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John M. Kelly Library & Archives

John M. Kelly Library Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

TORONTO, July 13, 2009 -- This year the John M. Kelly Library celebrates its 40th birthday. The construction of the library, which opened on July 21, 1969, marked, in the words of Fr. Laurence Shook, the coming of age of the University of St Michaels College, as well as epoch-making both for its magnificence and its vision. The building made it possible to bring together and care for various dispersed libraries built over the long history of the College. The original vision of the library was as a fortress for books, and this it is has proven to be. However, planned or not, the structure has also provided eminently flexible and adaptable space, which has served well the students and faculty of St. Mikes during the immense changes in information provision over the past four decades.