderful Life

PN1997 .I88 C263 2001 DVD
160 minutes; released 1946.
A man facing financial ruin contemplates suicide until his guardian angel shows him how meaningful his life has been to those around him.

The Name of the Rose

PQ4865 .C6 N62 2004 DVD SMC
131 minutes
Investigating the deaths of two monks, a visiting brother discovers a secret library containing rare books considered lost to the world and dangerous to the Catholic faith.


PN1997 .N489 2006 DVD
93 minutes; released 1955.
A television newscaster's mental breakdown turns him into a celebrity when the network tries to profit from his illness.

The Ninth Gate

PQ6666 .E765 C422 2007 DVD SMC
133 minutes
Dean Corso is an unscrupulous rare-book dealer who is hired to locate the last remaining copies of a demonic manuscript that can summon the devil. Dean becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving murder, theft and satanic ritual, and ultimately find himself confronting the devil incarnate.

Shooting the Past

PN1997 .S563 2006 DVD
183 minutes; released 1999.
Starring Lindsay Duncan, Timothy Spall and Liam Cunningham, this film depicts the conflict between an American developer eager to set up his business school and a group of English librarians fighting to prevent him destroying millions of archived photographs left behind in the building. Written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff.

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Two Takes

PN1997 .S957 2006 DVD
174 minutes on 2 discs; released 1968 and 2003.
This fiction/documentary hybrid blurs the line between reality and fiction, yet remains a tightly focused movie about making movies. It includes both the 1968 original first take, along with Take 2 1/2, made in 2003. Starring Steve Buscemi and William Greaves. Directed by William Greaves.