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Research Guide to Mediaeval Law

PDF version

This research guide is designed for use particularly by undergraduate students in the Mediaeval Studies Program. It was originally produced by Harriet Sonne de Torrens and is now maintained by Richard Carter. It was last updated August 2011.

General Reference

Law and Politics in the Middle Ages: An Introduction to the Sources of Mediaeval Political Ideas.

By Walter Ullmann. London: Sources of History Limited, 1975.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - JC101 .U385 1975]
What is the historical evidence with which Mediaeval historians recreate Mediaeval legal history? This book examines the sources.

Mediaeval Studies: A Bibliographical Guide

By Everett U. Crosby, C.Julian Bishko and Robert L. Kellogg. New York; London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1983.
[St Michael's Reference - CB351 .C76 1983]
Selected bibliography of Mediaeval Studies arranged by topic, place, and time period.

Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Edited by Joseph R. Strayer. New York: C. Scribner Sons, 1986.
[St Michael's Reference - D114 .D5]
Volume 7 has several articles with bibliographies which give a synopsis of different aspects of the law.

Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages.

Edited by Robert E. Bjork. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. 4 volumes.
[St Michael's 1st Floor Reference Area – D114 .O94 2010]
Up to date, and intended for both novices and specialists, this 4-volume set covers European history, society, religion, and culture between A.D. 500 to 1500. Articles number about 5,000. They range from brief to lengthy, include bibliographies, and often unearth material you can only find elsewhere with difficulty. Women and children, for example, get substantial attention. The set contains a thematic listing of entries, a general index, a list of medieval popes and antipopes, and an index of alternative place names.

Kingdoms and Communities in Western Europe, 900-1300

By Susan Reynolds. 2nd ed. Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1997.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - JS3000.2 .A3R49 1997]
Discussion of customary law in Mediaeval Europe as related to local governments.

The Making of Civil Law

By Alan Watson. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1981.
[Bora Laskin Law Library - K585 .W37]
Examines the influence of Roman law on the codification of civil law in Western Europe.

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

Edited by Paul F. Grendler. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1999. 6 volumes
[St Michael's Library 1st Floor Reference Area - CB361 .E52 1999]
Covers European history from 1300 to 1700, and includes a section on law.

Internet Mediaeval Sourcebook

[Available free online]

The Timetable of World Legal History

[Available free online]
Covers the period from 2350 BCE to 1948.

NetSerf - Law Section

[Available free online]
Links to more than twenty Mediaeval-related resources in the area of law.

Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

[Available free online]
Numerous sources available in full-text.

Early Law Codes

Roman Law in Mediaeval Europe

By Paul Vinogradoff. Oxford: University Press, 1961.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - K165 .R6V55 1961]
A short, readable study of the survival of Roman law after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law

By Adolf Berger. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1953. 333-808 p. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, new ser., v. 43, pt. 2
[St Michael's 1st Floor Reference Area - K50 .B47 ]
Includes a bibliography and English-Latin glossary.

A Text-book of Roman Law from Augustine to Justinian

By William Warwick Buckland. Revised 3rd edition by Peter Stein. Cambridge: University Press, 1963.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - K .B9243T3 1963]
An outline of the development of Roman law. It includes a bibliography.

The Institutes of Justinian

Translated by John B. Moyle. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913.
[Robarts - KJA 1088 .E5 1913]
An English translation of the Roman Common Law Code with an index.

The Institutes of Justinian

Translated by J.A.C.Thomas. New York: American Elsevier, 1975.
[Bora Laskin - X 439 .C6713T56 1975]
Latin and English text; includes an English commentary, bibliographical references and index.

The Lombard Laws

Translated into English with an introduction by Katherine Fischer Drew and foreword by Edward Peters. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1973.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - DG 511 .L4]
Includes a glossary, bibliography, and index.

Regional Studies


The Treatise on the Laws and Customs of the Realm of England.

By Ranulf de Glanville. Edited with introduction, notes, and translation by G.D.G.Hall. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1993.
[Victoria University, CRRS - KD 600 .G53T7 1965]
[Robart's - K .G5465T7 1965]

English Historical Documents

Edited by C. Douglas.London: Eyre & Spottiswoode,1955-.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor- DA 26 .E56]
Vol. 1 covers c.500-1042. Vol. 2 c. 1042-1189, includes statutes of Henry II, primary sources in English. Vol. 3 c. 1189-1327, includes a translation of the Magna Carta, statutes of Merton and of Marlborough with related primary sources. Vol. 4 c. 1327 - 1485; vol. 5 1485-1558 and vol. 6 1558-1603.

