Alumni Association Board

Meet your USMCAA Board

  • Andy Lubinsky 7T9 | President
  • Steven A. Williams 9T4 | Past-President
  • Gloria C. Buckley 4T8
  • Karen A. Chambers 8T8
  • David Cramer 0T7
  • Terri A Farkas 7T3
  • Alex Grecco 1T1
  • Andria D Minicucci 9T9
  • Ann L. Sullivan 7T7

Welcome to the University of St Michael’s College Alumni Association (USMCAA)

The central purpose of the USMCAA is to create meaningful connections between alumni and the College that build on the vision, spirit and traditions of USMC in an advisory role

The St Michael’s College Alumni Board of Directors creates support and helps to publicize events that appeal to the best alumni memories of student life as well as to their current interests and needs. We work with groups across the campus to help shape the future of USMC.

We create links through events that bring alumni and the College together in a manner that celebrates and galvanizes the USMC vision.

The USMC Alumni Association Board of Directors recently conducted an online survey. We consulted over 800 alumni from various age groups, areas of academic study, and professions to gain a deeper understanding what interests our alumni.

We discovered through our results that personal ties and learning were two major themes. Based on your feedback, we plan to move forward to create events and messaging that appeal to memories of student life and interests related to “stage-of-life” that honor USMC’s heritage as an outstanding academic experience.

We are working to create experiences that meet and surpass your expectations.

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Do you have enthusiasm for St Mike’s and a passion to give back? Talk to us! We have openings for board members, event planners and other valuable volunteer roles.

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Andy Lubinsky
President, Alumni Association Board of Directors

Steve Williams
Past President, Membership Committee Chairman

For more information about the Alumni Association please call 416-926-7261 or