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Movies: Czech Cinema


A Pátý Jezdec Je Strach = The Fifth Horseman is Fear

PN1997 .P389 2006 DVD
100 minutes ; released 1964.
In Nazi-occupied Prague, an elderly Jewish doctor, no longer allowed to practice medicine, hides and treats a wounded partisan in his apartment at great personal risk.

Directed by Zbynek Brynych.
In Czech with English subtitles.

Give my love

A Pozdravuji Vlastovky = And Give My Love to the Swallows

CT948 .K82 A669 2005 DVD
87 minutes ; released 1971.
Tells the true story of Maruska Kuderikova, a courageous, young Moravian girl who was part of the Czech Resistance during World War II.

Directed by Jaromil Jireš.
In Czech with English subtitles.



PN1997 .A3454 2006 DVD
99 minutes , released 1969.
A tale of two lovers trapped in the aftermath of WWII. Lingering resentment over the war and bitter political strife stand in the way of their happiness.

Directed by Fratisek Vlacil.

In Czech with English subtitles.



PR6037 .H23 A832 2002 DVD
160 minutes ; released 1984.
Composer Antonio Salieri is jealous about the successful career of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Based on the play by Peter Shaffer.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In English.

Babí Léto = Autumn Spring

PN1997.2 .B335 2003 DVD
95 minutes ; released 2002.
A carefree old man ignores his wife's pleas and leads a life of amusement and adventure.
Directed by Vladimír Michálek.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Černý Peter = Black Peter

PN1997 .C476 2004 DVD
85 minutes ; released 1963.
A delightful coming-of-age comedy, Black Peter finds its humor in the keenly observed details of youthful romance, teenage dissatisfaction, and the small moments of life.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In Czech with English subtitles.

Cisaruv Pekar

Císařův Pekař, Pekařův Císař = The Emperor's Baker, the Baker's Emperor

PN1997 .C5737 2008 DVD (English version)
PN1997 .C5737 2005 DVD (French version)
144 minutes ; released 1951.
Rudolph II, the Holy Roman Emperor, does not have a simple life. And yet he manages to complicate it even more with his frequent outbursts of anger. While he searches for a mythical Golem...
Directed by Martin Frič.
In Czech with optional English, French and Czech subtitles.

Collected Shorts

The Collected Shorts of Jan Švankmajer

PN1998.3 .S93 C644 2005 DVD
A collection of short films produced 1965-1992.
Utilizing a delirious combination of puppets, humans, stop-motion animation and live action, Svankmajer's films conjure up a dreamlike universe that is at once dark, macabre, witty and perversely visceral.
Directed by Jan Svankmajer.
In Czech, German and English with English subtitles.

Daleka Cesta = Distant Journey

Daleká Cesta = Distant Journey

D 804.45 .C95 D578 2005 DVD
98 minutes ; released 1949.
The story follows Dr. Hannah Kaufmann and her family from the time of the Nazi occupation of Prague through her experiences in the transit camp of Theresienstadt (modern Terezin).
Directed by Alfred Radok.
In Czech with optional English subtitles.


Dědeček Automobil = Vintage Car

PN1997 .D4343 2010 DVD
92 minutes ; released 1957.
The Dědeček automobil is a movie from 1957 and is dedicated to the pioneers of car racing. Nice veteran cars from the early 20th century can be seen in this movie. Directed by Alfred Radok.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Ecce Homo Homolka

PN1997 .E33433 2004 DVD
80 minutes ; released 1969.
The misadventures of the multigenerational Homolka family, as they enjoy a Sunday, as they purchase their first car, and as they go on a winter holiday. Directed by Jaroslav Papoušek.
In Czech with optional English or Czech subtitles.



PN 1997 .F39 1999 DVD
97 minutes ; released 1994.
A fantastical take on the Faust myth, this movie combines live action with stop-motion and claymation animation. Leaving a Prague subway station, this modern Faust is handed a map which eventually leads him to summon a devil.
Directed by Jan Svankmajer.
In English.

Hor', m'panenko = Firemen's Ball

Hoří Má Panenko = Firemen's Ball

PN1997 .H67 2002 DVD
73 minutes ; released 1967.
A firemen's ball with a beauty pageant and a lottery turns into a comedy of errors. The film was a commentary on the Czech leadershiop and was banned following the R.phpan invastion of Czechoslovakia.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In Czech with optional English subtitles.

