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Faculty of Theology

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Faculty of Theology Program Inquiries

Ms. Catherine Mulroney, Programs Coordinator

Room 327, Muzzo Family Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street

Faculty of Theology Registrarial Services

Mr. Emil Iruthayathas, Student Services Officer

Room 307, Muzzo Family Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street

3rd Floor, Muzzo Alumni Hall
121 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 3C2

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Faculty of Theology

81 St. Mary Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1J4 Canada

Full Time Faculty

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson, c.s.j., RegN, BA, MHA, MA, DMin (Regis College/UT)

Jewish - Christian Studies; Pastoral Ministry; Pastoral Theology

Colleen Shantz

Colleen Shantz, BA, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael's)
Associate Professor, Director of Advanced Degree Programs

New Testament Social World; Social Scientific Approaches; Early Christian Religious Experience; Cognitive Science of Religion
Cross-appointed to the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto

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Darren Dias

Darren Dias, OP, BA, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael's)
Associate Professor
Trinitarian Theology; Religious Diversity; Lonergan Studies

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Dennis Patrick O'Hara

Dennis Patrick O'Hara, DC, ND, BA, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael's)
Associate Professor, Director of the Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty of the School of Environment, University of Toronto

Ecological Ethics; Christian Ethics; Theology and Ecology; Spirituality and Ecology

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James Ginther

James Ginther, BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)
Dean of Theology

Medieval Theology, Biblical Exegesis, Ecclesiology, Church History

John L. McLaughlin

John L. McLaughlin, BA, MA, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael's)
Associate Professor

Ugarit; Israelite Origins; Ancient Israelite Religion; Pre-exilic Prophets; Wisdom Literature; Psalms; Hebrew Poetry
Cross-appointed to the Graduate Faculty, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto

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Mario O. D'Souza, csb Dean Faculty of Theology

Mario O. D' Souza, CSB, BA, MEd, MDiv, CAES, PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor
Jacques Maritain; Philosophy of Education; Catholic Educational Theory; Religion and Education; Catholic University; Person and Personalism
Associate Member SGS Theory and Policy Studies in Education OISE/UT

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Michael Attridge

Michael Attridge, BA, MA, STL, PhD (St. Michael's)
Associate Professor
Systematic Theology; Christology; Vatican II

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Nicholas Olkovich

Nicholas Olkovich, BA, MDiv, STL, PhD Candidate (St. Michael’s)
Assistant Professor (Conditional)
Director of Field Education and Pastoral Formation

Foundational theology, political philosophy and theology, Bernard Lonergan

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Holmstedt, BA, MA, PhD (Wisconsin)
Adjunct Professor
Hebrew Studies, Hebrew Language

John S. Kloppenborg,BA, MA, PhD (St. Michael’s)
Adjunct Professor, Chair, Department for the Study of Religion and Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto
New Testament and Early Christian Literature

Rachel Knight-Messenger,, BA, MTS, PhD (Candidate) (St. Michael’s)
Adjunct Professor
Systematic Theology; Christology; Catholic Ethics; Ecological Theology; Ecological Ethics; Christian Mysticism; Women and Christianity; Thomas Merton; Teilhard de Chardin

Reid Locklin, BA, MTS, PhD (Boston)
Adjunct Professor
Interreligious and Comparative Theologies; Hindu-Christian Studies; Advaita Vedanta

Heather Macumber, BAH, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael’s)
Adjunct Professor
Exilic and Post -Exilic Prophecy, Ancient Israelite Religion

Moira McQueen, BA, MDiv, PhD (St. Michael’s)
Adjunct Professor
Foundational themes in Christian ethics; Natural Law; human sexuality and marriage; justice: individual and social

David Pereyra, BA, MA, PhD (St. Michael’s)
Adjunct Professor
Christianity & Art; Christianity in Latin America; Liturgy,; Sacred Spaces; Accessibility; Diversity & Inclusion

Mary Rowell, c.s.j., RegN, BA, MA, PhD (Durham)
Adjunct Professor
Church and Society, Theological bioethics, especially the social dimensions of health care and global health, Eco-theology, ethics and society, Worship and Ethics, The History and Evolution of Religious Life

T. Allan Smith, c.s.b., BA, MA, MDiv, DTheol (Erlangen)
Associate Professor, Fellow, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Early and Medieval Church History; Russian Church History and Theology; Eastern Orthodox Spirituality; Monasticism; 19th and 20th Century Orthodox Theology; Sergei Bulgakov

William H. Irwin, c.s.b., BA, MA, STL, SSD (Pontifical Biblical Institute)
Professor Emeritus
Old Testament; Biblical Hebrew Poetry; comparative Northwest Semitic; Biblical Spirituality

Michael Vertin, BA, STB, MA, STL, PhD (Toronto)
Professor Emeritus
Philosophy of Theology; Theological Foundations of Multi-disciplinary Studies

Administration and Staff

Chancellor His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins | Read Profile

President and Vice-Chancellor David Mulroney | Read Profile

Bursar and Chief Financial Officer TBA

Dean of the Faculty of Theology James Ginther

Student Services Officer Emil Iruthayathas

Executive Assistant to the Dean Cicily Tang

Director of Academic Programs Colleen Shantz | Read Profile

Director of The Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology Dennis O'Hara | Read Profile

Director of Pastoral Formation & Field Education Nicholas Olkovich

Programs Coordinator Catherine Mulroney