SMC185H1F – SMC One: Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation Seminar SMC185H1F

SMC185, the Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation Seminar is a half-course worth 0.5 credits. The course consists of seminar discussions, guest speakers, and opportunities for experiential learning and listening. In this course, students will trace the relationships of encounter both historically through the life stories of prominent Indigenous leaders and thematically by examining specific and relevant topics. Throughout the course, students will also study Canadian churches’ complicity in the Indian Residential School System, with special reference to the Shingwauk School in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (Anglican) and the Jesuit residential schools in nearby Spanish, Ontario (Catholic). Students will develop familiarity with the complex dynamics of engagement, critique, and creative adaptation of Christianity by diverse Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. Students will also develop academic skills in careful reading, listening, reflective engagement, archival research and effective oral and written expression.