Piers Plowman : A Glossary of Legal Diction

By John A. Alford. Cambridge [England]: D.S. Brewer, 1988. Piers Plowman Studies no. 5
[Robarts - PR 2017 .L38A44 1988]
A dictionary of legal terms.

Mediaeval Legal Records

Edited by R. F.Hunnisett, J. B. Post. London:H.M.Stationery Off., 1978.
[Law - KF 346 .A2M4]
Transcriptions of documents found in the Public Record Office in London. Includes court records from 1066-1485 with an introduction and commentaries in English. Texts are in Latin and Middle English.

A Constitutional and Legal History of Mediaeval England

By B. D. Lyon. New York: Harper, 1960.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - JN 137 .L9]
A general history of Mediaeval English law.

The Formation of the English Common Law: Law and Society in England from the Norman Conquest to Magna Carta.

By John Hudson. New York : Longman,1996.
[Trinity - KD 671 .H83 1996]
[Robarts - KD 671 .H83 1996X]
An introductory work for the general reader.

The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I

Vol. 1-2. By Sir Frederick Pollock and Frederic William Maitland. Reissued with a new introduction and select bibliography by S. F. C. Milsom. London: Cambridge University Press, 1968)
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KD 3938 .P6]

An Introduction to English Legal History

By J. H. Baker. 3rd ed. London: Butterworths, 2002.
[Bora Laskin Library - KD532 .B34 2002]
A general history of the development of English legal history. Bibliographies appended to the chapters outline the literature of the field.

On the Laws and Customs of England

Translated, with revisions and notes, by Samuel E. Thorne. Cambridge Published in association with the Selden Society [by] the Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1968-77. 4 volumes; volume 2 is missing.
[Robarts K .B7977O5]
A translation of the 13th century De Legibus.


The Etablissements de Saint Louis: Thirteenth-century Law Texts from Tours, Orléans, and Paris.

Tranlated into English by F.R.P. Akehurst. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996.
[Pratt - KJV 263 .E8613 1996]
[Robarts - KJV 263 .E86 1996X]
Customary law in thirteenth century France. Includes an index and bibliography.


Deutsche Rechtsbucher des Mittelalters

By Ulrich-Dieter Oppitz. Kln: Bohlau, 1990- Vol. 1-2.
[Robarts - KK 195 .O66 1990]
A reference to the sources, literature and history of legal literature in Mediaeval Germany.

Iberian Peninsula

Hispanic Law until the End of the Middle Ages.

By E.N. van Kleffens. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 1968.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KKT 124 .K53 1968]
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Studies in Mediaeval Legal Thought: Public Law and the State, 1100-1322

By Gaines Post. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1964.
[Robarts - K .P8575S7]
[Bora Laskin - X 451 .P68]
See the article G.Post wrote "Roman Law and Early Representation in Spain and Italy, 1150-1250".

Estudios Mediaevales de Derecho Privado

By Luis G. de Valdeavellano. Sevilla : Publicaciones de la Universidad, 1977.
[St.Michael's 2nd Floor - KKT 500 .V34 1977]
Civil law codes in Spain during the middle ages. The text includes bibliographical references.

El romance navarro en documentos reales del siglo XIV (1322-1349)

By Carmela Prez-Salazar. Pamplona: Gobierno de Navarra, Departamento de Educacin, Cultura, Deporte y Juventud, 1995.
[Robarts - PC 4781 .P47 1995]
Laws governing the Mediaeval kingdom of Navarre in Spain until the fourteenth century. Written in Spanish.

Lexico jurdico en documentos notariales aragoneses de la Edad Media.

By V. Lagns Gracia. [Aragn] : Gobierno de Aragn, Departamento de Cultura y Educacin, 1992.
[Robarts - KKT 26 .L348 1992]
Law codes governing the province of Aragon until the fifteenth century and a reference to Spanish legal terms during this period.


