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SMC Residence

SMC Residence Buildings, Meal Plans, Roomates

Rooms / Floors: Overview

All Houses (or floors) at SMC are same-sex, and come with:

  • Common room with television
  • Shared washrooms
  • Laundry facilities

All rooms at SMC come with these basics:

  • Single bed
  • Dresser/closet
  • Shelving
  • Desk & chair
  • Landline phone service and Wi-Fi internet
  • Swipe card security access
  • Wastepaper basket
  • Cable television wiring (cable must be purchased through Rogers cable)

Sorbara Hall

Sorbara Hall Student Residence Learn more »

Opened: September 2001

Population: primarily undergraduate population, with several graduate students.

Room Size: 11’ x 14'

Extra Room Amenities: air conditioning, sink in each room.

Building Amenities: Five separate "Houses.” Building also includes music room, aerobics room, and bike storage.

Special Characteristics: Often requested by upper year students, Sorbara has many students in each house, but has a reputation as a quieter building.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
Elmsley Hall

Elmsley Hall Learn more »

Opened: 1957

Population: Primarily freshmen residents with some upper year students.

Room Size: 17.5' x 10'

Building Amenities: Four separate “Houses.” Also located in Elmsley Hall are our 24-hour Study Space, Mailroom, and 24-hour Security Desk.

Special Characteristics: Affectionately nicknamed "the bunker" for its infamous 16 inch thick walls, Elmsley is a favourite for many students and known for its very close-knit freshmen floors.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence

Queen's Park Building: Teefy, Fisher & More Houses Learn more »

Opened: 1936

Population: Primarily freshmen.

Room Size: Varies considerably according to location and double vs. single

Room Amenities: The basics listed above

Building Amenities: The basics listed above.

Special Characteristics: Built on the model of Oxford and Cambridge, the Queen's Park Building is divided into three undergraduate houses: Fisher, More and Teefy House. Fisher and Teefy house female students, while More houses male students.

More and Fisher Houses are known for their extremely close-knit communities and energetic participation in residence life, particularly in Dean's Cup sporting events. Both Houses are also known for many long-standing traditions that are maintained every year.

Teefy House is located at the south end of the building. Located on the top floor and consisting of only 9 rooms, Teefy offers a scholarly & tranquil environment.

The Historic Houses Learn more »

  • McCorkell House House 96
  • Sullivan House House 2
  • Gilson and Maritain Houses Houses 6 & 8

Opened: 1890 - 1910 (Substantially renovated in 2008)

Population: Mixture of freshmen and senior students.

Room Size: Varies considerably according to single or double and individual buildings.

Room Amenities: Air conditioning

Building Amenities: Three distinct Victoria-era houses.

Special Characteristics: Located on Toronto's first sub-division, these Victorian houses were built as private homes at the turn of the century but were gradually acquired by St Michael's for College use. House 2 and House 96 are relatively small, holding about 16 students each, while House 6&8 is larger and holds about 36. House 96 and 6&8 houses male students, while House 2 is females.
Fun Fact: House 2 was home to former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin during his time at St Mike's, while House 96 was home to the offices of world-renowned philosopher Marshall McLuhan.

  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence
  • SMC Residence

Meal Plans for Residents

All residents must have a meal plan - prices are included in SMC Residence fees and the money is placed on your T-Card.

“All you can eat” dining – your T-Card is scanned upon entry into the Canada Room dining facility and you may choose whatever you wish to eat.

Diverse, nutritious options - vegetarian, vegan, and halal food options are always available. Other dietary requirements may be requested from Food Service.

Meal Plan Options

St Mike's offers continuous dining with three meal plan options:

  1. 7 days per week - best value and flexibility; access to all meals served
  2. 5 days per week (Monday - Friday)
  3. 5 days per week (Sunday 4pm - Friday 2pm).

Both 5 day plans cost the same and are a good choice for residents who plan to go home on weekends.

Meal Plans for Off-Campus Students

St Mike's offers off-campus meal plans to commuter students. Find out more.

On-The-Go Options

Kelly Café (located in the Kelly Library) and Brennan's Best Coffee (located in the Brennan Hall Student Lounge) serves gourmet artisan sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, hot breakfast sandwiches, specialty beverages, in house gourmet desserts, parfaits and pastries and much more!

Location and hours information for the Canada Room, Brennan's Best Coffee and the Kelly Café

Many students discover that their roommate becomes their best friend and it encourages them to become part of the larger residence community. Having a roommate prevents students from becoming isolated during their transitional year between high school and university.

Room Assignments

At St Mike's, all our freshmen are automatically assigned to double rooms. If space permits, exceptions are made for:

  • Students who have a medical condition that would make sharing a room an undue hardship. Residents must make a written petition to the Dean of Students, and the medical condition needs to be verified by UofT's Accessibility Services;
  • Transfer students who have already done a year at another university;
  • National Scholars. (Students must be officially recognized by the UofT for this distinction. Please see the UofT Admissions and Awards Website for more information about National Scholars).

Residents in their second year of study and beyond (including grads) are given singles.

Choosing Roommates

The Office of the Dean of Students oversees the roommate assignment process to find you a compatible match using the SMC Personal Questionnaire:

  • The Questionnaire includes a variety of subjects ranging from sleeping habits to musical tastes
  • Be honest! The Questionnaire is strictly confidential and honest answers help to ensure your compatibility with your new roommate.
  • If you know someone you would like as a roommate, indicate this on the Questionnaire – as long as the person identified agrees, the request will be granted

Download the Roommate Agreement

Roommate Etiquette: Living with Others

What to Bring

Although few people will feel the need to bring everything on this list, here are some items for your consideration:

  • twin sized bedding including linens, pillowcase, a pillow, quilt or duvet. (Those planning on purchasing these items may want to consider buying them from
  • coat hangers
  • power bar (with a fuse) for your computer and a small extension cord
  • bar fridge (please, no full-size fridges)
  • a sports jacket/blazer and tie (for men) and dress pants or skirt (for women) will also be necessary for your formal house photo which will be organized in the fall
  • towels, bathrobe and ‘shower shoes’ (i.e. flip flops)
  • reading or desk lamp
  • electric kettle / coffee machine
  • basic cleaning supplies for your room (vacuum, brooms and mops are provided)
  • coffee mugs, glasses, cutlery
  • iron and small ironing board
  • throw-rug
  • posters/decorations for your walls (please do not bring blue tacky adhesive)
  • TV/VCR/DVD (for use in your room; all common rooms have TV’s)
  • sports equipment (e.g. hockey stick, baseball glove, cleats, etc.)

What Not To Bring

  • Halogen floor lamps (although inexpensive they are a serious fire hazard)
  • toasters or toaster ovens
  • cooking ranges or open element burners
  • open element heaters
  • large refrigerators (over 5 cubic feet)
  • large furniture or fabric covered furniture (fabric furniture is strictly prohibited to prevent the spread of bed bugs)
  • home stereos that have a booster, amplifier or sub-woofer
  • club speakers
  • pets of any kind
  • an automobile