President’s Message

President’s Message

A Message from President David Mulroney

David Mulroney, President and Vice-Chancellor, USMC

Welcome to the University of St. Michael’s College. We hope that this online introduction will help you to become better acquainted with what I like to think of as an essential institution in Canadian life.

Although St. Michael’s today means many things to its 5,000-plus students, it is still fundamentally focussed on the two central themes that have distinguished it since its founding by Bishop Charbonnel and the Basilian fathers in 1852. It is the centre for Catholic intellectual life on the campus of the University of Toronto, a place where the riches of a 2000-year-old tradition are explored and studied in a context of academic freedom and lively debate. We offer our students an invitation to see the world as beautiful, knowable, full of meaning and open to the transcendent.

St. Michael’s is also an intentional community. Open and welcoming to all, St. Michael’s engages its members in an ongoing conversation about what makes us truly happy, what it is to be a human being fully alive.

We are proud to be federated with the University of Toronto, confidently embracing its high standards while also embracing our vocation as a Catholic university.


Welcome to our community!



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