Residences at St. Mike’s

Where Friendships and Memories Last a Lifetime

St. Mike’s offers two separate residence operations: St. Michael’s College Residence and Loretto College Women’s Residence.

  • Residences at St. Mike’s

    Convenience – You are just steps away from your classes, as well as all the other unique opportunities our urban campus has to offer.

    Experience  Enjoy the independence of living on your own in the heart of downtown Toronto with a support network to help guide you through the transition.

    Support – Each house has its own ‘don’ who is responsible for fostering community, promoting social and academic events, and enforcing residence rules.

    Community – Our community promotes active participation in a variety of ways that help foster a supportive environment of friendship and well being.

  • St. Michael’s College Residence

    Sorbara Hall Residence

    St Michael’s College Residence houses both men and women provides accommodation for 568 students within 5 buildings that range from older Victorian homes to modern structures.
    Visit the SMC Residence Website

  • Loretto College Women’s Residence

    Loretto College Women's Residence

    Loretto College is a private women’s residence affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College. Loretto College was founded by the Loretto Sisters and houses over 100 women.
    Visit the Loretto College Website