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St. Michael’s – A Welcoming Home at U of T

Fall Campus Week gives prospective University of Toronto students the opportunity to remotely explore programs and colleges at the University. This Saturday, St. Michael’s...

COVID-19 Screening Tool

Mandatory COVID-19 Screening Now in Place In compliance with the Ontario Government’s “Stage 3” Regulation, and on the recommendation of the Chief...

Statement regarding CityNews report – October 15, 2020

The University of St. Michael’s College recognizes the seriousness of sexual abuse reports regarding certain members of the Congregation of...

For the Media

Facts and Statistics

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Year St. Mike’s was founded: 1852

Year St. Mike’s became federated with the U of T: 1910

Number of students in USMC’s first class to graduate with degrees from U of T in 1911: 6

Preliminary fall enrollment for 2017:

  • Full-time undergraduate students: 4,650
  • Full-time graduate students: 54
  • Part-time undergraduate students: 54
  • Part-time graduate students: 77

Spots available in on-campus residences: 552

USMC-sponsored undergraduate programs: 4

SMC One programs: 3

Number of SMC One programs with international educational experience components: 3

Number of books USMC professor Marshall McLuhan published in his lifetime: 21

Number of Basilian Fathers who arrived in response to Toronto Bishop Armand Comte de Charbonnel’s request to help him found a Catholic university: 4

Year Pope Pius XI’s papal charter established the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies: 1939

Year of G.K. Chesterton’s visit to speak at St. Mike’s: 1930

FAQs for Media

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How is the University of St. Michael’s College related to the University of Toronto?

The University of St. Michael’s College is a Canadian University in its own right according to the Province of Ontario’s USMC Act (2005), but since 1910 the school has been federated with the University of Toronto. Our undergraduates are U of T students and have access to all the resources and opportunities of Canada’s #1 research university while also finding a smaller community, unique sponsored programs, and a legacy of robust, Catholic scholarship and teaching at St. Mike’s.

Read more about the college system.

Style Guide

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The official name of the school is the University of St. Michael’s College.

When writing about St. Mike’s, please follow these guidelines:

  • When referring to the school for the first time, please use the official name of the school: “the University of St. Michael’s College” or “the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.”
  • For further references, the school’s name may be compressed to “St. Michael’s” or the acronym “USMC.” In some cases, informal reference to “St. Mike’s” is also appropriate.
  • When discussing the school in the context of its relationship with the University of Toronto, it is appropriate to refer to “The University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.” Please avoid “St. Michael’s College” or “SMC,” because St. Michael’s is itself a University according to a provincial act. (Read more about our relationship to the U of T).
  • When referring to our faculty and administration, please identify each individual by his or her USMC title. For example: “USMC Principal and Vice President Randy Boyagoda,” “USMC Assistant Professor Paolo Granata,” etc.

For more information about St. Michael's, please see the following: