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Movies: Irish Literature on Film

Beckett on Film

PR6003 .E282 A6 2001 DVD
4 discs; 648 minutes.
19 filmmakers offer their interpretations of works by playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett, varying in length from 1 minute to 120 minutes.
Directors include Atom Egoyan, Karel Reisz, Patricia Rozema, David Mamet, and more.

The Commitments

PN1997 .C68 2003 DVD
117 minutes; released 1991.
A young man forms a band and dreams of bringing soul music to Dublin, Ireland. Based on the novel by Roddy Doyle. Directed by Alan Parker.

The Dead

PN1997 .D415 1988 VHS
82 minutes; released 1987.
A turn-of-the century Dublin couple appear to have everything. Based on the short story by James Joyce. Directed by John Huston.

Happy Days

PR6003 .E282 H34 2002z DVD
90 minutes; released 1980.
The Samuel Beckett play about an optimistic woman who faces the harsh realities of the world with a smile and impenetrable cheerfulness. Directed by David Heeley. Starring Irene Worth and George Voskovec.

The Horse's Mouth

PR6005 .A77 H62 2002 DVD
96 minutes; released 1958.
An irritating but enthusiastic painter stops at nothing to pursue his artistic vision--even if it means refashioning a wall in someone else's house. Based on the novel by Joyce Cary. Starring Alec Guinness. Directed by Ronald Neame.

The Informer

91 minutes; released 1935.
This black and white feature film is based on the novel by Liam O'Flaherty. A Dublin revolutionary betrays a solemn code. Directed by John Ford.

The Irish R.M.

PR6037 .O6 I722 2006 DVD
6 discs
An English magistrate is sent to the west of Ireland about 1900 where he encounters a host of interesting characters. Based on the series of books by "Somerville and Ross" (Edith Somerville and Violet Florence Martin).

The Snapper

PR6054 .O95 S642 2001z DVD
95 minutes; released 1993.
An unmarried Irish woman refuses to reveal the name of the father of her unborn child. Based on the novel by Roddy Doyle.


PR6019 .O9 U42 2000 DVD
124 minutes; released 1967.
One day in the life of a middle-aged Irish Jew. Based on the novel by James Joyce.

Also of interest


PR6019 .O9 Z71842 2001 DVD
107 minutes; released 2000.
A dramatization of the relationship between Irish writer James Joyce and Nora Barnacle. Starring Ewan McGregor.