Intimate lighting

Intimní Osvětlení = Intimate Lighting

PN1997 .I5856 2006 DVD
PN1997 .I5856 2007 DVD (Czech only version)
72 minutes ; released 1965.
Debut film of a great director and a signature work of the Czech New Wave. Concerns the dreams of two musician friends...
Directed by Ivan Passer.
In Czech, with English subtitles.



PN1997 .K659 2002 DVD
105 minutes ; released 1996.
A confirmed bachelor is in for the surprise of his life when a get-rich-quick scheme backfires, setting off a wild set of circumstances and leaving him with a pint-sized new roommate.
Directed by Jan Svěrák.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Krysař = Ratcatcher

PN1997.2 .K7973 2003 DVD
70 minutes ; released 2003.
An ancient legend about a man with a whistle is not the beginning or end. Pied Piper for centuries going from town to town, and his face has a myriad of forms. In the mysterious streets of Prague...
Directed by F. A. Brabec.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Kristove Roky = The Prime of Life

PN1997 .K7578 2008 DVD
93 minutes ; released 1967.
In this tragi-comic testimony to the need for a choice at the crossroads of maturity, the main character, an emotional artist, keeps thinking about himself and the purpose of his life.
Directed by Juraj Jakubisko.
In Slovak with English and Slovak subtitles.

Lásky jedné plavovlásky = Loves of a Blonde

Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky = Loves of a Blonde

PN1997 .L37 2002 DVD
85 minutes ; released 1965.
With sixteen women to each man, the odds are against Andula in her desperate search for love - until a rakish piano player visits her small factory town and temporarily eases her longings.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In Czech with English subtitles.

Musíme si pomáhat = Divided We Fall

Musme si Pomáhat = Divided We Fall

PN1997 .M875 2001 DVD
122 minutes ; released 2001.
A Czechoslovak couple decides to hide a young Jewish neighbour in their home from the Nazis.
Directed by Jan Hrebejk.
In Czech with optional English subtitles.

Riders in the sky

Nebeští Jezdci = Riders in the Sky

PG5039.2 .A55 N422 2004 DVD
91 minutes ; released 1968.
Nebeští jezdci is a Czechoslovakian movie about Czech pilots in RAF service during the Battle of Britain, and the ongoing aerial battle in Northern Europe.
Directed by Jindřich Polák.
In Czech with English subtitles.


O Slavnosti a Hostech = The Party and the Guests

PN1997 .O8386 2007 DVD
68 minutes ; released 1966.
A political thriller that satirizes unquestionable conformity.
Directed by Jan Němec.
In Czech with optional English subtitles.

Obchod na korze = Shop on Main Street

Obchod na Korze = Shop on Main Street

PG 5039.17 .R6 o32 2001 DVD
125 minutes ; released 1965.
A Czech peasant is torn between greed and guilt when the Nazi-backed bosses of his town appoint him "Aryan controller" of an old Jewish widow's button shop.
Directed by Jan Kadar & Elmar Klos.
In Czech with optional English subtitles.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

PS3561 .E84 O52 1997 DVD
138 minutes ; released 1975.
Based on the novel by Ken Kesey.
A convict on the run fakes insanity and moves in to a state mental hospital.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In English.

Ost*re Sledované vlaky = Closely Watched Trains

Ostře Sledované Vlaky = Closely Watched Trains

PG 5038 .H7 O82 2001 DVD
93 minutes ; released 1966.
At a village railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia, a bumbling dispatcher's apprentice longs to liberate himself from his virginity. Oblivious to the war, he embarks on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery.
Directed by Jiří Menzel.
In Czech with English subtitles.


The Ossuary : and other tales

PN1998.3 .S93 O778 2006 DVD
A collection of short films produced 1964-1989.
The ossuary: a journey around the Sedlec Ossuary, a monument made of the skeletons of thousands of Black Death victims & other stories that would make you want to scream.
Directed by Jan Svankmajer.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Ovoce Stromů Rajských Jíme = Fruit of Paradise

PN1997 .O963 2005 DVD
95 minutes ; released 1970.
In this modern, highly stylized adaptation of the Adam and Eve story, a couple vacationing at a spa is offered the forbidden fruit of Eden.
Directed by Věra Chytilová.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Perličky na Dně = Pearls of the Deep

PG5038 .H7 A23 2005 DVD
5 short films made in 1965.
Five short films by the greatest directors of the Czech New Wave make up this extraordinary anthology ; based on the stories of legendary Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal.
Directed by Jiří Menzel, Jan Němec, Evald Schorm, Vira Chytilová, Jaromil Jireš.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Postav Dom, Zasaď Strom = Build a House, Plant a Tree

PN1997 .P67793 2007 DVD
88 minutes ; released 1980.
Potent drama about Pavel, an independent young man, who defies the conventional wisdom.
Directed by Juraj Jakubisko.
In Slovak with English subtitles.


