Joseph Goering

Joseph Goering’s primary research and teaching interests are in medieval church history and institutions, intellectual history (especially  law and theology) and popular religion. He has published work on 12th and 13th century topics, including papal/episcopal politics, parish priests, pastoral care, penance, and transubstantiation. He enjoys working with unpublished manuscript materials.

  • Areas of Interest

    Church and society

    Popular religion

    Intellectual history

    Pastoral care

  • Publications

    The Letters of Robert Grosseteste Bishop of Lincoln, transl. and annotated by F.A.C. Mantello and Joseph Goering (Toronto:University of Toronto Press, 2010) xviii + 650 pp.

    The Virgin and the Grail: Origins of a Legend (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005) xii + 188 pp.

    “The Miracles and Visions of Thomas Aquinas,” in Mystics, Visions and Miracles, ed. J. Goering, F. Guardiani, G. Silano (New York: Legas, 2002) 127-139.

    “The Invention of Transubstantiation,” Traditio 46 (1991) 147-170.