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Summer Residence


Reservations & Deposits

Reservations can be made using the online form or through the Summer Residence Office. Rooms cannot be guaranteed for any individual or group that has not reserved in advance and paid the required deposit.

Individuals must provide a $100.00 deposit with their application. This deposit is non- refundable. The balance of fees is due upon arrival

Groups (10 or more people) must provide a 25% deposit upon booking. The Manager of Conference Services will put together a contract that will outline the events and the deposit schedule. The contract will be based on your needs which will include guestrooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, parking and food and beverage needs. Your account will be charged $20.00 for each set of lost keys.

Payment & Refunds

Residents must pay in full upon arrival. All fees are payable in Canadian funds. Payments can be made by cash, VISA, Mastercard, debit card, money order, bank draft, travelers' cheques, or certified cheques payable to "The University of St Michael's College." Address the payment to the Manager, Conference Services.

Applicants who are not sure of their residence stay should reserve for the maximum period anticipated. Any excess fees will be refunded at 80% of the usual balance. Formal notice of early departure must be given at least (7) days in advance to the Summer Residence Office, otherwise a refund cannot be authorized. The single occupancy rate will apply to any resident who occupies a room alone for any period of time.

Our Office

The office is staffed in the summer by a Conference Assistants who can answer inquiries and assist guests. Their duties do require them to have a flexible schedule, but there is a porter available on a 24 hour basis for any immediate needs after check in.

Check In & Out

Payments are made and keys are obtained from the Summer Residence desk which is available from 8:00am - 11:00pm. Please see the front desk after hours. Check in after 3:00 PM but before Midnight. Check out time is before 11AM. Please remember to return your room keys to the front desk.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Residents are held responsible for all equipment and furniture within their rooms. Please refrain from moving unwanted furniture out of your room.

  2. Always ensure that your door is tightly locked when leaving because the College cannot be held responsible for missing property.

  3. Cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited. However small refrigerators are allowed and can be rented from the summer residence office. Please enquire about the refrigerators when making your reservation.

  4. No guests are allowed to stay in a resident's room. If you wish to have guests, they MUST register and prepay at the Summer Residence Office.

  5. Residents are expected to conduct themselves quietly and properly at all times, particularly at night as a courtesy to your fellow residents.

  6. There is NO SMOKING in the residence rooms, common rooms or anywhere in the buildings. THE COLLEGE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EXPEL A RESIDENT IF REGULATIONS OR PROPER DECORUM ARE NOT OBSERVED.


Internet is available in all of our Deluxe and Standard Accommodations. Service is available at a fee of $5.00 per day, $20.00 per week or $50.00 per month. Prices are subject to HST charges. Rooms require an Ethernet (RJ-45) cable to access the University’s network. Ethernet cables can be purchased from the Summer Residence Office for $7 (+tax) each.


If you are receiving mail, please make sure your letters are addressed to the Summer Residence Department. You may find our address under the Contact Us section.


Each residence room at St Michael's College is equipped with a telephone for local calls and on-campus extensions. Phone cards are required for long distance calls.


There is no free parking on campus. Commercial parking is available in the area. The College operates the parking lot beside Alumni Hall.