Postel = The Bed

PN1997 .P6784 2005 DVD
86 minutes ; released 1998.
Forty-year old PE teacher Luboš Urna, is a man you’d be unlikely to notice on the street. He is completely average and unremarkable, but...
Directed by Oskar Reif.
In Czech with English, French, German, Spanish and Czech subtitles.


Protektor = Protector

PN1997.2 .P7684 2012 DVD
100 minutes ; released 2012.
Emil is a Prague radio reporter in 1938. His wife Hana's newest film has just catapulted her into fame. As the Nazis come to power, Hana's Jewish heritage precipitates her fall from stardom.
Directed by Marek Najbrt.
In Czech with English subtitles.


The Puppet Films of Jiří Trnka

PN1998.3 .T765 P87 1999 DVD
156 minutes.
Collection of short films produced between 1944 and 1965.
Directed by Jiří Trnka.
In Czech and English.


Řeka Čaruje = The Magic of the River

PN1997 .R4533 2009 DVD
92 minutes ; released 1945.
The hero acquires the power of a magical river unique opportunity to live their lives again.
Directed by Václav Krška.
In Czech with Czech subtitles.


Sedmikrásky = Daisies

PN1997 .S4358 2001 DVD
74 minutes ; released 1966.
Two teenage girls decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well...
Directed by Vera Chytilová.
In Czech with English subtitles.

The sun in the net

Slnko v Sieti = The Sun in the Net

PN1997 .S56656 2008 DVD
90 minutes ; released 1962.
A girl, with a blind mother, drifts uneasily between no comprehension of her family and an inability to find a way with a young boyfriend.
Directed by Štefan Uher.
In Slovak with English subtitles.


Sluneční Stát = The City of the Sun

PN1997.2 .S586 2005 DVD
95 minutes ; release 2004.
A story about four workers who one day find themselves without work.
Directed by Martin Sulik.
In Czech with Slovak, English and Spanish subtitles.


Štěstí = Something Like Happiness

PN1997.2 .S747 2006 DVD SMC
102 minutes ; released 2005.
In a town in the middle of nowhere, a group of friends long for something the other has but keeps it silent. These unspoken longings bind them in difficult, complex, and p.phponate friendships.
Directed by Bohdan Sláma.
In Czech with English subtitles.

Three wishes for Cinderella

Three Wishes for Cinderella

PZ8 .P426 C4624 2003 DVD
85 minutes ; released 1973.
This version of the well-known fairy tale presents Cinderella as an independent and energetic girl who has a happy childhood as a nobleman's daughter.
Directed by Václav Vorliček.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Tmavomodrý Svět = Dark Blue World

PN1997.2 .D374 2002 DVD
112 minutes ; released 2001.
The friendship between two Czech pilots in the RAF is ruffled by the stress of combat and and a woman.
Directed by Jan Svěrák.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Ucho = The Ear

PG5039.26 .R6 U322 2005
91 minutes ; released 1970.
The film is about a bitter married couple that consists of Ludvik, a senior official of Prague's ruling Communist regime, and his alcoholic wife Anna.
Directed by Karel Kachyňa.
In Czech (and R.phpan in one scene) with English subtitles.



PN1997 .V376 2002 DVD
137 minutes ; released 1989.
In 18th century France an embittered group of aristocrats try to ensnare one another with seduction and intrigue. Based on the novel Les liasons dangereuses.
Directed by Miloš Forman.
In English.


Velbloud Uchem Jehly = The Camel Through the Needle's Eye

PG5038 .L3 V422 2008 DVD
88 minutes ; released 1936.
Based on a play Camel Through the Needle’s Eye by František Langer.
Directred by Hugo Haas.
In Czech with Czech subtitles.


Všichni Dobří Rodaci = All My Good Countrymen

PN1997 .V7534 2008 DVD
114 minutes ; released 1968.
During the Prague Spring, that brief flowering of freedom that preceded the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Vojtech Jasny directed this imp.phponed account of his country's tragic relationship with the Soviet Union.
Directed by Vojtech Jasny.
In Czech dialogue with English subtitles.