The Road to Judgment : From Custom to Court in Mediaeval Ireland and Wales

By Robin Chapman Stacey. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press,1994.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KD 1752 .S73 1994]

The Irish Penitentials

Edited by Ludwig Bieler. Dublin : Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1975. Scriptores Latini Hiberniae no. 5
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BX 2260 .I7 1975]
Penitentials and bibliographic references and index.

Mediaeval Handbooks of Penance

By John T. McNeill and Helena M. Gamer. New York Octagon Books, 1965. Records of civilization, sources and studies ; no. 29.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BX 2260 .M4]
Includes an appended list of manuscripts of penitentials, bibliography and index.


Antica legislazione della Repubblica di Siena

Edited by Mario Ascheri. Siena: Il Leccio, 1993.
[Robarts - KKH 9860 .S543A58 1993]
Mediaeval laws and sources from Siena, Italy. Articles in Italian, accompanied by documents in Latin. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


Mediaeval Russian Laws

Translated by George Vernadsky. New York: Octagon Books, 1965.
[Robarts - K .M4894]
Includes an index and glossary.

The Growth of the Law in Mediaeval Russia

By Daniel H. Kaiser. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1980.
[Robarts - K .K1374G7]
[Bora Laskin - XE 4320 .K34]
Covers 13th-15th century law and society in Russia.


Danmarks gamle landskabslove med kirkelovene

Vol.1-8. Edited by Johannes Broendum-Nielsen and Poul Johns Jregensen. Kbenhavn: Gyldendalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag 1933-1961.
[Robarts - K .B8656D3]
Ancient law and ecclesiastical laws in Mediaeval Denmark from the thirteenth century.


Scotland from the Earliest Times to 1603

By W. Croft Dickinson ; rev. and edited by Archibald A. M. Duncan. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1977.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor- DA775 .D5 1977]
With genealogical tables, maps, and an index.

An Introductory Survey of the Sources and Literature of Scots Law

By various authors with an introduction by Lord MacMillan. Edinburgh : Printed for the Stair Society by R. MacLehose, no. 1, 1936.
[Bora Laskin Rpts. Scot. C2 .S23 no.1]

Common Law and Feudal Society In Mediaeval Scotland

By Hector L. MacQueen. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 1993.
[Bora Laskin - KF 349 .S35M32 1993]
[Robarts Library - KDC397 .M32 1993]
Discussion of feudal and common law in Scotland c. 1066-1485.


The Road to Judgment: From Custom to Court in Mediaeval Ireland and Wales

By Robin Chapman Stacey. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press,1994.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KD1752 .S73 1994]

Handlist of the Acts of Native Welsh Rulers, 1132-1283

By K.L. Maund. Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 1996.
[Data, Maps and Gov. Documents (5th Floor Robarts) - KD9405 .M38 1996X]

Welsh Tribal Law and Custom in the Middle Ages

Vol 1-2. By Thomas Peter Ellis. Aalen, Germany: Scientia, 1982.
[Robarts - KD 9430 .E44 1982]

The Latin Texts of the Welsh Laws.

By Hywel David Emanuel. Cardiff:University of Wales Press,1967. History of law series, no. 22.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KD 9405 .A3 1967]
Introduction in English; text in Latin.

The Welsh Law of Women.

Edited by Dafydd Jenkins and Morfydd E. Owen. Cardiff:University of Wales Press, 1980.
[Robarts - KF 478 .W17 1980]
Discusses the legal status of women with bibliographical references and index.

A Glossary of Mediaeval Welsh Law; Based upon the Black Book of Chirk.

By Timothy Lewis. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1913.
[Robarts, Old Class Section - LaCelt L6765g]

Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales.

Vol. 1-2. Edited and translated by Aneurin Owen. London, 1841.
[St Michael's Reference - KD9405 .A3O93 1841]
Includes an English translation of the Welsh text, some Latin transcripts from the Dimetian code.

Canon Law

Law and Theology in the Middle Ages

By G.R. Evans. London: Routledge, 2002.
[Robarts Library 11th Floor - KJC431 .E83 2002]

"Law, Canon: to Gratian" and "Law, Canon: after Gratian."

By R. Reynolds and S.Chodorow, in Dictionary of the Middle Ages vol. 7: 395-413, 413-418.
[St Michael's Reference - D114 .D5 1982]

Dictionnaire de droit canonique.

