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Welcome Students: Here you will find links and resources that you need as a current student. U of T Arts and Science resources include timetable, calendar, fees, exams, programs of study information, and ROSI (and more ). St Mike’s Registrar’s Office offers academic and financial advising. St Mike’s also presents a rewarding academic experience through its renowned SMC Academic Programs, and offers academic resources and support through the Research & Academic Skills Centre and the Kelly Library & Archives. Find academic / life balance with Campus Ministry and our Student Life Coordinator. Make the most of your experience here at St Mike’s and get involved with our vibrant student community, clubs, newspaper and more.

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Find the most up-to-date timetable information, current and archived calendars, a guide to choosing courses and programs of study, fees payment, information about letters of permission to study at other universities, credit/no credit, late withdrawal, petitions and exams.

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In addition to academic and financial advising, our counsellors are available to assist you if you experience any difficulties (illness, family emergency, financial problems) that might have an impact on your academic work.

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These FAQs are intended to offer advice which is generally applicable. Students should always consult the relevant official U of T sites for complete information. | Looking for FAQs for Newly Admitted Students?

1. Switching Colleges

1.1. Switching to SMC from another college after first, second or third year

Students interested in transferring to SMC from another Arts and Science college should submit their request by e-mail to Damon Chevrier (Registrar) at

The deadline is the end of June.

Please include a brief statement with your full name, your student number, describe the benefit you hope to derive from membership in the college and what contributions you feel you could make to the SMC community. Before requesting a college transfer, please keep these points in mind. If you have been given an in-course scholarship by your original college, you may forfeit it if you transfer colleges.  We will not approve a college transfer request once the final term (fall/winter or summer) is underway.   We will make most decisions in early July and notify students by e-mail.

Last updated July 29, 2014

1.2. Switching to another college from SMC after first, second or third year

Please contact the college you are interested in for advice. SMC does not offer assistance in transferring to other Arts and Science colleges.

Last updated July 29, 2014


2. Fees and Payment

2.1. Fees for 2014-2015

Fall/winter fees are posted automatically on ROSI for all students eligible to select courses for the upcoming fall/winter. They are usually posted before course selection actually begins. For full details about fees and fees payment or deferral, refer to The initial payment ought to be made by August 19, 2014. Students deferring their fees ought to meet the same deadline. Students who have not paid or deferred their fees by August 19 will receive a series of e-mail prompts including instructions about how to complete a late payment/deferral.  

Last updated July 29, 2014

2.2. Does the Registrar’s Office charge any fees for services?

There are fees charged for four services.

  • The charge for file re-activation before the financial cancel (FINCA) date is $25.
  • The charge for file re-activation and/or initial course selection after the financial cancel (FINCA) date is $44.
  • The charge for resetting the account for students who have been removed from classes and/or waiting lists because of non payment is $61.
  • The charge for searching for, photocopying and providing the contents of a student’s record at the request of a law office is $50.

The FINCA date varies from term to term but it is usually in late August for the fall/winter term and in early May for the summer term. The FINCA date and the fees apply even if the only courses/wait lists are in the winter or in the second half of the summer.

These fees may be paid in person in the office by cash, debit or credit card

The fees may also be paid by credit card if you can’t come into the office.

Last updated February 2, 2015

3. Choosing Programs and Course Enrollment

3.1. How and when do I choose my courses?

Course selection takes place on-line at ROSI The first day of course selection will depend on your year of study (first year, second year etc)  For 2014 2015 details see

Last updated July 29, 2014

3.2. Choosing a program (i.e. selecting a major)

You will enroll in one or more programs (minors, majors, specialists) at the end of the semester in which you pass your fourth full credit. For most new students who pass 4 or 5 courses in first year, this means that you will choose your programs in April at the end of your first year. For a comprehensive list of all programs see Type 1 programs are open enrolment, Type 2 and 3 programs require application.

Last updated July 29, 2014

3.3. I can’t enroll in courses at all. Why not?

1. You may be trying to select courses before your start time. Start times are determined by your year of study. Year of study is determined by the number of credits you have and not by the number of years you have actually been in attendance.

