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John M. Kelly Library and SMC Students

Research & Academic Skills Centre

The St Michael’s College Research and Academic Skills Centre (RASC) is a free service available to all SMC undergraduates. Get assistance here with your writing and research! Book a Research Appointment with a Kelly Librarian. Learn about the Kelly Library Personal Librarian Program for first year SMC students and Theology students. Improve your writing skills one-on-one with a Writing instructor.

In addition to 0ne-on-one consultations, we offer drop-in workshops on research and writing. RASC also offers appointments and workshops to address issues related to the demands of academic life such as anxiety and time management.

Contact RASCs Coordinator

Richard Carter, Reference and Instructional Librarian, John M. Kelly Library

+1-416-926-1300 ext.3444

RASC Location

John M. Kelly Library | 113 St Joseph Street | Rooms 229, 230, 231, and Kelly Library computer lab, room 232,

How it Works

If you're a St. Mike's student, use the link on the right to book a 40-minute research appointment with a Kelly Librarian. If no convenient appointment is available, please contact Richard Carter to arrange a time and day.

If you're not a St. Mike's student, we're still happy to help! Please request an appointment by email: contact Richard Carter.

Research Appointment Schedule

Monday to Friday | Appointment times vary per day but are generally at 11:00am, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm. If these times don't work for you, please request an appointment by email: contact Richard Carter.

Check available appointments through the RASC registration system »


Room 230, John M. Kelly Library.

Though same-day research appointments are not available, you can drop-in and speak to a librarian at the Reference and Information Desk about your essay anytime Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Upcoming Drop-ins. No Need to Register!

    Contact RASC

    Richard Carter, Reference and Instructional Librarian, John M. Kelly Library

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    How it Works

    First, review the following Writing Tips and Strategies supplied by Steve Hoselton. Then sign up for available writing assistance appointments.

    Writing Appointment Schedule

    Tuesdays, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Check available appointments through the RASC registration system »


    Room 231, John M. Kelly Library.

    Book an individual 45-minute appointment with a writing instructor. Appointments must be booked in advance. Writing appointments are intended to assist with the essay writing process, not proof reading or remedial editing.

    If you're in 1st or 2nd year, please book appointments with Steve.

    If you're in 3rd or 4th year, please book appointments with Jordana.

    Contact for Writing Assistance

    Steve Hoselton, Writing Instructor

    UofT English Language Learning Program

    Learn About

    • How to navigate resources and build research skills
    • Personal academic research support

    How it Works

    Your Personal Librarian is your UofT library contact for first year St Michael's College students and all USMC Faculty of Theology students.

    Contact your Personal Librarian (see list provided) by e-mail as often as you like throughout the year with any questions you have about your research or using the library system.


    John M. Kelly Library, 113 St Joseph St

    If you are a first year SMC student and your last name starts with:

    David HagelaarA-C »
    Dave Hagelaar | read profile

    Silvia VongD-I »
    Silvia Vong | read profile

    Richard CarterJ-R »
    Richard Carter | read profile

    Remi PulwerS-Z »
    Remi Pulwer | read profile

    If you are a student with the Faculty of Theology »

    Noel McFerranNoel McFerran | read profile

    Learn From Your Mentors About

    • Negotiating the academic environment
    • Tapping into UofT academic resources
    • Time management
    • Study Skills
    • Taking Tests
    • Communicating with professors and TAs

    How it Works

    The Mentor and Academic Peer Program offers all students regular programming and workshops delivered by the Mentors (upper year students) each day, every week during the semester. Mentors also host Exam Jelly in Kelly and other fun de-stressing activities and events!. Mentors also oversee and support Academic Peers. Academic Peers are one-on-one e-mentors for all first year students.


    Kelly Café, John M. Kelly Library

    Are you in First Year and need an Academic Peer? Sign up here!