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Undergraduate study: Students

Newly Admitted Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Accept your offer of admission by the deadline stated in your Letter of Offer.If you have already accepted another university's offer and would like to change your mind, you may accept U of T's offer and the previous acceptance will automatically be cancelled. You do this on-line through OUAC.

Any scholarship offers would have been included in your offer of admission. Competition for admission scholarships at UofT is quite intense and some students who have received scholarships from other universities may not receive a scholarship at U of T. This is a reflection of how many well qualified applicants there are. There will be some scholarships for new students awarded at a later date. These scholarships require an application. More details regarding financial aid may be found at:


If you have been admitted to SMC but did not request residence on your original application contact either the SMC (men & women) or Loretto College (women only) Residence.
SMC Residence - co-educational (men and women) by floor:
Contact: 416-926-1300 x3247 or at
Loretto College Residence - Women Only:
If you would like a spot in all women residence you should contact  Loretto College at 416-925-2833 or email

For more information, please contact

SMC Residence:
416-926-1300 x3247 |

Loretto College Residence:
416-925-2833 or


Once the application deadline has passed, you are not able to switch admissions categories.

If you have the prerequisite high school science background you can take a science course once youre here, even if you are not admitted as a science student. However, during the first round of enrolment, students in a particular admission category (like Life Sciences) are given priority for certain first year courses (like CHM138H1) or excluded from other first year courses. These restrictions ensure that first year students in particular admission categories are guaranteed a spot in the first year courses which they require. These restrictions are removed during the second round of enrolment and any first year student may enrol in any first year course as long as space is available. The specific date for the beginning of the second round of enrolment is in the sessional timetable.

Registration Handbook and Timetable

Yes. Students on the St. George campus specializing or majoring in psychology must have high school calculus to enrol in these programs.

Psychology on the St. George campus is a Science NOT a Social Science program.

Yes. Students on the St. George campus specializing or majoring in economics must have high school calculus and a second senior level high school math course to enrol in these programs.

You should not take the course. Not only are prerequisites checked and enforced by many departments but it is unwise to take a course for which you lack the preparation. Courses with high school prerequites are typically in sciences and languages. You should always make a point of checking your course pre-requisites carefully in the current calendar.

It means that you will be better equipped to handle the course material having taken the recommended course. Recommended courses are not mandatory and they are not checked.

If you earn a grade of at least 5 for each Higher Level subject, you will be eligible for transfer credit at the first year level. No credit is given to native speakers who have taken language courses.

If you have taken courses at the following:
Advanced Placement /International Baccalaureate/GCE (U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore) /CAPE, you may be eligble for transfer credits.

You are required to submit official results if you have taken any of these examinations. Students who are admitted may be awarded transfer credit if the results specified are achieved:

Residence fees vary depending on whether you are living at Loretto College (the single sex, women's residence at St Mike's) or the St Michael's College Student Residence (the co-ed residence at St Mike's). Fees also vary depending on whether you have a double or single room, and by the meal plan that you select.


Current fee amounts for residences are not yet available. For more information, please contact

SMC Residence at:

416-926-1300 x3247 or at

Loretto College Residence at:
416-925-2833 or

You will enrol in one or more programs (minors, majors, specialists) at the end of the semester in which you pass your fourth full credit. For most new students who pass 4 or 5 courses in first year, this means that you will choose your programs in April at the end of your first year.

You must first accept the offer of admission, then write a letter to UofT Enrolment Services, 172 St. George Street,
requesting deferred status and include your final grades. The letter must include an outline of your plans. Deferred admission is not available to students who plan on studying at another post secondary institution before they begin studies at the U of T.  You will receive a letter from Enrolment Services in early August advising you of your status.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George campus may take part in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) program, where students take a year off between third and fourth year to work in a company for 12-16 months. PEY is managed by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Science.Those who participate are normally in computer science or commerce programs.

Your T-Card is your University of Toronto student card and your official University of Toronto identification. 

You will use it as a library card, athletic facilities membership card and general identification.  Students who have accepted their offer of admission should go to the T-Card web site for their hours of operation and location. 

Most newly admitted students will be able to obtain their T-Card in the beginning of June.