See details at

2. If you are a second year student, you may not be in a correct combination of programs (POSts). See details at

At the end of first year every student must enroll in 1 specialist or 2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors. This means that the program must be “active”. It is not enough to be “requested” or “invited”. Check your programs on ROSI.

3. If you owe money to the university, you may be blocked from choosing courses. University policy is that fall/winter tuition and residence charges must be paid in full by the end of April and summer charges must be paid in full by the end of August. Students with significant unpaid obligations are blocked from selecting courses until all obligations are paid in full.

4. If you have been away from the university for a year, your file may be in-active.

If you have been out of the university for a full 12 months (May- April or September-August) your file becomes in-active and you can’t select courses.

In order to re-activate your file you need to submit to the SMC Registrar’s Office a Re-Registration form and pay a $25 fee. See details and the form at

You can bring the form to our office and pay the $25 in cash or by debit/credit card

If you can’t come in to the office, you can send us a scanned copy of the form and pay by credit card.

5. You may have outstanding transfer credit issues. If a transfer student does not take care of all outstanding transfer credit matters during their first year, the Transfer Credit Office will block access to courses selection.

6. You may have been suspended for poor academic performance. Suspension can be for 1 year, 3 years or permanent.

Last updated February 2, 2015

3.4. I can enroll in some courses but not every course I want. Why not?

The most likely explanation is that you do not enjoy priority for the course you can’t get into or there may be some other enrolment restriction in place.

Check the course schedule at

Look up the individual course. Look at the far right of the line and see if there is an enrolment indicator (Ind) and control. This will be a letter like P, R, E. If there is an Indicator of any sort, then click on “See Details” to see the conditions.

For a full explanation read

The P (or priority) control is temporary. It is removed at 6 am on August 6, 2014

Last updated July 29, 2014

3.5. Students can enroll in up to 6.0 courses. Why can’t I enroll in 6.0 courses?

In the first part of the registration cycle you can select only 5.0 courses. This includes courses which are wait listed,

On August 6, 2014 you can add a 6th course.

It is important to be prudent about course load. While 6.0 is permitted for most students we don’t normally recommend it. 5.0 courses is traditional full time for good reason. It is what most students can reasonably handle. 6.0 is often too much especially if you are trying to keep your grades up.

Students on probation may enroll in only 5.0 courses.

Last updated July 29, 2014

3.6. If I am on a wait list, will I get into a course?

There is no straight answer but it helps if you look at your ranking on the list and the size of the course. If you are 25 on the list and there are 800 spaces in the course, your chances are quite good. On the other hand, if you are 25 on the list and there are only 50 students in the course, your chances are quite poor.

Generally speaking, it is worth while leaving yourself on the wait list if 10% attrition from the course would get you in.

Be realistic about your use of wait lists. If you are so far down a list that there is no serious chance of getting in, then you are giving up an opportunity to get into another course.

Last updated July 29, 2014

3.7. What if I enroll in U of T and then drop all my courses and want to come back the next year?

If a student drops all courses or completes courses with only the notation (LWD) the student must re-apply for admission. If a student completes even one half course in the Faculty with any grade – including a failing grade, they are eligible to continue in the Faculty without re-applying. 

Last updated July 29, 2014

4. Repeating Courses

4.1. I want to repeat a course which I have already passed. Is it possible?

See the rules about repeating a passed course about half way down at

You may repeat a passed course once under certain conditions, It is not possible to enroll in a passed course a third time. If you do want to enroll in a passed course, you won’t be able to select the course yourself over ROSI so you will have to ask staff in the Registrar’s Office to enroll you.

Last updated July 29, 2014

4.2. I want to repeat a course which I failed. I want to repeat a course which I got an LWD/WDR (late withdrawal) in. Is it possible?

You can repeat any course which you have previously failed or for which you received an LWD or WDR. You can select the course over ROSI subject to the various enrolment controls.

The real question is – should you repeat a course which you have previously failed? You want to do this only if you are quite confident that you will be successful the second time around. There is no obligation to repeat a failed course. If you do repeat a failed course, both marks appear on your record and both are used in the calculation of your GPA.

