Legacy Giving: Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Assets placed in the trust can include: cash, stocks, bonds, securities and other investments. The donor will receive a tax receipt for a portion of the value of the assets that is calculated using the donor’s life expectancy and prevailing discount rates.

Age Value of assets placed in trust Value of tax receipt issued* Income from trust (taxable) Net gift to USMC upon death of donor(s)
70 $100,000 $43,590 negotiable with trustee $100,000
75 $100,000 $52,525 negotiable with trustee $100,000
80 $100,000 $61,654 negotiable with trustee $100,000
85 $100,000 $69,882 negotiable with trustee $100,000

*approximate based on prevailing discount rates and actuarial tables

Charitable Registration Number: BN 11927 9321 RR 0001