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SMC Residence

SMC Residence: Donships


Job Description

Dons live in residence and are responsible for supervising the houses that comprise the Residence and helping students transition into university life. Dons are appointed by the Dean of Students and are mainly graduate or 4th year students who have demonstrated superior leadership qualities. Above all, Dons are individuals who value the residence experience and enjoy working with students.
Dons are expected to act as academic advisers/tutors, and promote the goals of residence life by example and through active participation in the life of the College. If necessary, Dons may be asked to assist the Dean of Students in the education of residents in areas such as study skills, alcohol and drug awareness, and human rights issues. Dons may also be called upon to assist the Dean with the day to day administration of the College. Most importantly, dons serve as supportive, informed listeners and resource counselors for residents in need of assistance.


Residence Staff are given extensive training to ensure they have the skills to support students in residence. This training includes topics such as:

  • Alcohol and Addiction Issues
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Depression and Eating Disorders
  • Health & Wellness
  • Diversity
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Dispute Resolution
  • Residence Programming

Senior Dons

Job Description

There are four Senior Dons at the SMC Residence - one for each of our four constituent buildings (Elmsley Hall, Queen's Park, Historic Houses, Sorbara Hall). In addition to their regular Don's duties, senior Dons are responsible for assisting the Dean of Students in formulating residence policy, participating in the Don's hiring process, providing guidance and instruction to the Don's in their constituent houses, as well as being the first line of defence for problems that arise outside of regular business hours.