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SMC Residence

SMC Residence Leadership

of Students

Duane Rendle

The Dean of Students is responsible for all aspects of the SMC Residence, including the admission of students, the hiring of Dons, and the enforcement of discipline.


Duane Rendle was born and raised in Victoria, BC where he completed a BA in Psychology at the University of Victoria. In 1995, Duane moved to Toronto to do a Master's degree in Industrial Relations& Human Resource Management (MIR-HR) at the University of Toronto. While at UofT, Duane found a home in one of St. Michael's graduate residences and quickly began participating in the life of the College. After serving as a Don for two years, Duane was hired as the Dean of Men & Dean of College in 1998. Whe SMC went co-ed in 2005, his title was changed to Dean of Students. Duane lives in mid-Toronto with his wife Nancy, and their two children, Matthew and Jacqueline. He cultivates a wide range of interest including history, politics, and sports.

Residence Operations

Johnathan Warda

The Residence Operations Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the operations of the St. Michael’s College Residence as well as the day-to-day administration of the Office of the Dean of Students. Key responsibilities include managing all of the admissions cycles, residence charges on ROSI, filling vacancies and responding to all communications and inquiries. The ROC responds to the needs and concerns of current residents, meets with prospective residents and their parents, and liaises with a variety of College and University departments.

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SMC Residence Office

Brennan Hall, Room 203
81 St. Mary St. 
Toronto, ON M5S 1J4 
TEL (416) 926-7127 
FAX (416) 926-2268


Dons live in residence and supervise the residence houses and helping students transition into university life. Dons are mainly graduate or 4th year students who demonstrate superior leadership qualities. They value the residence experience and enjoy working with students.

Dons are expected to act as academic advisers/tutors, and promote the goals of residence life through active participation in life at SMC. Dons may be asked to assist the Dean of Students in the education of residents in areas such as study skills, alcohol and drug awareness, and human rights issues. Dons may be called upon to assist the Dean with the day-to-day administration of the College.

Most importantly, Dons serve as supportive, informed listeners and resource counselors for residents in need of assistance.

Senior Dons

There are four Senior Dons at the SMC Residence - one for each of our four constituent buildings (Elmsley Hall, Queen's Park, Historic Houses, Sorbara Hall).

In addition to regular Don duties, Senior Dons assist the Dean of Students in formulating residence policy, participating in the Don's hiring process, providing guidance and instruction to the Dons in their constituent houses, as well as being the first line of defence for problems that arise outside of regular business hours.


Residence Staff are given extensive training to ensure they have the skills to support students in residence. Training includes:

  • Alcohol and Addiction Issues
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Depression and Eating Disorders
  • Health & Wellness
  • Diversity
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Dispute Resolution
  • Residence Programming

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