Last updated July 29, 2014

5. Residences: St Michael's Student Residence and Loretto College Women's Residence

5.1. Residence

For all information about the residences at St. Michael’s College including late application, please contact the SMC Residence (men and women) or Loretto College (women only) SMC Residence   416-926-7127 or and Loretto College   416-925-2833 or For other on and off campus housing questions, please check

Last updated July 29, 2014

6. Transfers

6.1. Transferring to another division of the U of T

If you would like to transfer to another division of the U of T – like U of T at Mississauga, U of T at Scarborough, Engineering, Kinesiology, Architecture or Music, you will have to re-apply through OUAC. It is always prudent to discuss your interest with the other division in advance to make sure that you have a good chance of being admitted.

SMC does not offer assistance in transferring to other divisions of the University of Toronto.

Last updated July 29, 2014

6.2. Transferring to another university or a community college

Just as students transfer to the U of T every year, some students leave the U of T for other universities or colleges. There is no formality associated with leaving the Faculty of Arts and Science. There is no form to sign and you don’t have to let us know. Your only obligation is to settle any financial obligation to the university and return any property (like books or residence keys).

SMC does not offer assistance in transferring to other universities or colleges.

Last updated July 29, 2014

7. Time limit

7.1. Is there a time limit for completing the degree?

No – there isn’t. The Faculty has had an open ended policy for decades and students who leave the Faculty with a grade in at least one half course are eligible to re-activate their file at any point. There is no time limit for completing a degree and, in some cases, students have returned after an absence of 30 or more years,

Last updated July 29, 2014

8. RESP Forms, Letters, Health Plans

8.1. I need a form completed for my RESP or Education Savings Plan

Submit your request to the Office of the Registrar in Alumni Hall. We handle hundreds of these forms a year but we don’t produce them until after you have selected your courses.

If your plan requires that you move from one year to the next (ie from first year into second year), then we use the Faculty of Arts and Science definition of year. See the definition at

Occasionally a student may be in their second year at the university but will still be considered a first year student because they did not complete enough credits in first year.

Last updated July 29, 2014

8.2. I need letter(s) confirming that I am a full time student so that I can be covered under my parent’s extended heath insurance plan.

Submit your request to the Office of the Registrar in Alumni Hall.

Last updated July 29, 2014

8.3. If I have extended health/dental/drug coverage through my parent - can I get a refund on the university health plan premiums?

Very often - yes. See details at

If you are a full time student, look at UTSU – St. George Campus. The two heath premiums are about $130 a term or $260 for both terms. You have to complete the opt-out form on line by the deadline in early October.

The refund cheque is issued by UTSU (not by the University of Toronto) and is usually mailed in February.

Last updated July 29, 2014

9. Scholarship Information

9.1. In course scholarships

SMC awards in-course scholarships to students who have a very high academic standing at the end of first, second and third year. Decisions based on fall/winter grades are usually made in July and decisions based on summer grades are usually made in October.

These awards do not require application. They are made automatically.

Last updated July 29, 2014

10. Degree Explorer through ROSI

10.1. Degree assessment

Degree Explorer (DE) is an on-line tool which students, departmental staff and college staff use to assess a student’s progress in degree and program requirements.

Students log on to DE at DE has a planner function which allows a student to move into a hypothetical environment and select courses over several years and add or drop programs while constantly assessing their progress against degree and program requirements.

DE also allows departmental staff to record program waivers, substitutions or exceptions which have been approved for a student.  This is particularly useful in the case of transfer credits.  

Last updated July 29, 2014

11. Email Communication

11.1. Importance of checking e-mail on a regular basis

The Faculty of Arts and Science and SMC both send e-mail on a regular basis. Some students check all of it and some ignore all of it.

Ignoring e-mail from the university is a bad idea. It is like not opening your mail box or answering your phone. Maybe you think much of the mail is uninteresting but every now and then there may be something of real consequence. We expect you to open e-mails and read them at least twice a week if not on a daily basis,

Last updated July 29, 2014

12. Transcripts

12.1. Transcripts

For the Faculty of Arts and Science, see instructions at

For the Faculty of Theology, e-mail your request to

For the Western Year, e-mail your request to with Western Year in the subject line. Please include the name under which you were registered, your date of birth and your year of attendance.

Last updated July 29, 2014

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