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SMC Wins Basketball Championship

SMC Wins Basketball ChampionshipsSMC Established 1852

In an extremely hard fought finale, SMC edged out Phys-ed 47-41 to become champions of U of T's Div II Basketball league. The university actually has two Basketball seasons per year (one per semester) and this victory makes up for what many considered to be a disappointing first season finish. In the first semester, the St Mike's squad had an undefeated regular season and seemed poised to dominate the playoffs. However, the team made a surprisingly early exit when they were knocked out of the finals by the Woodsworth Wolfpack. In the second semester, the team were 4 -1 during the regular season but went undefeated throughout the playoffs, claiming the Sifton cup for their fforts. On the strength of their championship season, SMC will be romoted to the Div I league next year. Congratulations gentlemen - who says the Irish can't jump?!

Back Row (from left to right): Colin Buerger, Mike MacNeil, Ryan Smylie, Paul Neville, Sean Hsu, Markus Yuen, Josh Buck, Jeffrey D'Souza | Front row (from left to right): Michael Bennett, Nemoy Lewis, Moe Mahdi.

May 25 , 2006