Darren Dias

  • Education

    B. A., MDiv, PhD

  • Teaching and Research Areas

    I teach courses such as the Mystery of the Triune God; Creation, Fall, Grace and Glory; Research Methods; Theology of the Holy Spirit; Trinitarian Approaches to Religious Diversity.  My area of research is, generally speaking, in the intersection of Trinitarian theology and historical movements and realities.  Currently I am working of a SSHRC funded project with colleagues Gilles Routhier (Laval) and Michael Attridge (St Michael’s) entitled: “One Canada Two Catholicism: Divergent Evolutions in the Catholic Church in Quebec And Ontario, 1965-1985.”

  • Examples of titles of theses supervised:

    Inculturation: A Conditio Sine Qua Non for Effective Evangelization in Cameroon

    The Plural Self

    A Core Pneumatology of Confirmation and Chrismation: Ritual Origins, Development, and Ecumenical Implications

    Nature, Grace and Political Theologies

    Purgatory and Penance: A study on the interpretations on the doctrine of Purgatory in the writings of Caesarius of Heisterbach, Etienne de Bourbon, and Catherine of Genoa

  • Publications

    “Sanctifying Liberalism: The Canadian Dominican Province

    1873-1960,” Archivum Fratum Praedicatorum, Nova Series

    II (2017) 349-370.


    The Promise of Renewal: Dominicans and Vatican II eds. M. Attridge, D. Dias, M. Eaton, N. Olkovich (Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2017).


    [Co-authored with M. Attridge] “Can We Still Speak of a Psychological Analogy After Vatican II?,” in The Promise of Renewal: Dominicans and Vatican II eds. M. Attridge, D. Dias, M. Eaton, N. Olkovich (Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2017) 183-202.


    “Fifty Years and Learning: Developments in the Roman Catholic Church’s Encounter with Religions,” Toronto Journal of Theology 32 (2016) 341-361.

    “Each in Their Own Language: Dialogue in the New Pentecost,” Science et Esprit 68 (2016) 243-256.


    “’A Prey to History’: Religious Life in Canada, 1959-1988,” in Understanding the Consecrated Life in Canada: Critical Essays on Contemporary Trends, Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press, 2015, 269-288.


    “Embracing Absence : A Trinitarian Spirituality of Consecrated Celibacy, ” CRC Bulletin  12 (2015) 6-7.


    “Peace and Religions in a Changing World: From Consensus to Difference,” in Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace, Essays on Religion, Education and Democratic Life, new York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014, 29-40.


    “A Circuitous Route: Implementing Nostra Aetate in Canada,” in Theologia semper iuvenescit ed. Michael Quisinsky, Karim Schelkens, Francois-Xavier Amherdt.  Fribourg: Academic Press Fribourg, 2013, 125-152.