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SMC Residence


Rooms Policy and Roommate Assignments

Policy on Single or Double Rooms Assignments

At St Mike's, freshmen are automatically assigned to double rooms. Residents in their second year of study and beyond (including grads) are given singles.

If space permits, the following exceptions will be considered:

  • Students who have a medical condition that would make sharing a room an undue hardship. Residents in this situation need to make a written petition to the Dean of Students, and the medical condition needs to be verified by UofT's Accessibility Services
  • Transfer students who have already done a year at another university;
  • National Scholars. (This is a special UofT scholarship - please see the UofT Admissions Website for more information about National Scholars);
  • Freshmen students with the highest entry marks. (Depending on availability).

The Joys of having a Roommate

The idea may seem daunting at first, but the vast majority of students in their first year of study find that sharing a room is a very positive experience. The biggest advantage is that it prevents students from becoming isolated during their transitional year between high school and university and encourages them to become part of the larger residence community. All residents in their second year and above accepted to SMC residence are offered private (i.e. single room) accommodation.

The Dean of Students personally oversees the roommate assignment process and does his best to ensure that each freshman receives a compatible match. This is accomplished through the information that you provide in the "SMC Personal Questionnaire". The questionnaire inquires about a wide variety of subjects ranging from sleeping habits and musical tastes, to one's program of study, and even favourite movies and TV shows!
The most common causes of incompatibility between roommates are differences in living habits and personalities. For this reason it is essential that those completing the questionnaire be as frank as possible about themselves. Everything in the Personal Questionnaire will be treated with strict confidentiality. Many students discover that their roommate becomes their best friend on campus and some even request to room together during their second year. Those who already know someone they would like to have as their roommate are encouraged to indicate this in the place provided on the Questionnaire. As long as the person identified agrees to the match, the request will be granted by the Dean of Students.