Need-based grant assistance

St. Michael’s need-based grants are non-repayable.


Current, full-time, registered, domestic St. Michael’s College students who have applied for provincial student loans (i.e. OSAP, BCSAP etc.) and who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree are eligible to apply for consideration.

Non-degree students are not eligible.

Students who keep the Ontario Tuition Grant (OTG) portion of their OSAP and elect to decline their OSAP loan are not eligible.

Students Receiving Out-of-Province Loans

Students receiving out-of-province student loans are expected to have first applied and been assessed for UTAPS prior to applying for an SMC grant.

Deadline to apply for UTAPS is November 30th.

SMC grants will not replace a student’s UTAPS funding.

Out of Province UTAPS Application Instructions

Grant Application

To download the form, read and agree to the list below

I understand that it is my responsibility to protect my personal and financial information by submitting my grant application from my secure University of Toronto email address
I understand that submissions from non University of Toronto email addresses will not be opened
I understand that I must save a blank copy of this pdf to my desktop first, re-open it, complete it and save it
I will use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


Applications will only be accepted between November 1st and April 8th 2016, the last teaching day of the semester.

Direct deposit

Grants will be credited against outstanding tuition or residence fees.  Any amount remaining will be issued as a refund.  Refunds will be processed only through direct deposit to a bank.   Please refer to the following tutorial video:

Direct Deposit tutorial video


Grants vary in value from as little as $200 to as much as $4500. Most are in the $500-$2000 range.


Students should expect to receive notification of the award committee’s decision within 3-4 weeks from the date that their application was submitted. Inaccurate, incomplete or unrealistic applications will take longer.

Submissions and Accessibility

If you are unable to submit your grant application via email due to Accessibility related concerns, please contact grants.smc@utoronto and we will be happy to assist you with your application submission.

Grants will not…

A grant will not replace a lack of OSAP or other government assistance resulting from:

  • failing to apply in a timely manner
  • default/arrears on previous OSAP loans
  • permanent restriction due to income verification issues
  • OSAP academic suspension
  • OSAP credit-check failure

A grant will also not:

  • provide support or emergency aid to parents, relatives and partners
  • be used to pay credit card and other debts
  • fund optional summer studies
  • cover medical or dental costs covered by the UTSU and APUS or other Health Plans
  • address misspending or financial mismanagement of OSAP

International Students

Before being granted admission to Canada, Canada Immigration requires international students to demonstrate that they have adequate resources in place. International students are not eligible for the University’s general college-level grants program.

If, however, your personal and/or familial financial circumstances have unexpectedly changed since your arrival, you may be eligible to be considered for funding by a central committee at U of T’s Enrolment Services.

Contact to discuss the matter with your Registrar’s Office.

External Funding

You may also wish to review the following sources of funding external to St. Michael’s: