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Undergraduate Study: Current Students

Scholarships, Awards & Financial Aid

There are two broad categories of student awards: need-based and merit-based.

Financial Need-Based Awards

Need-based awards – sometimes called ‘grants’ or ‘bursaries’ – are based on demonstrated financial need. Students have to apply for these awards. Application forms are available once classes begin in September. In the application you will have to provide a budget for the academic year in which you demonstrate need. We expect students who apply for need-based awards to have taken all reasonable steps to organize their finances before they apply for a grant. This includes applying early for OSAP or other government assistance. Applications must be complete, correct, and realistic.

Need-based Conditions

The majority of need-based awards have no conditions other than need. Some, however, have additional conditions – such as living in residence, having a particular area of study, a particular GPA or a letter of reference. As part of the application, you should review Sections 3 and 4 (which ask questions that are relevant to these awards).Download Sections 3 and 4 Questions Checklist »

If you find a question that is relevant to your case, please answer it. Often the answers to these questions are the only way we can match an applicant with a particular award. Some of these awards are quite generous and included in them are a small a number of renewable awards which can be claimed every year for up to four years. If you review these questions and don’t find any that are relevant – don’t worry. Well over 50% of the need-based awards do not have additional conditions.

There is one application form which is used for all SMC need-based awards - grants, bursaries, residence awards, and scholarships. As previously noted, some awards may have other conditions, but the primary consideration is always financial need. Read more about need-based awards »

Merit-Based Awards

Merit-based awards have no financial need component. They are based on grades. Most merit-based awards do not require an application. The vast majority are awarded automatically to students who have a high GPA at the end of the semester in which they complete their fifth, tenth, fifteenth credit or at graduation. A small number of these awards require an application, and we will send e-mail prompts and post a notice on this site at the appropriate time.