Paris : Letouzey et An, 1935-
[St Michael's Reference - BX1936 .D5 1935]

The History of Ideas and Doctrines of Canon Law in the Middle Ages

By Stephan Kuttner. London : Variorum Reprints, 1980.
[Pontifical Institute Library - BQV116 .K87]

Decretum. DD. 1-20

By Gratian. Translated into English by Augustine Thompson. Ordinary gloss, translated by James Gordley, and an introduction by Katherine Christensen. Series: Studies in Mediaeval and Early Modern Canon Law. ; v. 2. Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, 1993.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - K3282 .C2G7313 1993]
The introductory section of a Mediaeval textbook on church law.

Mediaeval Canon Law and the Crusader

By James A. Brundage. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - D 160 .B72]
With bibliography and indexes.

The Common Legal Past of Europe: 1000-1800

By Manlio Bellomo ; translated by Lydia G. Cochrane. Washington, D.C.:Catholic University of America Press, 1995.
[Robarts - KJ 147 .B4513 1995X]
[Bora Laskin - K 3823 .B45 1995]

The Summa Parisiensis on the Decretum Gratiani

Edited by Terence P. McLaughlin. Toronto : Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1952.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - K .S94 1952]
A 12th century commentary on Gratian's Decretum, a Mediaeval textbook on church law.

Twelfth-Century Decretal Collections and their Importance in English History

By C.Duggan. London: University of London, 1963.
[Robarts - K .D8664T8]
Ecclesiastic law and sources in Great Britain.

Foundations Of The Conciliar Theory: The Contribution Of The Mediaeval Canonists From Gratian To The Great Schism.

By Brian Tierney. Brill, 1998.
[Robarts Library 9th Floor - BX821 .T54 1998]
[Emmanuel College Library - BX822 .T54 1998]

Mediaeval Canon Law

By James A. Brundage. London: Longman, 1995.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BV761 .B78 1995]
Includes bibliography and index.

Decrees Of The Ecumenical Councils.

Edited by N. P. Tanner. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 1990.
[St Michael's 1st Floor Reference Area - BX825 .A1990]
Contains original text with a facing English translation of all the decrees of the twenty-one councils (Nicaea I in 325 - Vatican II in 1962-1965). The introduction provides an excellent overview of the councils and gives definitions for "decrees" and "acts" and "ecumenical". Each council begins with a brief historical overview and bibliography.

Popes, Canonists and Texts, 1150-1550

By Kenneth Pennington. Aldershot, England: Variorum, 1993.
[Robarts - K446 .C36P46 1993]
Includes texts in Latin, bibliographic references and indexes.

Canonical Collections of the Early Middle Ages (ca. 400-1140): A Bibliographical Guide to the Manuscripts and Literature

By Lotte Kry. Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 1999.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - KBR3 .K47 1999]
From the History of Canon Law series. Includes indexes.

The Collection in Seventy-Four Titles: A Canon Law Manual of the Gregorian Reform.

Mediaeval Sources in Translation, 22. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1980.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BX1935 .D5613 1980]
Translated and annotated by John Gilchrist.

History of Canon Law

By Constant van de Wiel. Louvain : Peeters Press, 1991.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BX1935 .W54 1991]
From early church history to the 20th century.

Synods and Councils

Notes on the Canons of the First Four General Councils

By William Bright. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1882.
[Victoria College, Emmanuel Library - BV761 .A65B7]

Disciplinary Decrees of the General Councils.

By H. J. Schroeder. St. Louis, Mo.: Herder, 1937.
[St.Michael's 3rd Floor - BQV11 .S3]
The original texts (p. [510]-549) are in Greek or Latin. Includes index and bibliographical references.

Concilia Africae, A. 345-A. 525

Turnholti: Brepols, 1974. Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BQ310 .C6 v. 149]
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Vie conciliaire et collections canoniques en Occident, IVe-XIIIe siècles

By Charles Munier. London : Variorum Reprints, 1987.
[Robarts - BV761 .A65M86 1987]

Das Frankisch-deutsche Synodalrecht des Fruhmittelalters

By Hans Barion. Bonn: L. Rhrscheid, 1931.
[Pontifical Institute - BQV230 .356 .B3]
[Pontifical Institute - BQV104 .K3 v. 5 6]

Canones apostolorum et conciliorum saeculorum IV.-VII.

