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Undergraduate Study

Newly Admitted Students

SMC Office of the Registrar and Student Services


June 4, 2014

Greetings from the Office of the Registrar at St. Michael’s College. Congratulations on your admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto. This is the first in a series of bulletins for new students which we will publish up to the middle of August. Each bulletin will focus on two or three points of immediate interest. They will remain on our website until classes begin in September.

1. The Calendar and the Timetable

The 2014 2015 Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar and the companion 2014 2015 Registration Handbook and Timetable are now available on line.
There are no hard copies of either publication so there is nothing to be picked up or mailed.

Bookmark both sites and start to become familiar with them. You should also bookmark the Arts and Science New Student site     

Virtually all the facts which you need to know about degree requirements, programs of study, individual courses, the scheduling of courses, selecting courses over the web and paying your fees are on these three sites. At first glance they may appear to be almost too much to understand but with some effort on your part, the structure of the programs and the rules and procedures will become clear and they don’t change much from year to year.

The next bulletin will offer some tips about how to approach these sites efficiently since together they contain an enormous amount of information and you want to focus on the information which is relevant to you.

2. "Walk and Talk" Welcome Event Information Sessions, Academic Orientation Sessions and SMC Orientation Week

St. Mikes will host three types of information/advising activities between early June and early September – a full day “Talk and Walk” Welcome Event on Saturday, June 7, three Academic Orientation Sessions in July and Orientation Week from September 2-5.

You can sign up here for the Welcome Session and an Academic Orientation Session.

We know that many new students can’t attend these sessions – especially if they don’t live in the Toronto area, so we will post relevant information on our website or refer you to relevant sections of other U of T sites and offer timely guidance through these bulletins.

The September Orientation is being organized by senior student co-ordinators. Details and registration information will be posted by early July.

3. Our Office

The Registrar’s Office of St. Michael’s College is in Room 207 of Muzzo Family Alumni Hall at 121 St Joseph Street. View Campus Map

There are 4800 students at St. Mikes with about 1200 new students each year. There are two full time advisors and three part time. We typically don’t set individual appointments with new students who have just completed high school unless there is a pressing reason.  New students with four or more transfer credits are welcome to set up individual appointments since the general rules for new students may not apply to them.

We see students by appointment; we see students on a drop in basis every morning and afternoon and we respond to a large volume of e-mail inquiries.

However, one of the keys to being successful here is to take the initiative. In your academic work a lot of your learning will take place – not in the lecture hall or the laboratory - but in the library or in your room. Reading, making notes, reading again and revising notes are core activities.

A good place to take the initiative is with the calendar and timetable. 

I will write again in a couple of days with suggestions about where to begin ...and it won’t be at the beginning.


Damon Chevrier