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Faculty of Theology

Welcome to St Michael's

Fr. Mario D' Souza CSB, Dean of the Faculty of Theology

Each age and generation approaches the study of theology differently, while recognizing the eternal verities that guide and direct the queen of the sciences. A graduate program in theology provides specialization in all kinds of areas. Some of the areas of teaching and research of our faculty include: theology and ecology, ecumenism, globalization, liturgy, inter-faith dialogue, the Second Vatican Council, Patristics, Russian theology, pastoral care, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Catholic philosophy of education.

On behalf of my colleagues at the Faculty of Theology, I extend a very warm welcome to all our new students and to our returning students. I hope that this new academic year will be filled with intellectual richness and opportunities for reflection. I also hope that it is a time for making new friends, praying together, and taking part in the many opportunities provided by the Student Life Committee. Your time with us also presents many opportunities to enrich your Christian experience through the ecumenical consortium of the Toronto School of Theology.

We are located in the heart of Toronto: a vibrant, cultured, multi-faith and multi-cultural city. In every way this city provides rich and often challenging opportunities for the study of theology and serving the world through this study. As Christians, we are called to proclaim and live out the message of the Gospel in our time and age, and we at the Faculty of Theology are always eager to provide and to learn of ways to make this possible.

Fr. Mario O. DSouza, C.S.B., Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Theology
University of St Michael's College