By Hermann Theodor Bruns. Berlin: G. Reimeri, 1839.
[Pontifical Insititute BQV11 .B89]

Councils & Synods : With other Documents Relating to the English Church

Edited by F.M. Powicke and C.R. Cheney. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1964-1981.
[Trinity/Wycliffe - BR742 .A2P6 1964 1 pt.1-2]
[Trinity - BR742 .A2P6 1964 2 pt.1-2]
[Robarts - BR742 .A2P6 v.1,pt.1-2;v.2,p.1-2(1964-c1986)]
[Pontifical Institute - BQX2006 .H22 v.1 pt.1,v.1 pt.2,v.2 pt.1,v.2 pt.2]
[Bora Laskin Law - BR742 .A2P6]

Unity, Heresy and Reform, 1378-1460: The Conciliar Response to the Great Schism.

By Christopher M. Crowder. London : Edward Arnold, 1977.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BQX779 .C7]

The Council of Chalcedon : A Historical and Doctrinal Survey

By R.V. Sellers. London : S.P.C.K., 1953.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BQX426 .S56]

Justice and Crime

Sanctuary and crime in the Middle Ages, 400-1500

By Karl Shoemaker. New York : Fordham University Press, 2011.
[Bora Laskin Law Library - KJ1010 .S54 2011]

Politics and justice in late medieval Bologna

By Sarah Rubin Blanshei. Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2010.
[Robarts Library - KKH9850 .B57 2010]

Teaching Law in the Middle Ages

The Mediaeval English Universities: Oxford and Cambridge to c. 1500

By Alan B. Cobban. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1988.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - LA636.3 .C6 1988]
An examination of the origins and developments of the universities at Oxford, Cambridge and others in England during the years 1066-1485.

The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages

Vol. 1-3. By Hastings Rashdall ; edited by F.M. Powicke and A.B. Emden. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1936.
[St.Michael's 2nd Floor - LA177 .R25 1958]
An examination of universities across Europe.

The Mediaeval University: Masters, Students, Learning

By Helene Wieruszowski. Princeton, N.J. : D. Van Nostrand, 1966.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - LA177 .W5]
With readings from primary documents.

Mediaeval Law Teachers and Writers, Civilian and Canonist

By J. A. Clarence Smith. Ottawa : University of Ottawa Press, 1975.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - K144 .C59]
A guide to the university teachers who reshaped Roman law.

Judaism and the Law

The Jews in the Legal Sources of the Early Middle Ages

Edited and translated by Amnon Linder. Wayne State University Press, 1997.
[Robarts - KJC5144 .M56J49 1997X]
[Bora Laskin - X381 .J496 1997]
European sources for the legal status of Jews in the Middle Ages.

The "1007 Anonymous" and Papal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptions of the Papacy and Papal Policy in the High Middle Ages.

By Kenneth R. Stow. Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College: Jewish Institute of Religion, 1984.
[St Michael's 3rd Floor - BM535 .S696 1984]
Jewish attitudes toward the popes in the Middles Ages.

Jews in the Notarial Culture: Latinate Wills in Mediterranean Spain, 1250-1350.

By Robert I. Burns. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1996.
[Robarts - KKT5341.64 .B87 1996X]

23 contratos comerciales escritos por los judos de Toledo en los siglos XIII y XIV

By Ignacio Ferrando. Zaragoza : Universidad de Zaragoza, 1994
[Robarts - DS135 .S75T614 1994X]
Twenty-three contracts written for the Jews of Toledo during the 13th-14th centuries outlining Arab-Christian-Jewish relations.

A History of the Jews in Christian Spain

Vol. 1-2 By Yitzhak Baer. Translated from the Hebrew by Lous Schoffman. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America,1966.
[Robarts Library - DS135 .S7B343 1966]
[Victoria University Emmanuel Library - DS 135 .S7B343 1966]

The Jews in Mediaeval Germany; A Study of Their Legal and Social Status

By Guido Kisch. Chicago: University Press, 1949.
[Robarts - DS135 .G31K58 1970]
A historical review from 1096 to 1800.

