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Rabanus Project Panel Discussion: So I'm Studying Christianity in University... What Comes After?

TORONTO -- "So I'm Studying Christianity in University... What Comes After?"
A Panel Discussion Hosted by The Rabanus Project

When: Wednesday, November 18th at 6PM
Venue: Father Madden Hall (inside Carr Hall, 100 St. Joseph St.)

All are invited to a panel discussion that will address the question of what students in Christianity & Culture (and other programsinvolving Christianity) can do with their degrees after they graduate.
Whether you are already enrolled in the program (in a Specialist, Major or Minor capacity), are taking just one or two courses, or are simply interested in this question, you are warmly encouraged to attend. The panel will consist of the following graduates, who will speak on their experience in their respective fields:

Patricia Murphy and Jerry Skira: Theology and Ministry
Jenny Gilbert: Religion
Adriano Parravani: Religious Education
Kevin Hille and Dylan Marando: Law, Social Policy and Politics

After the panelists speak, everyone present will have the opportunity to ask questions to particular panelists or the panel as a whole. There will also be free refreshments provided. We look forward to
seeing you there!

Peter Gavin-Griffin
President, The Rabanus Project, 2009-10

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