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SMC Residence

Buildings, Amenities, Meal Plans

All houses/floors are single-sex and have:

  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • TV with cable in common rooms
  • Shared washrooms
  • Laundry facilities

All residence rooms come furnished with:

  • Single bed
  • Dresser
  • Closet
  • Shelving
  • Desk & chair
  • Landline phone
  • Secure key card access
  • Garbage bins
  • Cable TV wiring*
    * monthly service must be purchased through Rogers

Please check back for updated building descriptions, specifications and photographs.

Sorbara Hall

Sorbara Hall Learn more »

Sorbara Hall opened in September 2001 and houses undergraduate students. In addition to the furnishings listed above, rooms come equipped with a personal sink and air conditioning. Sorbara has a mix of single and double rooms with the average room size being 11' x 14'. Sorbara is the newest residence on St. Mike's campus.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
Elmsley Hall

Elmsley Hall Learn more »

Elmsley Hall opened in 1957 and primarily houses freshmen residents with some rooms reserved for upper year students. Most rooms in Elmsley are doubles and all rooms are 17.5' x 10' in size. Also housed here is a 24-hour study room, the campus mailroom, and the 24-hour security desk.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence

Queen's Park Building: Teefy, Fisher & More Houses Learn more »

The Queen's Park Building opened in 1936 and is built on the model of Oxford and Cambridge. It is divided into three undergraduate houses: Teefy, Fisher & More House. Teefy and Fisher house female students while More houses male students. Most rooms in Queen's Park are doubles with size varying considerably according to location and occupancy of the room.

Historic Houses Learn more »

  • McCorkell House House 96
  • Sullivan House House 2
  • Gilson and Maritain Houses Houses 6 & 8



Located on Toronto's first sub-division, these Victorian houses were built between 1890-1910 as private homes at the turn of the century but were gradually acquired by St. Michael's for College use. House 2 and 96 are relatively small, holding about 18 residents each, while house 6&8 is larger and holds about 36. House 96 and 6&8 are male houses, while House 2 is a female house. In addition to the furnishings listed above, rooms are equipped with air conditioning. There is a mix of singles and doubles with size varying considerably according to individual buildings and occupancy of the room. Both freshmen and upper years live in the Historic Houses.

Fun Fact: House 2 was home to former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin during his time at St. Mike's, while House 96 was home to the offices of world-renowned philospher Marshall McLuhan.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence

Brennan Hall Learn more »

Please check back for updates.

Room Assignments

Double rooms are automatically assigned to all freshmen students.

Single rooms are automatically assigned to all upper year undergraduate students.

If space permits, a small number of freshmen are assigned single rooms using the following priorities

  1. Students who have an accessibility need/medical condition that would make sharing a room an undue hardship. Residents must make a written petition to the Residence Office and the medical condition needs to be verified by U of T's Accessibility Services;
  2. Transfer students who have already completed a year of study at another university;
  3. National Scholars who are officially recognized by the University of Toronto for this distinction (see the U of T Admissions and Awards Website for more information);

Roommate Assignments

The SMC Residence Office oversees the roommate assignment process to find you a compatible match using the SMC personal questionnaire:

  • The questionnaire includes a variety of subjects ranging from sleeping habits to musical tastes
  • Be honest! The questionnaire is strictly confidential and honest answers help to ensure your compatibility with your new roommate.
  • If you know someone you would like as a roommate, indicate this on the questionnaire – as long as the person identified agrees, the request will be granted

Drop-in Tour Schedule

Summer 2015 Tour Schedule:

Summer 2015 drop-in tours end on Friday August 14th, 2015 and will resume in mid-September. Please check back for updates about our Fall 2015 weekly drop-in tour schedule.

All tours depart from Elmsley Hall (81 St. Mary Street) at the Porter’s Desk. No registration is required.

If you would like to make alternate tour arrangements, email

Please note that we cannot guarantee any alternate tours on weekends. Tours do not take place on holidays or when the University is closed.

Tour Overview

  • Tours last for about 60 minutes
  • Tours cover the campus grounds, residence buildings and amenities
  • Rooms from each residence building will be shown
  • Tour guides welcome any questions regarding residence life
  • Tour guides are very knowledgeable about the SMC community and normally draw on their personal experiences here

Special Events

We also offer special tours throughout the year in conjunction with a variety of special events including:

  • Fall Campus Days
  • Arts & Science Days
  • March Break Campus Days

If you are in high school and thinking about living at studying at St. Mike's, please contact the SMC Registrar's Office for more details.


Group Tours

If you are a part of a large group (6 or more people) and would like a tour of our campus and residence buildings, please make arrangements with the Residence Office by emailing

University of Toronto Tours

For tours of the U of T campus, please visit the Campus Tours website.


St. Mike's Wellness Studio

Please check back for updates!

Residence Meal Plan

Meal plans are mandatory. Fees are included in SMC Residence fees and meal plans are loaded onto your T-Card.

All you can eat dining. Your T-Card is swiped upon entry into the Canada Room dining facility and you may choose whatever you wish to eat.

Diverse, nutritious options. Vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free options are always available. Other dietary restrications can be accommodated through Food Services.

Meal Plan Options

SMC offers continuous dining with three meal plan options:

  1. 7 day plan- Monday - Sunday
    * offers the best value and flexibility
  2. 5 day plan - Monday breakfast to Friday dinner
  3. 5 day plan - Sunday 4pm - Friday 2pm

Both 5 day plans cost the same and are a good choice for residents who plan to go home on weekends.

On-The-Go Options

Kelly Café (located in the Kelly Library) and Brennan's Best Coffee (located in the Brennan Hall Student Lounge) serves gourmet artisan sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, hot breakfast sandwiches, specialty beverages, in house gourmet desserts, parfaits and pastries and much more!