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Spring Reunion 2004

Sr. Marion Norman, IBVM, Class of ‘39
Story year 1937

There were five women students in II Honours at SMC in 1937. When we presented ourselves to the good Father who taught RK he said, “I don’t teach women!” When we asked what the course should be, we were told “St. Paul”. So we organized a study group to cover the course.

But when we presented ourselves for the exam at the end of the year no paper had been provided. We were told by the Registrar Fr. Basil Sullivan to write on any question we could on the IV YEAR Exam (also on Scripture). We did – but were all awarded an automatic “D”.

Bob Shiley, Class of ‘69
Story year 1968

One spring night about six of us – St. Mike’s gentlemen that we were – had finished sampling the finest offerings of the Bay Bloor Pub. We decided to serenade the fair damsels of St. Joe’s with a spirited rendition of Roll Me Over in the Clove”.

The next day, Sister Janet Fraser greeted me by saying “Bob, you have an excellent singing voice.”


Peter Legace, Class of ‘59
Story year 1958

Each Friday fish was on the menu. You could smell the aroma from afar. We affectionately referred to it as “sewer trout”.

Now the Basilian seminarians ate a better type of fish from those of us who lived at 21 St. Mary Street.

We served tables in our second year. The Friday when it was my turn I took the fish intended for the Basilians from the dumb waiter and I left the “sewer trout” for the Basilians on the other dumb waiter.

Needless to say, there was “hell to pay”. The Basilian rector spoke to our rector. I pleaded ignorance!

After the meal Fr. Ken took me aside and said, “We all enjoyed the meal … but don’t do that again!”

Thank you to everyone for their story. All of the stories submitted at Spring Reunion as well as others can be found at the memories of St Mike’s web page where you can also send us your own favourite story of your time at St Mike’s.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sr. Marion Norman, Helen Patterson, and Kathleen Ancker

Memories of St Mike’s Shared at Spring Reunion 2004.

During the Spring Reunion weekend of June 4th to 6th, alumni were invited to share with each other their funniest memories of their time at St Mike’s. Of the stories that were submitted, the three shown here were chosen as the “funniest of the funny”.