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SMC Residence

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard that St Mike’s is Catholic. Does that mean I have to be Catholic to live there?

Not at all. The student body at St Michael’s reflects the same cultural and religious diversity found in the city of Toronto, although there are several Catholic programs and activities on campus for those that are interested.

Are there any special rules or regulations that I should be aware of at your College?

The policies we encourage potential applicants to be aware of are: (1) that all sound is expected to be contained within one's room (2) that overnight guests are not permitted (3) that no cooking is allowed in the residence rooms and (4) that visiting hours are enforced as a way of reducing late night noise and disruptions.
View the complete list of our residence rules.

Is it possible to get a room with a private washroom?

Yes, we have a limited number of rooms with en suite washrooms for an additional $1000 premium on top of the regular residence fees. These are usually reserved for senior residents or residents with medical conditions. Students who are interested in a room with an en suite washroom can request this on their notice of acceptance.

Are there any common cooking facilities that students are able to use?

Our cafeteria hosts an area called "My Pantry" - a common cooking facility where students are supplied with various ingredients that they can use to personally cook individual meals. In addition to this, students are permitted to have microwaves/fridges in their rooms. Unfortunately there are no cooking facilities in the residence buildings at St. Mike’s.

Can I opt out of the meal plan?

No. The meal plan is compulsory for all residents of the College with no exceptions.

Is it possible to get a refund for missed meals?

Since the cost of our meal plan is based on the assumption that all students will miss a certain percentage of their meals, we do not issue refunds for missed meals.

Am I able to stay at St Michael's College during the summer months?

The residence term runs from Labour Day until the last day of Arts & Science exams in early May. During the summer, the College reserves a limited number of rooms for students but they are always in high demand. Students are encouraged to apply early in order to maximize their chances for summer residence.
Learn more about St Michael's College Summer Residence.

Is it advisable to get insurance before moving into residence?

If you are less than 25 years of age you may already be covered through your parent’s house insurance (check your individual policy for details). We encourage all of our residents to carry personal insurance as the College does not cover students in the event of damaged possessions, loss of property or personal injury.

Do you have floors designated specifically for upper year or graduate students?

Yes. In order to provide a residence environment that is suitable for mature students, every effort is made to house graduate and second-degree students together.

Do you offer any accommodations for families?

We do not have any family facilities. UofT does have a family housing office which can be reached at (416) 978-8045 or by email at

Is smoking allowed in your residence?

No. Smoking is not permitted in any of our residence buildings.

What if I find my roommate and I don't get along?

Tensions between roommates are sometimes inevitable but are best resolved through open and honest communication. In rare cases where roommates are unable to reconcile their own differences, they may seek mediation from their Don. In the vast majority of cases, a mediator will be able to sufficiently improve the lines of communication and serve as an adequate solution. However, if problems persist, the next step would be to find a fellow resident who is willing to switch roommates and have this exchange approved by the Dean of Students. In an effort to give all possible means of resolution a chance, the Dean will not entertain requests for roommate switches during the first month of the term.

What kind of support is available for SMC residents?

Every floor in residence is supported by a live in residence Don. Your Don is your first stop when looking for personal or academic help. Your Don can help you with many issues, and if not, can direct you to the appropriate resources. They can provide you with referrals for academic help, counseling, or other personal services.
If you have a question about tuition or academics, please visit the registar’s office, located in Alumni Hall.
For any questions about residence or SMC student life, please visit the Dean’s Office in Brennan Hall, Room 203 or call (416) 926-7127.

What if something is wrong with my room?

If you require maintenance to your room, you can contact to request a work order.

What happens if I decide to withdraw from residence?

You must fill out the withdrawal form provided in the Dean’s Office. You will also be provided with an invoice outlining the additional fees you will be charged. For more info please see our withdrawal page: <link>

Is there a waiting list and how do I get on it?

St. Mike’s has a waiting list which starts every summer. Rooms are assigned as they become available. Often many rooms will become available in the fall.
If you’d like to be added to the St. Mike’s waiting list, please email
If you would like to be added to the U of T waiting list for ALL U of T residences, please begin your application at

Residence Fees

How do I pay my fees?

Residence fees can paid at any major Canadian bank, in person or online. We regret that the Residence office and Office of Student Accounts cannot accept residence fee payments. Residence fees are posted on ROSI. An account number is required to make the payment. The account number is located in the top-right corner in the second box of your Student Account Invoice.

What if I need to defer my fees?

If you are waiting for OSAP or other financial support, contact the residence office to defer your fees for first semester. Fees cannot be deferred in second semester.

Is there a service charge on accounts with an outstanding balance?

Yes, accounts with an outstanding balance are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% assessed by Student Accounts as of the 15th of every month.

Are there any extra fees I should be aware of?

All residents are expected to pay "house dues" which usually go toward the rental of a house VCR or DVD, and the funding of social events. At your initial house meeting, you and your housemates will elect a House Council (President, Sports Rep, and Treasurer) and with their guidance, will determine the amount each resident will be required to contribute to the house fees (usually between $20-$40).