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Professor Ann Dooley

Professor Ann DooleyThe Principal’s Office is delighted to report that Professor Ann Dooley, of the Celtic Studies Program of St Michael’s College has been promoted to the rank of full professor. Professor Dooley has been associated with the Program since its inception in 1976, and served most generously as its Coordinator from 1986 to 1999. She has built extensive and strong links with Celtic communities at home and abroad and has twice been a Visiting Professor at the School of Celtic Studies in the Institute for Advanced Studies in Dublin.

She is widely published in her fields of expertise: Medieval Irish Literature and modern Irish and Scottish literature. Professor Dooley's academic work has been assessed by her peers only in superlatives. Her translation and edition of the Accallam na Senórach /Tales of the Elders of Ireland (co-edited by Harry Roe) has been hailed by leading members of the international Celtic scholarly community as a volume that will be the standard edition for decades. Ann is also preparing an edition of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, titled Playing the Hero: Readings in the Táin Bó Cuailnge, which will be published by the University of Toronto Press. In October, Ann will be representing Celtic Studies in a major international Celtic symposium held in Florence, Italy. Her participation not only marks an important milestone for the College’s Celtic Studies Program, but a significant tribute to her international reputation in the field of early Irish literature.

Best of all, Ann’s scholarly acumen has in no way isolated her from her many students at St Michael’s. She stands tall as one of the finest teachers in the College, a fact that is acknowledged annually when her students complete their course evaluation forms. Students have been effusive in their praise of Ann's teaching style, her manner of presentation, her enthusiasm for the subject matter of her lectures, her compassionate approach to students, and her ability to excite students about the study of Celtic culture. One student recently commented that Professor Dooley was “far reaching, imaginative, lyrical, and inspiring.” Many students rank her as the “finest” instructor that they have encountered at the University of Toronto.

Given her record of service, scholarly research and publications, and her talent as a teacher, there can be little doubt that the honour of being named full professor is much deserved. Ann joins David Wilson (Celtic Studies) as the only full professors in the SMC programs. On behalf of all of your colleagues and students …. Congratulations!

October 26, 2005