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Undergraduate Study: SMC Programs

Mediaeval Studies

Program Faculty

Alexander Andrée, PhD
Odette Hall, Room 016
(416) 926-1300 ext. 3335
Interests: mediaeval biblical commentary, philology, codicology, paleography

Ann Dooley, PhD
Odette Hall, Room 023
(416) 926-1300 ext. 3297
Interests: mediaeval Irish literature, modern Irish and Scottish literature

Joseph Goering, PhD
Odette Hall, Room 120
(416) 926-1300 ext. 3225
Interests: church and society in the middle ages, intellectual history, history of education

Michael OConnor, DPhil
Senior Lecturer
Odette Hall, Room 132
Phone: 416-926-1300 ext. 3382
Interests: theology, music and liturgy, intellectual history

Giulio Silano, BEd, PhD
Odette Hall, Room 118
(416) 926-1300 ext. 3274
Interests: church and society, spirituality, law, and institutions

Sessional and Other Instructors: 2013-2014

Kristen Allen

Daniel Donovan

John Geck

Christine Kralik

Mark McGowan

Brent Miles

Christopher Miller

Michele Mulchahey

Mariapia Pietropaolo

Gwendolyn Sheldon