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Residences & Accommodation

Residences at St Mike’s: Where Friendships and Memories Last a Lifetime


You are just steps away from your classes, as well as all the other unique opportunities our urban campus has to offer.


Enjoy the independence of living on your own with a support network to help guide you through the transition.


Each of our residence houses is assigned its own ‘don’ who is responsible for fostering community, promoting social and educational events, as well as ensuring the rules of residence are being followed.


Our residence community promotes active participation in a variety of activities and events that help foster a supportive environment of friendship and wellbeing.

St. Mike’s offers two separate residence operations:

SMC Student Residence

SMC Student Residence
SMC Student Residence: Accommodates both men and women

St Michael’s Residence is the oldest residential community at U of T. Founded in 1852 by the Basilian Fathers, a congregation of Catholic priests, St Michael's has been serving the needs of students from all backgrounds for over 150 years. Our residents come from all over the world and study in a variety of disciplines, at many different academic levels. Situated on the eastern side of the St. George campus, our residence buildings are located in the center of the college's spacious and beautiful grounds. St Michael's provides accommodation for 430 students within 5 buildings that range from older Victorian-style homes to larger, more modern structures.

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Loretto College Women’s Residence

Loretto College Women's Residence
Loretto College Residence: Accommodates women only

Loretto College is a residence for women at St Michael’s within the University of Toronto, where students are invited to participate fully in a Christian and academic community. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and to personal growth on all levels. Loretto College is owned and administered by the Loretto Sisters (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

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