University of St. Michael’s College Housing

The University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) offers two separate residence operations for undergraduate students during the academic year (September to April): St. Michael’s College Residence & Loretto College Women’s Residence.

USMC offers summer housing accommodations to students, visitors and conference groups annually during May, June, July and August. Summer housing is provided at both St. Michael’s College and Loretto College.

  • St. Michael’s College Residence

    Sorbara Hall Residence

    St Michael’s College Residence houses both men and women provides accommodation for 568 students within 5 buildings that range from older Victorian homes to modern structures.
    Visit the SMC Residence Website

  • St. Michael’s College Summer Housing

    Queen's Park Building, St. Michael's College Residence

    St. Michael’s College Summer Housing accommodates students, conferences, class trips, camps and other groups annually from May to August.
    Visit the SMC Summer Housing Website

  • Loretto College Women’s Residence

    Loretto College Women's Residence

    Loretto College is a private women’s residence affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College. Loretto College was founded by the Loretto Sisters and houses over 100 women.
    Visit the Loretto College Website