Všichni moji blízcí = All My Loved Ones

Všichni Moji Blízcí = All My Loved Ones


D 804.66 W56 V75 2003 DVD
93 minutes ; released 1966.
Inspired by the real life heroics of Nicholas Winton who saved hundreds of Czech Jewish children from the Nazis.
Directed by Matej Mináč.
In Czech or English.


Vratné Lahve = Empties

PN1997.2 .V738 2009 DVD
100 minutes ; released 2007.
The Empties, a comic love story about a man facing old age. Joseph teaches literature in a secondary school in Prague. One day he is forced into retirement but he refuses to take it lying down.
Directed by Jan Svěrák.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Vtáčkovia, Siroty a Blázni = Birds, Orphans and Fools

PN1997 .V833 2009 DVD
78 minutes ; released 1969.
A trigic comedy set in post war Eastern Europe where two men and their mutual love, Marta, act like children in their postwar world.
Directed by Juraj Jakubisko.
In Slovak with English subtitles.



PG5039.2 .36 J6922 2005 DVD
137 minutes ; released 1989.
Eliska, a bright medical student and member of the Czech resistance during WWII, escapes to a remote village where she must marry a sawmill worker and pose as his wife.
Directed by Ondřeje Trojana.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Žert = The Joke

PG5039.21 .U6 Z322 2001 DVD
80 minutes ; released 1968.
Set in Stalinist Czechoslovakia during the 1950s, this tragicomedy revolves around the consequences of a single joke...
Directed by Jaromil Jireš.
In Czech with English subtitles.

Also of Interest

89 Minut s Českým Divadlem = 89 Minutes with Czech Theatre

PG5009 .E544 2010 DVD
89 minutes ; released 2010.
An overview of the art, energy, and change shown by recent developments in Czech theater. The film also covers the historical background that led up to this productive age of Czech drama.
Directed by Veronika Lišková.
In Czech; optional subtitles in English or Spanish.

Broken Silence

Broken Silence

D804.195 .B76 2004 DVD
283 minutes; released 2004.
A series of five historical films about human courage, heroism, and triumph among the deepest of adversity during World War II. Produced by Steven Spielberg and the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.
In Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and R.phpan dialogue, English, French or Spanish subtitles.


Le Golem = The Golem

PN1997 .G65459 1991 DVD
96 minutes ; released 1936.
Based on the play by Jan Werich and Jiri Voskovec.

"The Golem was a popular medieval figure that originated in Talmudic lore. According to legend, this extraordinary powerful "body without a soul" was created in 1560 by Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague to protect and defend the Jewish ghetto. Directed by Julien Duvivier.
In French with English subtitles.


The Golem

PN1997 .G6546 2002 DVD
86 minutes ; released 1920.
Story is set in medieval Prague. The Rabbi gives life to the Golem who falls in love with the Rabbi's daughter and brings fear to the emperor's court. He is destroyed by an innocent child. Based on the legend of the Golem, a popular figure in Jewish tradition.
Directed by Paul Wegener & Carl Boese.
Silent with musical score and English intertitles.


Naissance d'un Golem = Birth of a Golem

PN1997 .N3577 2003 DVD
60 minutes ; released 1990.
This totally original dreamlike film "notebook" features Annie Lennox of The Eurythmics in an imaginative exploration of the Golem myth.
Directed by Amos Gitai.
In French and other languages with English subtitles.


Nocní Hovory s Matkou = Late Night Talks with Mother

PN1998.3 .N44 N63 2005 DVD
68 minutes ; released 2001.
This captivating, innovative film diary finds director Jan Nemec unraveling the threads of his difficult relationship with his mother, who has passed away.
Directed by Jan Nemec.
In Czech with English subtitles.


Prague = Prag

PN1997.2 .P734 2009 DVD
92 minutes ; released 2006.
Prague provides the backdrop for this drama that centers on a Danish couple's journey to retrieve the body of the husband's recently deceased father.
Directed by Ole Christian Madsen.
In Danish with English subtitles.



B4870 .Z594 Z58 2006 DVD
71 minutes; released 2005.
Documentary follows the eccentric Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek as he travels around the world lecturing.
Directed by Astra Taylor.
In English and Slovene dialogue ; English subtitles.