Loretto College Women’s Residence


Loretto College is a private women’s residence affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College. Founded by the Loretto Sisters, the college continues the tradition of supporting university education for women since the turn of the century.

Loretto College focuses on participation and involvement in a supportive Christian academic community and welcomes students from all backgrounds and faiths. The foundations of this community are mutual respect and the encouragement and the fostering of an environment conducive to study, and to personal and social development. Loretto encourages an atmosphere where all students can grow in wisdom, tolerance and concern for others.

Living at Loretto College


Rooms are comfortable with large windows, desks, dressers, bookcases, ample storage room and WiFi internet access. First year students are accommodated in double rooms with en suite washrooms while single rooms are available to students after first year. A sink is provided each single room in addition to shared washrooms and showers.


Loretto College has comfortable common rooms outfitted with television and video equipment, a pool table and a ping pong table. We also provide a small gym, a large study hall, a chapel, laundry facilities, and music practice rooms. The building is also air conditioned and has been recently renovated to be more environmentally friendly.


Our spacious and attractive dining room offers a diverse menu that includes vegetarian and halal options for all meals.

My Pantry provides a wok, blender, griddle, panini press and waffle maker where students enjoy creating their own meals and snacks.

Bagged lunches and late dinners may be arranged for students by request and the meal plan is included in the overall fees. Students may also purchase meal tickets for guests.

Applying to Loretto College

Application Overview

Preference is given to St. Michael’s College undergraduates who are studying in the Arts and Science Faculty. However, students from professional faculties and graduate students are welcome to apply. Returning students are given first priority in allocating rooms.


* Double Room: $11,305

Single Room: $11,845

The fee includes all meals (21 per week) and refundable room and key deposits.
* Mandatory for first year students
Details regarding September move-in dates will be provided with the acceptance offer.

Summer Housing

Loretto College is open from May to mid August for summer housing.Learn more »


Residence Leadership


Loretto College is administrated by the Dean, Angela Convertini, and Associate Dean, Lauren Troncone, who provide support and guidance to the students at Loretto College.


Each floor has Dons, whose job it is to promote the mandate and regulations of the College and help students with a variety of personal and academic needs. The Dons play a major leadership role at Loretto College.

House Council

Students are encouraged to assume leadership roles on the Loretto College House Council. The House Council is elected by the students and works on their behalf to make their residence experience rewarding. Throughout the year, the House Council organizes social activities and celebrations to foster a sense of community spirit among the residents.

Students in leadership positions at Loretto College assist the Dean and Associate Dean in facilitating the building of a solid network and support system for the residents.


Contact Us

Loretto College Residence

To apply or to request more information, contact:
Angela Convertini
Dean of Residence
Loretto College
70 St. Mary St.
Toronto, ON M5S 1J3
TEL (416) 925-2833
FAX (416) 925-2977


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