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Faculty of Theology

Student Life

Room 331, Muzzo Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street

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Fellow students, faculty and staff of the Faculty of Theology at St Michael’s College, It is with great pleasure that we, the Student Life Committee, welcome you, both new and returning members of the community, to this academic year!

The Student Life Committee, commonly referred to as the SLC, is a student run committee that works to create and foster long lasting relationships between the students, faculty, staff and the greater community that is St Michael's College. The SLC cares about fostering the community it serves by providing opportunities for fellowship, worship and service among all its members.

For many years now St Michael's College has offered an excellent academic and experiential based education to those who have been privileged enough to be within the institutions walls. This rich education has been integral to the formation of many great leaders, teachers and preachers. As part of this ongoing living and enriching tradition, we the Student Life Committee look to enhance your time here at St Michael's College and leave you with many lasting memories.

This year the Student Life Committee comes to you, the student and faculty bodies, with new members, fresh ideas and exciting activities created with you in mind so as to make many great memories and new friends. The following is a list of a few of the exciting events that will be taking place during the course of this academic year:

  • Winery Tour
  • Weekly Wednesday Liturgy
  • Blue Jays Game(s)
  • Pub Socials Student trip to St. Paul's and the Dominican College of Ottawa
  • Lectio Divina with Archbishop Collins
  • Volunteer Opportunities/Community Outreach
  • Trivia Nights
  • Movie Nights

This year promises to be an exciting one with your involvement and input. Thus, we extend a warm invitation to everyone to attend our events and ask for those of you who are unfamiliar with the SLC to please come and be a part of SMC tradition. We are here for you and as a part of our service to the student community we encourage you to contact us for further information on the committee itself or on our events. We also invite your comments, suggestions and concerns.

Many Blessings,

Student Life Committee