Mission & Goals


The University of St. Michael’s College, federated with the University of Toronto, seeks to be Canada’s leading English-speaking Catholic University.

Description and Mandated Goals

The University is a Catholic institution of higher learning founded by the Congregation of St. Basil and expanded by cooperation with the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Sisters of Loretto.

As a university, USMC is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge for its own sake. As a Catholic university, it is committed to the study of the Christian tradition within a context of faith and to fostering the creative engagement of that tradition with the widest range of academic disciplines as well as with other traditions both religious and secular. USMC welcomes faculty and students from every background who want to participate in its life.

The University seeks to provide an environment that fosters the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of its members. It encourages an understanding and respect for the values of the gospel and their implications for individual and social life.

The University fulfills its mission through three distinct academic teaching units and through its student residence program.

  • St. Michael’s College is the undergraduate division of the USMC. Its students and faculty are members of the University of Toronto, whose dedication to academic excellence the College fully shares. The College implements the Mission of USMC in ways specific to its special connection with the University of Toronto.
  • The Faculty of Theology provides, within the context of the Toronto School of Theology, graduate theological education of an academic and professional nature and promotes theological research. It is a pioneer in theological education for lay men and women.
  • The Continuing Education Division collaborates with community partners and with the other units of USMC to offer lifelong learning opportunities for personal and professional enrichment. Through non-degree programs it provides support for those in leadership roles in the Catholic community.
  • The John M. Kelly Library is the academic division that serves the curricular and extra-curricular learning and research needs of USMC. It is an academic library of recognized distinction for the quality of its collections and its services, which have been at the cutting edge of the work of college libraries in Canada for a number of years.


USMC is committed to fostering among the members of all divisions a learning community animated by the Spirit of Christ, dedicated to the formation of the whole person and nurtured by liturgical celebrations and other common activities.