The English Jewry under the Angevin Kings

By H.G. Richardson. London: Methuen, 1960.
[Robarts - DS 135 .E5R5]
[Victoria University Pratt Library - DS 135 .E5R5]
Study of Jewish legal status during Angevin Period, 1154-1216 in Great Britain.

Mediaeval Jewry in Northern France: A Political and Social History

By Robert Chazan. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1973.
[Robarts - DS 135 .F81C48]
Jewish life in France during the 10th-14th centuries.

Jewish History Sourcebook: Jews and the Later Roman Law 315-531 CE

By Paul Halsall.
[Available free online]
There are more sites connected to the URL address concerning edicts and legislation effecting Jews in the Roman Period.

Islam and the Law

The Theory and the Practice of Market Law in Mediaeval Islam.

By M. Izzi Dien. E.J.W. Gibb Memorial Trust, 1997.
[Robarts - BP 185.5 .M9I99 1997]
A study of Islamic commerical laws in the middle ages.

Law and Legal Theory in Classical and Mediaeval Islam

By Wael B. Hallaq. Aldershot, England: Variorum, 1995.
[Robarts - BP 144 .H32 1995]

Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

Numerous sources available in full-text.

Family, Marriage, and the Law

Historical Foundations Of The Common Law

By S. F. C. Milsom. Toronto : Butterworths, 1981.
[St Michael's 2nd Floor - D 671 .Z9M54 1981]
Provides a historical overview of the development of family law. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Der Schutz des Kindes im Recht des frühen Mittelalters.

By Heinz Wilhelm Schwarz. Siegburg : F. Schmitt, 1993. Bonner historische Forschungen ; Bd. 56
[Robarts - KJC 1018 .S38 1993X]
A historical overview of the laws and legislations concerning child abuse, infanticide and children in the early middle ages.

Love and Marriage in Late Mediaeval London

Selected, translated, and introduced by Shannon McSheffrey. Kalamazoo, Mich. : Published for TEAMS (the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages) by Mediaeval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 1995 (1997 printing). Documents of practice series.
[Robarts - KD 753 .L68 1995]
Sources and documents concerning matrimonial actions, marriage customs and rites in England. Includes translations from the Latin.

Covert Operations : The Mediaeval Uses of Secrecy

By Karma Lochrie. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999. Middle Ages series.
[St.Michael's 2nd Floor - PR 275 .W6L63 1999]
Mediaeval law, secrecy, gossip, sodomy and social conditions about marriages in literature during the middle ages. Includes extensive bibliographical references.

Marriage, Family, and Law in Mediaeval Europe: Collected Studies

By Michael M. Sheehan ; edited by James K. Farge; introduction by Joel T.Rosenthal. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997.
[New College - HQ 611 .S54 1997]
Essays on marriage laws, wills and family relationships during the middle ages.

The Marriage Exchange: Property, Social Place, and Gender in Cities of the Low Countries, 1300-1550.

By Martha C. Howell. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.
[Robarts - KJC 1162 .H69 1998X]
Legal status of women concerning marital property in Flanders and France.

Karaite Marriage Documents from the Cairo Geniza.

By Judith Olszowy-Schlanger. New York : Brill, 1998.
[Robarts - KRM 540.044 1998 .X]
[Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies - KRM 540 .O44 1998]
Includes sources and bibliographical references and indexes.

Scholarly Journals


From volume 57 (2002) to the present online; and from volume 1 (1943) to volume 63 (2008) in print.
[Available online for UofT use]
[In Print: PIMS Library - Journals Area, 4th Floor, Kelly Library]

The Review of Rabbinic Judaism: Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

From volume 5, issue 2, 2002, to the present online; and from volume 4 (2001) to volume 10 (2008) in print.
[Available online for UofT use]
[In Print: Robarts Library - BM1 .A562]

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

International Mediaeval Bibliography

[Available online (1967 - present) for UofT use.]
This is a huge bibliography of articles on Mediaeval studies written since 1969. All articles have been indexed by subject, date and other criteria.

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

[Available online (1842 - present) for UofT use.]
Bibliography of books, articles and book reviews related to Mediaeval and early modern Europe. Covers items written in the early 20th century. Not as in-depth or wide-ranging as the International Mediaeval Bibliography, but is very useful to find book reviews.