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SMC Residence

How to Apply

1. Confirm your interest in residence on MyRes.

You must confirm your interest in residence by completing the University’s common residence application, MyRes. In order to qualify for the Residence Guarantee, this step must be completed by March 31, 2013. If you haven't already, you must first enable your UTORid that was included in your acknowledgment letter. Once enabled, you can use your UTORid to logon to MyRes.

2. Rank your residence choices on MyRes.

Once you have been admitted to U of T, you must log back in to MyRes and rank your residence choices. In order to maintain the Residence Guarantee, this step must be completed within two weeks of receiving your offer to U of T.

3. Complete the StarPortal Application

If you have a residence guarantee, or you are a returning resident, you will be emailed with a password to login to the StarPortal application for St. Mikes once you complete the MyRes rankings. Check the email you have registered with ROSI for this email.

If you do not have a guarantee, and are applying to SMC as a new student, please visit to fill out an application once you have completed MyRes.

Press “obtain/forgot password” and a password will be emailed to you.

You are only added to the SMC waitlist once you have filled out the StarPortal Application. If you do have an offer, be sure to respond and pay your $600 deposit by credit card on the StarPortal by the dates indicated in your offer email, or we will give your spot to the next person on our waitlist.


Residents must be full time U of T students.

Returning residences are expected to have a GPA of 2.2 or higher.

While SMC primarily houses undergraduate students, we do have approximately 12 spaces in quiet wings for male graduate students. Please apply as a new resident.


Our applicants are admitted in three separate groups:

  1. Freshmen Students first.
  2. Returning Residents second.
  3. New Students third

The number of rooms remaining after the first two groups have been admitted determines the number of rooms available for the third group.

Because the total number of applications invariably exceeds the total number of spaces available, many of those who apply may never be contacted. But all applications will be kept on file in priority sequence in case vacancies arise later in the summer - or even during the academic year. Some residents will end up withdrawing every year, so often spaces become available in residence during the year, especially for second semester.